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We are excited to welcome Paul Hucek into the Camp Daniel family of missionaries. He is our newest Year-long Intern. Paul came the second week of this summer’s camp, serving in the kitchen. He had no idea how much he would enjoy working in the kitchen. He enjoyed the work so much, he decided to return the following three weeks to serve in the kitchen. During the summer, Paul expressed his passion for working in the kitchen and further shared that he also enjoys landscape work. It seemed like a perfect fit and a God directed opportunity for Paul to join us for this next year. God’s timing was perfect since our kitchen manager, who also oversaw the landscaping, felt lead in a new direction and has left full-time service here at camp. Paul’s main roles will be to oversee all the landscaping here at camp and to manage meals for Camp Daniel events. His first event will be our 20th Anniversary Celebration!

IMG_3454 square

Paul was raised in Crivitz and is a graduate of Crivitz High School. He is a long standing volunteer and friend of Camp Daniel.

He will be living in Camp Daniel’s Hartley House. Living and working with 4 men with disabilities will give Paul the opportunity to create relationships with them. He will be depending on the guys to learn how work accomplished here and Paul will depend on each of them for help. In turn, He will help lead and guide them on the grounds and in their home. In the home, Paul will be in charge of menu planning, budgeting and grocery shopping for the Hartley House. As with all interns before him, Paul will also be involved with The Able Church in Green Bay.


Paul is just starting to raise monthly support for his time here. His goal is to raise $600 per month to cover basic costs of living. Please pray for Paul as he works through the transition of an 18 year old moving out of his family home for the first time and becoming a full-time missionary with people with disabilities.

To donate online to support Paul, click here.

To learn more about our intern programs, click here.


Having a formal intern program is fairly new here at Camp Daniel, however, we have had interns for more then a decade. They are a vital part of what goes on here. We have had interns in several different capacities. First, we have Summer Interns. These interns commit to seven weeks out of the summer, spending two weeks receiving training and preparing for our five week summer camp session. This program started in the summer of 2014. One would not be able to tell that this program is only three years old since it is well organized and the group has taken on rather significant responsibilities and makes valuable changes throughout the summer camp sessions.

Interns 2016

Pictured here are the ten interns that committed to this past summer’s camp. They really helped the energy of the camp, promoting cheering and participation in Rec Games and all parts of camp. They have now returned to their homes, attending to school and/or jobs.

We also have had Semester Interns. These are students attending college that have collaborated with Camp Daniel to fulfill a fieldwork placement. These placements are typically anywhere between three to five months in length, depending on the school’s requirements.


Evan, a business major from North Central University, completed his academic internship here in the camp office, learning all the business of running a camp and a non-profit organization.

Meghan & BarbieWe also had an Occupational Therapy student, Meghan, from Concordia University Wisconsin. She learned skills needed to work with individuals with both physical and intellectual disabilities, adapting activities and creating devices to help campers participate more fully.

The third type of intern we have are our Year Interns. These interns commit to a year here a Camp Daniel, serving in many different areas of life here. IMG_4477 square

Last year, Amanda came on as a Year Intern. Since then, she has decided to stay on board full-time!

Interns have played a major role in the development of Camp Daniel this far. We will continue to develop our intern programs and opportunities, investing in their lives and helping them explore ministry life and helping them develop into all God has called them to be.

If you are interested in participating in or supporting our Intern Programs, please inquire at

Here are some of the new things seen around Camp Daniel this year.

Water wars Water Wars3

One of the most talked about change has been the addition of Water Wars in place of our long standing tradition of Messy Games. Many returning volunteers and campers could not believe we could have camp without Messy Games. However, to their surprise, Water Wars has been just as fun, if not more.

Steve & Josh In the morning 3   Josh & Steve

This year, we added a morning sports talk show called Josh & Steve In The Morning, based off of Mike & Mike In The Morning on ESPN. Camp Daniel’s sport’s network is called CSPN. It highlights all the Rec Games and announces the scores for the Red and Blue teams throughout the week.

Steve & Nick CSPN Logo copy  Score Board

During the rest of the day, Steve & Nick have been the sports anchors announcing scores and commentating the Rec Games. A couple months ago, we got a really good deal on a score board, which has been a great addition to all our Rec Games.

Interns 2016

A new set of interns! This year we have a crew of 10 wonderful and hardworking interns. They commit to all 5 weeks of sumer camp and two weeks prior to camp for training and preparing for the camp season.

Small groups 2016 Mirror small groups

One big and exciting addition to our programming has been small groups. Small groups are divided up by cabins and led by the interns from that cabin. This has brought opportunities for campers to have a voice and share what is going on personally with them. Many of our campers do not get the opportunity to share how they feel or share their thoughts. From what has been discussed during small groups guides what the guest speakers talks about in the chapel services, making the services formed around the specific campers’ needs of each week.

With the theme being “B U” (or Be Yourself), small group discussions focused on being who God created us to be. A mirror gets passed around and campers and counselors are asked what they see. Campers and counselors a like struggled seeing themselves how God truly sees them. It has been neat to see how by the end of the week, everyone sees a little more clearly the truth of who they really are and how wonderful God has created them to be.

Small groups have been a great way to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth. The plan is to continue and further develop the use of these groups!

Southern Bell

In the absence of “The Lead Belly Sisters”, the “Not So Southern Bells” magically formed amongst the lady interns. These Bells host the women’s tea with their tea party dresses and hats, using a southern accent and character that is not quite southern, hence the name “Not So Southern”. They brought about a lot of laughter and cackling. They have been a great hit and we hope to see them continue their act in years to come.

Apparel Apparel 2 CSPN Clothes

New Camp Daniel attire! Get yours while they still last!

Tonight Show Logo SImple_edited-1

Yet another big change…. The Two Night Show was transformed to look more like the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Typically the Two Night Show has been a night of karaoke and other talent with Georgie hosting and commenting throughout the show. This year, there has been several different segments including contestant games, hashtags phrases, commercials made by interns and staff, special musical guests, etc. -things you would see similar to the Tonight Show. It has been an enjoyable change!

Orientation Craft Orientation Rec

One of the last major changes we have made this year has been how we do orientation for our volunteers. In the past, orientation consisted of several hours sitting in the chapel as different staff members and interns lectured on various parts of camp and what to expect in the week to come. As hard as we’ve tried to keep it lively and entertaining, it still got called “Borientation”. Therefore, this year, with great planing and forethought, orientation has been revamped entirely. Instead of staying in the chapel all day long, volunteers would rotate stations with their cabin-mates in the location specific to that orientation topic. Volunteers learn about crafts under the craft tent. They go to the Rec Field to learn about the Rec Games. They gather at the nurse’s tent to learn about med pass and other nursing issues. There are seven different stations.

This change in orientation has been absolutely incredible. Many volunteers have commented how much they enjoyed the change. It has kept them much more focused and engaged throughout the orientation. Staying together as a cabin as they move to each station has allowed for cabin-mates to bond together more.

It is pretty incredible to have staff and interns so committed to ministry of Camp Daniel. It is neat to see the growth and changes that has come about over the years. We are excited to what growth and changes are in store for the future!

This is our final week of camp! It has been a great year so far. Continue to pray us through to the end!




Last week completed our first week of our summer camp season. It was a wonderful week, reuniting with all our Camp Daniel friends. We are in the midst of our second week, with three more weeks to follow.

CD Logo 2016

This year’s theme is “B U”. We are using a college theme, playing off the usage of university letters, to help campers to be themselves, to “Be You.” Being yourself is a concept we all struggle with. Most of us, especially our campers, are given messages that they are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, etc and need be like someone else. Therefore, people with disabilities tend to not like themselves and try to be what they see portrayed as “normal” and valuable. The message we want to bring is it’s okay to be you (B U)! BU 2016 Chapel

This year’s theme verse is Psalm 100:3. “Know that the Lord is God.He made us, and we belong to him. We are his people. We are the sheep belonging to his flock.” This verse expresses that it is God who made us. Therefore, since God made who we are, we need to be who we are, and nobody else.


Every year, we use a movie that helps bring the camp theme’s message across. This year, we are using the new Peanuts movie where Charlie Brown learns that people like him for just the way he is. So on every Monday night, we gather around the bon fire with popcorn and enjoy an outdoor movie. Then the rest of the week, the chapel speaker and the counselors will refer back to the movie to help teach about being who God created us to be.

Stay tuned for updates on how the summer is going. Please pray for all our staff, volunteers, and campers. Pray for energy and  safety. Most of all, pray that we all learn to be ourselves, who God created us to be.


Greetings friends of Camp Daniel and The Able Church. Much has happened in my life in the last 6 months – starting with my diagnosis of having cancer in March. In the past when people talked about cancer or even spoke of their own experience with cancer, I wouldn’t really know how to relate to what they were going through. But all that has changed and now when I hear of someone with cancer I want to ask the many questions on how they are doing and the specifics of what they are going through. For me, the chemo and radiation treatments were difficult, but thankfully done at this point. After loosing 35 pounds and working through the effects of these treatments, I now have a whole new appreciation for what others go through when they are treated for cancer.

As we go through hardship, the common thought many of us have is, “Why me?” That topic is deep in its theological application and has many things to consider in its answer. 1 Corinthians 1:4 says – He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. Though I don’t know why this happened, I do know that it will give me a greater appreciation for good health and a greater empathy for those who are struggling with their own afflictions. As a Pastor, comforting others is an important role that needs sensitivity and compassion. Having gone through this experience, I can say it has changed my life forever in relating to others with major health issues. I’m not ever willing to say that God has given cancer to me for this purpose, but to the extent that he allowed it has cause me to know that this too is working together for my good, as said in Romans 8:28. I don’t think Christ ever wastes an opportunity for us to identify in some way to his own suffering so that we have a greater appreciation for what He endured for us. The amazing part of Jesus’ story is that He endured extreme suffering, bearing the cost of our own sinfulness, so that we could be forgiven of our own sins and experience eternal life in heaven.

So my asking why has pretty much stopped and I’m now focused on how I can bring something good out of it all by reaching out to others who are suffering. I also think this experience has changed me significantly enough that it will reshape many of my messages at Able Church going forward.

The other thing I have learned is to become more dependent on others and how that can be a positive thing as well. My Camp Daniel friends and staff really stepped forward during my treatments when I couldn’t be at Able. With Laura Lee leading at Able during this time and others playing expanded roles, things came off without much of a hitch. It’s comforting to know that we have so many talented and willing people that are obedient to whatever call God makes for the moment. Lastly, many thanks for all the prayers said on my behalf by all of you. I know those prayers were significant in my treatment and recovery and very much appreciated.

Blessings and love – Pastor Tim of The Able Church


A few weeks ago, Camp Daniel hosted the 7th annual D4D (Dance for Disability) at Bay Beach in Green Bay. D4D is always an exciting event; for the camp team, it is the beginning of the summer season. We often get to see campers and counselors we have not seen since last summer!   Just as important, this event allows us to make contact with people who know very little or nothing about Camp Daniel and it’s mission.

D4d 2016

D4D was created seven years ago to celebrate those living with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and agencies that serve them within the community.   A goal for the future D4D would be that it becomes a citywide celebration with multiple activities celebrating the disability community. Bay Beach is the perfect place to hold D4D, giving people the chance to bounce between the rides and the indoor dance, held in the historic pavilion. Like in years past, inside the pavilion people have a place to rest, eat some food and of course dance for a few hours.


Camp Daniel could not hold an event like this without sponsorship. Sponsors often come from local organizations that provide services to those with disabilities or businesses that have an interest in the disability population. This years groups included the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC), Paragon, and the CP Center , all service providers in Green Bay. Woodman’s also was a sponsor this year. We are grateful for the sponsorship these organizations gave us this year and hope to continue these relationships for next year’s event.

The team here at camp is dreaming about expanding this event in 2017. If you or your organization would like to be involved, please contact Laura Lee Wright.




Our summer season is quickly approaching and we need you!  Please consider spending a week at Camp Daniel that will impact not only your life, but someone else’s life.  As of now, we will have to turn away three male campers for our first week due to a lack of male counselors. One of the most difficult things we have to do is to tell a camper he or she will not be able to attend camp this summer.

Campers desire to attend camp for many reasons:

  • Camp strengthens their relationship with Christ. For many campers, this will be the only week of the entire year they will have someone encourage them spiritually.
  • Camp is a fun vacation. For many of our campers, a week at camp is the only week of vacation they will have.
  • Camp reminds people that they are loved and accepted for who they are.
  • Camp provides an environment for many to feel safe and encouraged to try new activities.
  • Camp provides campers an opportunity to grow in independence through time away from regular caregivers and family. This gives a weeklong break and vacation for them, too.

We also need nurses! We like to have two nurses volunteering each week. To make this possible, we still need a nurse to volunteer week 1 (July 3-8) and week 5 (July 31- Aug 6). If you are a nurse or know someone who is, help us fill this need!

For week one, we are also in need of support crew workers, those working behind the scenes- helping with crafts, doing dishes, and setting up for activities. We are also in need of counselors and support crew workers for the other weeks, too. We can use females, as well as, males, though we definitely need more males than females. Please apply online on this website under “Summer Camp”.

Check out this link to a cool promo video, showing some of the fun activities we do. http://<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

We are asking YOU to strongly consider making a difference in someone’s life, their family’s, and even your own!

Emily & Cody Wedding

Recently, long standing volunteers of Camp Daniel, Cody and Emily, tied the knott here on the camp grounds.

Emily Wedding

This was a special occasion on several levels. The couple were able to celebrate their wedding in the camp environment and with the camp family that is dear to them. It was through camp that Cody and Emily met. It was through camp that their relationship grew over time into this life-long commitment.


For Camp Daniel, it required the team to pull together in preparation prior to the wedding and in service the day of the wedding. Here, we are laying concrete for a patio next to The Barn. We also finished off the plumbing and bathrooms, finished the stairwell, prepared the grounds, and did lots of cleaning and set up for the big event.


 The above picture shows the rehearsal. During the wedding day, we served soft drinks and cake, and helped wherever needed. It was a great experience to work as a team and continue to learn how to make weddings and other events at camp exceptional. The future plan is to not just hold camp here at Camp Daniel, but put on events like this – weddings, parties, church events, etc. Not only will this generate income needed to keep camp running, it will also provide more opportunities for people to connect with Camp Daniel and its ministries.These events will provided opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to have purposeful roles and be apart of serving their community. The community, in turn, will have the opportunity to interact with individuals with disabilities and see them valued and in roles the typical workplace and community do not create.


The Camp Daniel family was glad to be apart of this special event. We look forward to watching this relationship grow as a couple and with the future ministry of Camp Daniel.


Lots of work continues to be done on the Camp Daniel grounds. Last weekend’s workday lent to quite a few projects accomplished.


The stairs in the fire escape exit of The Barn were painted.


Lawn and garden work was accomplished.

Trish & Jamie The lakefront pavillon was thoroughly cleaned.



Steve & Marc

Sheet rock and light fixtures were hung in storage room in the lower level of The Barn.


Apart from the “scheduled” workday, many other projects have been done. Here Tony is mounting cabinets in The Sign Shop. This is were Karol uses vinyl lettering for making signs, t-shirts, and other personalized camp merchandise.

IMG_3545 Tile Bathroom

Karol has been busy tiling the two bathrooms in The Barn.

IMG_3362 IMG_3359

Sheet rock, the never ending job.


Here, Tony has his plumber’s hat on, plumbing the bathrooms in The Barn.


Nick continues to improve his plastering skills! With all that sheet rock, there is quite a bit of plastering to be done. If you have any experience, please come help!

Amanda Painting 2

And with all the plastering that gets done, it is followed up by primer and paint.

Apart from the constructions and projects on the grounds, we have been busy preparing for summer camp. Jen and Papa Tony spend many hours going through applications. Anthony continues to develop our Salesforce data base programs. Amanda is updating our summer camp manual. Trish has been preparing menus and writing out instructions for the kitchen. Laura Lee and Jen have been busy networking and recruiting volunteers and campers. Pastor Tim and Laura Lee continue to attend to the functions of The Able Church and prepare for the Dance 4 Disability on June 4th at Bay Beach. Karol has been finalizing the summer camp schedule, scheduling volunteers, and preparing themes and crafts.

As we say around camp, “Everyday is a Workday!” If you have time to serve, we continually need help. We could use help with construction, painting, yard work, and summer camp prep. If you are able to help, let us know! Email at or call the office at 715-757-3880.


Recently, these cabins arrived at camp! Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay has a Carpentry Apprenticeship program, and the students in the program took on these cabins as their class project. Not only did this provide for Camp Daniel’s needs, it also allowed students to have a practical, hands-on experience in the field of carpentry.

Like so much of what happens here at camp, this project came out of a relationship. One of Camp Daniel’s volunteers developed a relationship with the faculty at NWTC. This volunteer believed something like this could happen and persistently advocated for Camp Daniel. Others joined in this vision and began advocating, too. These relationships and conversations made this all possible. We as a team continue to be thankful and in awe as we watch God continuously weave together His plan to make events like this happen.


Here, they are unloading the cabins from the flatbed.



Two cabins were dropped off on last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, totaling 6 cabins! Next year the students will build 6 more cabins. The plan is to group all the cabins together with a common lounge and a bath house. These cabins house two people each and will be used to house the volunteers needed to assist the running of camp.

Inside Cabin

Here’s a picture of the inside.


Here, is the official hand-off. NWTC’s carpentry instructor hands off the keys to Little Tony.


Here are some links to local news covering the story!

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