What is the 20/20 Vision?

Camp Daniel’s 20/20 Vision is name for the capital campaign launched to raise the funds to finish building the Little Newton Lake Campus. God’s vision is 20/20 and we believe He is calling us to have the new Little Newton Lake Campus finished by the year 2020. With your help we believe we can accomplish this vision and give our Campers with disabilities a new, beautiful, all accessible campground that they deserve.


The History of Building Camp Daniel

In 1996, Camp Daniel, Inc. was formed as a 501 C-3 non-profit and purchased a former Salvation Army campground on Little Newton Lake in Athelstane, WI. Work began that year to start construction of camp. To date, the majority of the Little Newton Lake Campus has been constructed by volunteer labor allowing the camp to extend each donation further than otherwise possible. Camp Daniel’s conservative management approach has allowed them to remain debt free since the formation of the organization. The only exception was the original purchase of the property. To achieve an accomplishment such as this has required the sacrifice of time and labor. But this level of stewardship has also led the creation of many new relationships with organizations that would have not otherwise been made.


Because of this Camp Daniel is moving at a pace that allows the construction phases to match the available donations of money, materials and volunteer labor. In the 21 years of construction, the following has been completed:

  • Camp Daniel office
  • Multipurpose building (includes chapel, game room,
  • maintenance area, storage space, and workshop)
  • Two group homes for people with cognitive disabilities
  • Arts building
  • Picnic pavilion and activity area
  • Snack stand
  • Dorm buildings
  • Nature center
  • Outdoor learning areas
  • Accessible paths
  • Reworking of the lakefront
  • Gift shop
  • Homes for Camp Daniel staff




The Vision of Camp Daniel

The vision of Camp Daniel is to provide a fully accessible camping facility and a community of people with and without disabilities who are dedicated to serving alongside one another. It has been built creatively to focus on sharing the gospel and discipling people whose lives have been impacted by the disability culture. The programs offered by Camp Daniel focus on providing a broad range of opportunities to empower people with disabilities to serve each other and have an impact in their community.

The funds from The 20/20 Vision will go to projects to turn Camp Daniel from a seasonal operation to a year-round, fully accessible camp and retreat facility. Upon the completion of these projects, Camp Daniel will be able to open its doors for year-round operations. These projects include:

  • Dining Hall – The 8,500 square foot dining hall space will sit 200 people, which will make it among the largest banquet facilities in Marinette County. This space will also serve as a training center for people with disabilities to become banquet workers. The facility will include: main dining room, quiet room for people who are sensory sensitive, full commercial kitchen, and nursing facility; and will cost approximately $850,000.


  • Outdoor Amphitheater – The outdoor theater will serve as the center of entertainment during nighttime activities and will sit over 500 people. At the front of the seating will be 1,000 square foot stage with a lights display and sound system. This will be used for assemblies, concerts, talent shows, chapel, community events, and weddings. The approximate cost for construction is $40,000.


  • The Village – A group of 12, two person cabins will serve as summer housing for summer staff and interns. The cabins and shower house have been built and donated by students at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, WI. Required steps for completion include, preparing the grounds for permanent location of the buildings, paving walkways, installation of well, septic and plumbing, and building an overhang above the walkways. The approximate cost for completion is $20,000.


  • Recreation Field – This 50,000 square foot playing field will be used for outdoor activities. The approximate cost of landscaping, grass, seating, and sound system for this project is $15,000.


  • Landscaping & Grass – To provide a finished look for camp, a lawn will require seeding with other landscaping wheredeemed appropriate. The approximate cost is $5,000.


  • Sidewalks – To make this facility fully accessible, sidewalks will need to be established and interconnected to those already in place.  The approximate cost is $20,000.
Total ~ $950,000


Why Now?

There has been a growing demand for a facility that better fits the needs of people with disabilities. Camp Daniel has reached a pivotal point where the uncompleted campground restricts us from meeting the growing demand of the disabled community. Approximately 10% of applicants each summer are turned away due to facility limitations at the campground that Camp Daniel rents. These limitations include lack of wheelchair accessibility to the lakefront, cabins, bathrooms, and recreational areas. There are recurring maintenance problems every summer that affect the campers directly. Time is of the essence, as the rented campground is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the requirements of Camp Daniel’s campers.

Some of the journey at Camp Daniel has been difficult, and during those times of walking blindly through the dark
ness of struggle, we have learned that God’s vision is always 20/20. He will bring someone along to fulfill His purpose and lead us towards Him. But it is only in looking back that our vision becomes, as the old saying goes: 20/20 in hindsight! Camp Daniel is what it is because God has a plan and has imparted a vision for His work.

We ask that you pray and work with us for the fulfillment of this phase of the vision God has given us. We believe with all of our hearts that He is directing us to complete the campus here in Athelstane, by the year 2020. We ask you, on behalf of the counselors, volunteers and most importantly our campers with disabilities, to join us making this vision a reality by the year 2020.


How can you help?


Become a Monthly Giver!

Monthly donations are a great way to give.  For example, you might not be able to afford a gift of $400, but if you pledge to give $20.20 for 20 months you would still be giving over $400!  Plus, we make it easy with auto withdrawals.  All donations to Camp Daniel are tax deductible.

Simply click on the “Get Started” button below to get started!

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Become a Fundraiser!

Raise money on behalf of Camp Daniel and solicite donations from your friends and family on the online platform FirstGiving. We’ve made it simple for you to raise funds quickly, easily & at no cost to you.  All of the money gets sent automatically to Camp Daniel at the end of each week so you don’t have to worry about the financial details!

Getting started is easy and it only takes a few minutes to create your Online Fundraising Page:

  • Click the Start Fundraising button
  • Personalize the text and the photo on your Online Fundraising Page to express your connection to Camp Daniel and how it has personally affected you or the people you know.
  • Share the link with your friends, family, colleagues – anyone you think will help you reach your goal.

Online Personal Fundraising Pages are powerful and persuasive, and you can help make a huge impact at Camp Daniel and to many people with disabilities.  Click the “Start Fundraising” button now and see how easily you can become an Online Fundraising Star!

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Give a One Time Donation! 

Giving a one time donation can be done several ways:

Mail a check to Camp Daniel with 20/20 in the memo.  Your money goes the furthest, as there are no online fees.

Donate on Paypal. Click the “Donate Now” button below to get started!

Other giving options: Memorial Gifts, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT or ACH), Bill Payee service, Matching funds (Many corporations match employee gifts), Churches (Speak to the missions committee of your church to include Camp Daniel in their monthly missionary giving), Planned Giving (Estate).

No matter the method of donation, all gifts to Camp Daniel are tax deductible.





Host an Event in Your Town!

Raise money on behalf of Camp Daniel by hosting an event in your town. We will work directly with you with marketing, answering any questions working through any and all details.

Example events: run, brat fry, banquet, bowl-a-thon, etc.

Add your contact information below and what event you would interested in hosting and we will contact you to start working.

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