General Information for Campers

Through five weeks of camp, only 250 campers can attend, therefore every applicant will not be accepted. Campers are only accepted when a qualified counselor who can lovingly meet each camper’s needs volunteers.  We look forward to reviewing your application. If you have any questions through the application process, please feel free to contact us at 715-757-3880 or email us at



To be announced.


Camp Daniel’s summer camp programs are held at Lake Helen Bible Camp N12864 Old Hwy 38, Wausaukee, WI, which is about 75 miles north of Green Bay.


Camp Daniel is open to any person ages 8 through 70 who has a physical and/or intellectual or developmental disability.  Each applicant is accepted on an individual basis, and will not be discriminated upon based on race, religion, creed, or national origin.  Acceptance is firstly based upon our ability to find a counselor for applicant, and secondly, on the timeliness and thoroughness of the application.  All applicants must be able to function in a group setting.  For the safety of everyone at the camp, we do not accept applicants with extreme behavior problems.  This includes applicants that are physically, verbally or sexually aggressive.  If an applicant does not follow rules or take direction from staff, they may be sent home without refund.  Applicants must be able to sleep in a dorm setting, not wander in the night, or disturb others through their behavior.


Any behaviors, which endanger others or are disruptive to the camp, are grounds for non-acceptance to camp or immediate dismissal from camp.

If dismissal is required, parents, guardian, or group home is responsible for transportation home within 12 hours of notification.  No refunds will be issued in cases of dismissal.

All cancellations are subject to a $75 non-refundable registration fee.

Tobacco, alcohol, electronic vaporizer & firearms are not permitted at camp.

Camp Daniel is not responsible for lost articles that have not been properly marked with applicants name.  Any unmarked item brought by applicant may be labeled with camper name by Camp Daniel staff.

Camp Daniel conducts a background check on all volunteers & staff to ensure the safety of all camp participants


Application is due by May 30, 2017

Those accepted applications postmarked by May 30th with t-shirt size entered, will receive a free camp t-shirt.

A letter or email confirming acceptance will be mailed to you 30 days prior to the camp session in which you are accepted.

If you cannot be accommodated into a camp this season, your refund will be mailed by August 3.


Base price for camp is $410.

Save $20 by applying online

Save $45 by submitting ALL documents & payments before May 30 (this includes signed physical & third party payments)

$20 Fee for invoices (required by agencies, counties, etc)

$20-$30 suggested for Snack Stand

$25-$75 suggested for Gift Shop


If applicant has 3 or more medications/vitamins administered per day, then ALL medications/vitamins MUST BE BUBBLE (blister) PACKED and follow these guidelines:

  1. bubble/blister packing must be completed by pharmacy
  2. with pharmacy label attached
  3. with 1 bubble per dispensing time

If applicant has 2 or less medications/vitamins are administered per da, then all medications/vitamins may be EITHER

1. sent in the original container with accurate, unaltered pharmacy label
2.  bubble packed following above guidelines

Camp nurse will administer all medications as directed by the pharmacy label.
Send only enough meds for the duration of camp (6 days)


1.  Complete the entire application in a full and timely manner.

2.  Information that is accurate and complete is required to assign the most qualified counselor to meet a camper’s needs.

3.  Having flexibility in the week a camper desires to attend opens up more possible opportunities for acceptance.

4.  Being able to sleep on a top bunk greatly increases an applicant’s chances to be accepted.

5.  The medical form section of application must be completed in full, and signed by a doctor. Only the medical form from the application may be submitted. Every camper must have had a physical performed by their doctor sometime between July 2016 & July 2017.  If applicant has had a physical, most doctors will fill out the form without an additional appointment.

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