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We often get asked about what we do in the off season when we are not hosting summer camp. Here is a little insight to what happens during the “off season”.



Fall is definitely a season of construction. Here is an overhang that was constructed in front of The Game Room, which is made to look like a gas station. The overhang will house an old gas pump and air hose. The overhang will also serve as covered, outdoor sitting and gathering area. The other overhang constructed went along the side of The Barn. This will allow another covered, outdoor sitting and gathering area, as well as, a place to set up buffet and drink lines for smaller events.



We are always pouring concrete! Recently, we poured by The Diner (the old garage), The Gas Station, and by the new Garage. The cement truck comes and pours. Then we do all the work, which saves us lots of money.


Fall is filled with Saturday Workdays. This past workday, trees were planted,  boards for the newly constructed overhangs were panted, and siding was removed and insulation installed in the old garage, which will be used as a theater and a 50s diner to sell concessions. 


There are two more Workdays coming up! Oct 28th and Nov 4th. More info at
























Annissa has been putting many hours into our Capital Campaign, raising funds for the dinning hall, which is the last building needed in order to have camp on our own grounds. Here’s the link to learn more about it and get involved!

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a huge part of the off season. Just recently, Camp Daniel started its own Special Olympic agency for the Crivitz area. They are in the bowling season and plan to participate in the Unified Tournament in December. We need more volunteers and participants! If you would like to get involved, please contact

The Able Church

This church was started roughly 10 years ago out of the need for a church where our campers could actively participate and learn about the Bible in a way they could understand. The Able Church runs all year and not just during the “Off Season”, holding services weekly on Friday nights in Green Bay. On Tuesdays, they hold a Family Night with Special Olympics practices and a Bible Study. The Able Church is also hosting a service at Green Bay Health Services, a local nursing home, once a month. For more information contact

Game Night

Camp Daniel hosts a Game Night in Marinette on Monday nights. Many of our campers live in the Marinette area and it’s a great way to stay connected throughout the year. If you live in the Marinette area, come join us! For more details, contact

The Hub


Camp Daniel has partnered with The Hub Student Ministries in Crivitz. This ministry has groups for both high school and college aged students. Most of August, the Camp Daniel crew headed up a complete remodel of an old house for students to gather. For more information on how to get involved, check out their website.

The Grounds – Many things have to get done before the snow flies. Flowers in the gardens get cut back, the docks get pulled in from the lake, and benches and picnic tables around camp get pulled in and stored.

Other things we’ve been doing include holding staff meetings, putting out a newsletter, updating our data base, updating our website, keeping up with social media, as well as, speaking at churches and hosting display booths at community events.

These are just “some” of the things we do in the “off season”, which really isn’t an off season. It is just a different pace and different activities compared to our summer camp season.

Here at Camp Daniel, we tend to say, “Every day is a workday!” So whether there is a workday scheduled or not, we are doing something. We’d love to have you come help us anytime. Just let us know at




It is hard to believe that another summer camp season has come and gone! We had roughly 50 campers and 100 volunteers for each week, for 5 weeks. Volunteers included counselors, kitchen workers, support crew, Interns, Leads and Summer Staff.

The following are reflections from our Intern Directors; Annissa, Ruth, and Evan.

Annissa shares, “After reflecting on the summer, I am overwhelmed with feelings of satisfaction and happiness. Our 2017 Interns and Leads were the best of the best and killed it at running five weeks of summer camp. They were constantly serving in love and constantly seeking what God had for them. They were stretched in ways they didn’t think they would be and they grew into even better men and women than they already were. I watched them all become more of themselves throughout the summer as they grew to understand the ’No Limits’ theme. And somehow in seven weeks the 16 strangers that came in at the beginning of the summer left with another family and this, to me, was the biggest success of the summer.” Ruth expresses, “It was another wonderful summer at camp for me. It’s always a blast to watch the way the summer team changes and grows throughout the five weeks of camp and how that not only enhances the general operations of camp but also connects each teammate closer to each other. It was a horribly wonderful learning experience for Annissa, Evan, and I to be able to figure out how to bring a group that size together and to effectively and efficiently help run camp.

I think the most rewarding part of our leadership this summer was listening to the Interns and Leads reflect on their summers and hear every one of them talk about the friendships that became family over the 8 weeks of the program. Camp Daniel really is about creating and growing lasting and supportive relationships and when we can do that with our core team, we know we are on the right track for best serving the campers, counselors, and workers that come each week. We loved how the Internship program went this summer and we learned so much about how to make it even better in the years to come. Annissa, Evan, and I have already started our plans for next summer and we can’t wait to see where God takes us in this journey. There truly are No Limits to where He will take us!”

Evan adds, “There was a lot of anticipation for this summer in particular with all the exciting changes that were made to the Summer Internship Program. Many hours and late night brainstorming sessions went into the programming this year in preparation for what was our largest internship program.  Looking back on the summer, seeing how much each individual had grown and how everyone ended up as family, was a beautiful thing.

In addition to being an Intern Director, I had the opportunity to be assistant to Tony. The image that I had in my mind of what it meant to be a leader at the beginning of the summer was very different than the way that I view leadership after a summer of leading. I’ve learned a healthy fear and respect for what it means to be in a position of leadership. It carries a lot of responsibility and isn’t something that can be taken lightly. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be under Tony’s leadership to work with him and the rest of the Camp Daniel staff. I’m excited for what the next year will bring as we prepare for next year!”

Our theme was “No Limits” and we all learned not to limit God’s plans for our lives. We discussed how we can be ourselves and not strive to be like someone else, which limits how God uniquely made us to be.  We talked about how to think like God thinks and not like we think, which is often full of limitations and doubt. It was a message we all needed to hear!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2017 Summer Camp Season a success! ……And FYI, we are already working on next year’s camp season!












We are in the mist of our summer camp sessions. We run a total of five weeks of camp. This year’s theme is No Limits. We are using space decor to help depict our theme. Here is a picture of the chapel.

Here’s a note about the theme from Tony Piantine, Camp Director:

“It is our goal at Camp Daniel for all of us to know that God loves us, God made us, and that He has a plan for our lives. But while discovering God’s plan, many of us struggle because we put restrictions on what God’s plan can be for us.

We can get caught up in our earthly limitations and are thinking about the things we cannot do. We can feel like our inabilities stop God from carrying out His plan for us. At Camp Daniel we call this “Stinking Thinking”. Stinking thinking focuses on circumstances, what we see right in front of us, and usually on ourselves.

Colossians 3:2 says that we need to focus on things above and not on things on earth. This means that we must think about God and how there are no limits to what He can and will do in our lives to carry out His plan for us.”

Usually, Georgie, the iconic puppet of Camp Daniel, comes out to share with us from his treehouse. This year, Georgie built a space ship, thinking that “No Limits” means he can go the moon and beyond. Our chapel speakers explain to him what the theme really means: God’s plans for us are limitless. Georgie often gets things mixed up and confused. When the chapel speaker helps Georgie understand, this also helps all the campers and counselors understand the message better, too.

We are all enjoying this year’s theme and excited to watch as God takes us all beyond what we think our limits are.

Continue to pray for all our volunteers and campers – for safety, strength and energy, and for God to grow us all closer to him, letting him carry out his plans for us…..with No Limits!






The summer Intern Program has grown significantly over the past four years, allowing the development of the new Leadership Program.

The Leadership Program is for past Interns that want to grow in their leadership skills, take on more responsibilities during summer camp, and grow a stronger relationship with God. Individuals in this program are called “Leads” and their role is to lead our Interns, oversee different areas of programming of summer camp, as well as, serve as cabin leaders, overseeing our counselors and campers. There are seven Leads that have come two and a half weeks prior to the start of our summer camp season to prepare for camp and train the Interns in our Internship program. Annissa and Ruth are the leaders of the Leadership Program, as well as, the Internship Program.

There are nine Interns that have come two weeks prior to camp season for training and to help prepare for camp. The Interns will help set-up and run the many activities of camp. With their enthusiasm, they will help increase the spirit of fun and excitement that campers look forward to all year round. They will be leading campers and counselors in small groups, further discussing the ideas shared in chapel. They will help wherever help is needed. They will be a big help in the packing, transporting, and setting up all the things we bring over to Lake Helen for the summer to hold camp, and then pack it all back up and bring it back at the end of our 5-week season. This is a huge task and we are grateful to have Interns and Leads who can take on much of this burden.

We are grateful for each Lead and Intern as they have committed 8 weeks of their summer, many giving up job opportunities and other opportunities. Please pray for them!  As this will be a wonderful experience, there will also be times when things get tough and they will have difficulty keeping their energy up.

We are excited to see the development of the Leadership Program and how it will further the mission of and what we do here at Camp Daniel. We are also excited to watch each Lead and Intern grow personally, grow as leaders, build relationships and grow in their relationship with God.






This spring has been filled with a variety of different activities and tasks including preparing and hosting workdays, retreats, construction, and preparing for our summer season.

Nick has been leading his team in putting up drywall to complete the rooms in the lower level of The Barn. Such rooms include The Sign Shop, in which signs and T-shirts will be made, and The Server Room, which will house all the networking equipment providing the campus with internet, audio/visual, and phones. 

The Able Church had their annual retreat. Stevo was the speaker for the weekend. He integrated last year’s camp theme “B U” with this year’s them “No Limits”, encouraging us all to be ourselves, how God created us to be, and going beyond our limits.

The Bible Class for adults with disabilities from Marinette and Menominee held their annual day retreat here at Camp Daniel. For many, it was their first time seeing Camp Daniel. It was a nice introduction to learn about camp and get a taste of what summer camp is like.

Several weekends have been filled by different work groups giving their time to volunteer. Tasks included prepping the grounds for summer, continuing construction and doing spring cleaning. Groups included Calvary Memorial Church from Racine, Nicollet Bible Institute, New Life Church from Crivitz and World Impact Ministries. Thank you for your service!

If your church or organization would like to help serve our needs through a work day, contact us at

NWTC (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College) of Green Bay, over the last two years, has taken on building small cabins for a practical experience to teach construction trades. Six cabins were delivered last year and six more cabins just recently were delivered. These cabins will be used for interns and kitchen volunteers who will stay for throughout our summer season.

Tony and Karol have been busy meeting with architects and reworking the plans for the dinning hall in the process to get the plans approved. They have also  been busy designing and making plans for repurposing the old garage into The Theater. It will be made to look like a real movie theater and be used to show movies, as well as, to have a stage to perform skits and other talent. It will also be used for rainy day activities. A snack stand will be attached to it, built in the style of a 1950s diner, called Al’s Diner.

Karol, Jen, Anthony and Papa Tony have been putting countless hours into creating the online summer camp application, processing applications, and corresponding with applicants. Though converting the application process to be online has been difficult and time consuming, it will be quite beneficial in the future. It will help us keep better track of information, keep in better contact with camper and volunteers, and have less room for error in the whole application process.

Marceaux has been busy fixing golf-carts, lawnmowers, and vehicles. He has also been doing maintenance tasks on the grounds including checking smoke alarms, changing light bulbs, and regular cleaning of all our buildings.

Pastor Tim and Janice continue to lead The Able Church in Green Bay with weekly Friday Night services and Family Nights on Tuesdays. Pastor Tim has also been busy preparing for chapel times held during summer camp.

Annissa, Evan, and Ruth have been busy preparing for our summer internship program, which included training interns for two weeks prior to camp, supervising them during camp, and helping them all to grow as leaders.

Please pray for us as we enter our summer season!


This past Friday, the disability community in the Green Bay area gathered together for a Tim Tebow sponsored prom. It was a fun night of glamor, limo rides, food, and dancing. Guests were honored with crowns and tiaras, and celebrated as they walked down the red carpet. 

Camp Daniel played a part in making this event a success. Camp Daniel Missionary, Laura Lee, was a major spearhead in this event. Tony and Karol designed and constructed the main backdrop decoration. Camp Daniel missionaries and residents attended the event and provided their helping hands, as they usually do.

Here’s a link to view the new’s story done by Fox 11 about this event.

Dances are the most enjoyed and attended events within the disability community. For this reason, Camp Daniel supports and sponsors many dances. Upcoming this summer, on June 3rd, Camp Daniel is sponsoring their annual Dance for Disability (D4D) at Bay Beach in their Grand Pavillon.  This is a great event to celebrate and connect with the disability community in the Green Bay area.

For more information on how you can partner, volunteer for, or attend this event contact us at

The cold days of January have been spent working on indoor projects. Insulation and sheet rock have been installed in the ceiling of The Wood Shop, followed by plastering. Painting the ceiling will be the next project.

Stair rails were installed along the stairs connecting The Wood Shop to The Barn above it.

Many hours have been put in working on this year’s summer camp applications. The volunteer application processes will happen entirely online. The option for the camper application will remain online or paper format.

Much time has also been spent preparing for this year’s summer camp and the Internship Program. There is lots to be done! If you would like to help us with all the things that need to be done to prepare us for summer camp or if you’d like to help with the daily construction projects that happen on the grounds, please contact us at We need your help!


Escape the winter blues! Check out this new camp 2016 slideshow submitted to Camp Daniel by Terri Welsch, our dedicated owner of Cricket the Horse.

The Georgie Pongerin’s New Year Rockin’ Eve Party was a great celebration, bringing the Camp Daniel family together. Roughly 50 people gathered at The Barn for food, games, and

Activities of the night included Turkey Bowling – using a frozen turkey as a bowling ball on and outdoor, iced bowling lane!


A Photo Booth was set up for some fun New Year memories.

Using the iPhone app for Charades put on the overhead screen allowed for fun entertainment.
interns-at-nys-2016The party also brought the 2016 Interns back together again for a great reunion.

The party was a great success and fun was had by all!

Happy New Year!


The Camp Daniel family wishes you a Merry Christmas!staff-pic-200dpi

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