Camp Daniel Staff


Camp Daniel staff members work full time serving people with disabilities.  Each Staff member raises their own financial support relying on family and friends to do their work. They are leaders in the disability community, leading, loving, serving and advocating.

Our Founders

Tony and Jo co-founded Camp Daniel along with their son Tony and his wife Karol. Tony is Camp Daniel’s president and oversees all of the accounting and the Camp Daniel offices. Jo retired as Camp Daniel’s head nurse in 2011 and still oversees the Camp Daniel gift shop along with Tony.

Tony and Karol Piantine are Camp Daniel’s Directors and co-founded Camp Daniel along with Tony Sr. and Jo Piantine. They oversee all the ministry, missionaries, and residents at Camp Daniel. Tony and Karol are the also the houseparents of the Hartley House group home. They have two children; Annissa is attending Madison College and Anthony is a student at Crivitz High School.

Our Missionaries

Never satisfied with the way things are, Laura Lee Wright works to develop and implement strategy for Camp and manages The Brunot Home.  During Camp season she works with the interns and is involved with the development of small groups.  Although Laura Lee has been involved with Camp Daniel for several years, she came on staff as a missionary in March of 2016.

Tim and Janice have been the Pastors of The Able Church since 2009. Tim is also a member of the Camp Daniel Board of Directors.





Paul is our newest year long intern.  After graduating from Crivitz High School in 2016, Paul worked in the kitchen all 5 weeks of camp.  He accepted the offer of the internship and is currently living in the Hartley House with Richard, Jake, Nick and Brian and the Piantine’s.  During the internship, Paul will be working in many different areas of ministry including landscaping, food service, The Able Church and Special Olympics.

Jen came to Camp Daniel in 2007 and Marceaux in 2009. In 2010 they were married, and now have one son named MJ. Jen leads Camp Daniel’s Able Church expansion into Marinette and Marceaux is the Pit Crew Leader.

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