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This is the fourth year that Calvary Memorial Church in Racine has come to Camp Daniel for one of their mission’s trips. The group of about 30 arrived Friday night and spent the day Saturday doing several different meaningful and appreciated jobs throughout the camp.

Calvary Workday 8 Calvary Workday

One group spent the day doing garden and yard work. Boy, did they work hard and get a lot done!

Calvary Workday 3

Another group installed insulation in the new garage. We were all quite glad to see that job completed!

Calvary Workday 7 Calvary Workday 4

Another group put up sheet rock and installed corner bead.

Calvary Workday 9



Calvary Workday 6

A couple electricians did some wiring work in the garage.

   Calvary Workday 5  Calvary Workday 2  Calvary Workday 10

Another group primed and painted the stairwell that was just installed. They also primed and painted rooms and hallways adjacent to the garage.


Calvary workday 11

And here is Pastor Ethan, working hard to capture it all.

We are grateful for all their hard work! We are thankful for their time and service, assisting Camp Daniel to use the grounds sooner and year round.

When work groups come in like this, it encourages the staff on several different levels. First, a group of thirty can accomplish in a day what would take us at least a week! Secondly, it brings encouragement when others come to the grounds where we daily live and work, to invest into the ministry of Camp Daniel.  Some days, working the grind with just our missionaries, can seem difficult and overwhelming. When others come to share in the work, it helps us keep moving forward.  Lastly, workdays, like these, give an opportunity for individuals to see and hear about the ministry of Camp Daniel first hand. For many, coming to our workdays provides the opportunity to work along side individuals with intellectual disabilities for the first time. They begin to see people with intellectual disabilities in a whole new way and their preconceived thoughts and attitudes often begin to change. Many people that come on work trips like this, in turn, sign up to volunteer during our summer camps, furthering their involvement within Camp Daniel’s ministries.

When groups like this partner with us in service, they are not only investing in the advancing of the grounds and encouraging our missionaries, they are investing in the lives of all those who will attend and serve during the camps that will take place in the future.

If your church group or organization would like to create a mission’s trip to Camp Daniel, we would love to have you! Please contact the Camp Daniel office at 715-757-3880 or email at

***Opportunity to serve!*** This Saturday, May 7th, we are having our Spring Workday. This is open to everyone. We will continue many of the jobs we highlighted above. The day starts at 8:00am and goes till about 4pm. Lunch is provided so please RSVP to the camp office. Also, please let us know any specialty skills you may have, so we can use you appropriately. No special abilities needed, jobs available for all skill levels. Bring your family and bring your friends!

Construction continues at Camp Daniel! The biggest project we’ve been working on has been the stairwell/fire escape and it is quite the undertaking. The stairs connect the upper level of The Barn to the lower level Garage and Tool Room.

Stairs 2_edited-1

Here, Tony and Nick are framing out the two-tiered staircase.

Marc Drywall 2

Then, Marceaux and the guys put up the sheet rock.

Nick on Stairs

Nick feels accomplished having the lower flight finished!

Pre level 2

Here’s a picture before the second flight went up.

2 level stairs 2

Level 2 complete!

Seams 2

Marceaux and the guys tape the seems and plaster them, getting the drywall ready for plaster! If you have experience with plaster….we have lots of walls to be plastered and we need your help! Just let us know at!


The other major project going on is the bathrooms in the upper level. Here Stevo is preparing the floor for tile.


A group of students from Silver Birch Ranch/Nicolet Bible Institute worked along side Amanda, building shelves and continuing to put up sheet rock in The Garage.

There are always jobs to be done and we are working most days of the week. Contact us if you have time you could give to help complete our many, many projects, we need your help!!!

We also have a scheduled workday on May 7th. 8am – 4pm, lunch provided. Jobs for all skill levels!



The team at Camp Daniel often is involved with activities in conjunction with camp. Prior to joining the Camp Daniel team, Laura Lee spent much of her time connecting with other organizations doing ministry amongst and with people who have disabilities across the nation. One of her favorite organizations is Young Life Capernaum. Capernaum reaches teens with disabilities in local high schools throughout the US and world. Laura Lee has served on the Mission Wide Board for almost six years and now has great plans to link Camp Daniel and The Able Church to its ministry.

Caperneum 2

Camp Daniel and Capernaum have a very similar ethos believing relationships are central to all we do. These relationships include Jesus, teens, families, volunteers, leaders and donors. Camping is an integral part of what Capernaum does as it is also for Camp Daniel.   Laura Lee has been a Capernaum leader for several years; she loves hanging out with teens and watching them build genuine relationships with their peers. However, Laura Lee has been very concerned for teens with disabilities that finish their education and have no place to stay connected with friends in spiritual settings. Unlike typical students, once students with intellectual disabilities leave school, they often loose their social circle once they leave school.

Caperneum 3

Fortunately, a Capernaum club recently started at Green Bay East High School. Laura Lee is part of the leadership team and is helping to develop the club along with a few people from The Able Church and a camper from Camp Daniel. Laura Lee will encourage the teens to connect with Camp Daniel and The Able Church so that when they graduate from school, they will continue to have lasting relationships with people from The Able Church and Camp Daniel for many years to come. We look forward to developing a strong working relationship with Young Life Green Bay and many other organizations through out Wisconsin. We know the Camp Daniel Organization is stronger when we are working together and continue to be humbled by the relationships God continues to put in our path.

For more information regarding Camp Daniel, Young Life Capernaum, or The Able Church, feel free to contact Laura Lee at


Here’s a link to the media coverage about our new cabins!


This past February, missionaries from across the globe gathered in Bozeman, Montana, at Grace Bible Church for their Global Outreach Conference. The conference allows missionaries from all over the world the church supports to return in order to share with the congregation how things are progressing, receive encouragement, and connect with other missionaries. The Burys participated in the conference because they are supported by Grace Bible Church and they represented Camp Daniel.

Marceaux is from Bozeman and grew up attending Grace Bible Church.  It has been very encouraging for Jen and Marceaux to be valued as missionaries and have the disability community be recognized as a mission field.


While there, they were able to speak to several different groups ranging from preschool to senior adults about the value of people with disabilities and what the church is missing when this people group is not present and participating in the body of Christ. They used one of their puppets, Milo, who is in a wheelchair and has an intellectual disability to explain that God made them, loves them, and has a plan for their life.

The conference reminded Jen and Marceaux the importance of culture as they spoke with other missionaries. They identified most with a missionary that serves within the Native American community.  Both cultures exist here within the United States. Therefore, its missionaries do not have to leave their homeland nor their own culture, yet they still have to learn and embrace a different culture.  Both cultures think and perceive the world in a concrete way. Both cultures are relational. Jen asked the missionary how a Native American church would look like without the influence of outside cultures. He explained that the first thing you would notice is the seating arrangement.  They would not have chairs in rows, but rather everyone would sit in a circle. They would not have one person or several leaders standing up front, apart from the group. They have a strong belief in being together and would not do things to separate from the group. There would be teachers, but they would remain within the group, not set apart. Teaching would be concrete and simple. Worship music would consist of drumming and traditional singing.

These conversations reflect the rest of the staff at Camp Daniel continually have among the team. Is there a different culture for those living with intellectual disabilities? If so, should worship environments reflect cultural norms for this culture? How is this communicated to local churches, especially when they want to be equipped to do “disability ministry”? What would this look like? These are just a few questions we explore as we think through the best way to communicate God’s love and plan for those living with intellectual disabilities.

Previously, Grace Bible has sent volunteers on short-term mission’s trip to Camp Daniel. Mission trips help fulfill our need for volunteers, but they also give us a chance to inspire and equip volunteers to take back a message proclaiming people with disabilities are needed in the church to help make the church complete.

IMG_3095 IMG_3091IMG_3103

During the conference, Jen and Marceaux stayed with Marceaux’s family, allowing for Grandma and Grandpa to get plenty of MJ time. They also spent time meeting with supporters, visiting members from previous Camp Daniel trips, and recruiting new volunteers for this year’s summer camps.

Camp Daniel depends on churches for many of our needs. We need work teams to help with building our grounds, teams for summer camps, and financial support. If you would like to learn more about ways your church can contribute to Camp Daniel, please write us at: or call our camp office at 715-757-3880.

Snow Sign

With this last snowstorm, Camp Daniel accumulated 10 inches of snow! Just the day before, there was not a flake on the ground. Actually, the week before, we had temperatures reaching 70 degrees! Spring weather here at camp is not very predictable.

When snow hits, it is quite the production to remove snow. All hands are on deck and it is a grueling, long day! The day starts by 8am and most of the time, we are still working until late afternoon, depending on how much snow we get. Everyone agrees that it is pretty to look at, but typically we would rather just look at it and not do all the work to remove it.

Cardo Shovel Chalsee Shovel Jake & Brian Shovel

Cardo, Chalsee, Jake, & Brian set out with shovels clearing all the side walks that the snowblower cannot get to.

Nick Snowblower

Nick Stonelake gets out the push snowblower. Unfortunately,the snow was too wet and heavy, clogging the auger and making it difficult to use.

John Deer Snowblower

Marceaux, Karol, Amanda, and Nick rotate who operates the John Deer snow blower, getting areas the snowplow cannot get.

Plow Truck TrishHere, Trish is in the snowplow, getting the parking lot, driveways, and roadways on camp.

John Deer Ditch

Of course, there are all the interruptions that can make the day even longer and more grueling. The John Deer snowplow gets stuck, the plow truck gets stuck, staff vehicles get stuck, or snowblowers get clogged with snow or break down. Marceaux and Pastor Tim spend a good portion of the winter fixing snow removal equipment.

Typically, if you ask anyone of us about snow days and snow removal, you will probably here a bit of complaining and dislike for all the work. However, it is a chance for each of us to come together and work as a team. It is a team effort and could not be done without the team. And the end of the day, we can look at the feat we accomplished and appreciate the community we live in………and hope it doesn’t snow tomorrow!


Last weekend marked the 6th year The Able Church held its winter retreat at Camp Daniel. It was an exciting weekend on several levels. It was a chance for The Able Church to continue to grow its partnership with Camp Daniel, allowing its members to reconnect with Camp Daniel before the summer season.

Winter Retreat Nick Pool Winter Retreat BB Winter Retreat Amanda Winter Retreat Air Hockey 

We recently finished two new rooms at Camp Daniel and used them for the first time. The Antique Shop and The Game Room. The Antique Shop is a nice seating area and we held the weekend’s counselor meetings.


Winter Retreat Chapel

The guest speakers were Larry and Carolyn Campbell, longstanding friends and partners of both The Able Church and Camp Daniel. They have a sister organization in the Twin Cities area.

Winter Retreat Bonfire

We had nice spring weather, temperature close to 70 degrees. Here you see everyone having hot chocolate around a campfire. With the weather the way it was, we probably should have had lemon aid and called it a Spring Retreat!

Winter Retreat Rec Winter Retreat Craft

The weekend was also filled with recreational group games and crafts.

The weekend gave members of The Able Church an opportunity to connect, grow relationships, and share life together outside their typical church schedule. It gave all of us at Camp Daniel a glimpse into the future of what things will be like when we hold camps and retreats here year round. Pretty exciting!

For those of you who haven’t met, this is Chalsee! She is one of our missionaries living in the Brunot House. She has been attending our summer camps for over 15 years.  She has always wanted to live at Camp Daniel and be one of our missionaries. When asked why she wanted to move to and become a missionary, she replied, “I love God and want to tell others about God.” She also said that she wanted to be a part of a community, working on meaningful projects and helping others. Last year, with the help of caring family and advocates in her life, she was able to reach her goal and moved to camp.  Since then, she has been involved in many different activities and wearing many different hats.

Jake & CC drawers

Each day is a little different for Chalsee. Some days, she works with Jake, Cardo, Richard, and Nick doing whatever the project is of the day. She does anything and everything from moving and hauling tools and supplies, sanding, sorting, sweeping, and cleaning, to name a few. In the picture above, she is sanding drawers for one of the supply cabinets in the Tool Storage Room. Sand Pew

Here, she is sanding an old pew from Trinity, where Pastor John and Tony use to pastor. It will be placed in The Barn once it is refinished. Chalsee enjoys sanding and has the patience and endurance needed to do such tedious, fine motor work. Whenever there is down time in-between jobs, she quickly gravitates to the sanding project, where as for the other guys, this would not be their first choice. It is good that we all have different skills and interests, which can benefit the community.

Chalsee Raking

During the summertime, Chalsee helps Trish with the gardens and landscaping. She pulls weeds, shovels dirt, rakes leafs, and water plants. She also helps Trish with planting and transplanting plants on the grounds.

Chalsee Kitchen


The kitchen is another place Chalsee works and enjoys. During summer camp, helps Trish in the kitchen, as well as, maintains supplies and cleans in the dinning hall. In our “off season”, Chalsee helps Trish put on any meals we serve during our workdays and retreats held on the grounds.

Chalsee uses her craft skills here around camp, too. She has knitted several hats and scarfs to be sold at The Able Church Christmas Fair. She has also helped make decorations that needed to be made for special events and summer camp craft projects.

CC & MJ CC & MJ PlaydoChalsee & MJ Cookies

When she is not doing any of the above tasks, Chalsee watches MJ! This is helpful in many ways. Not only does MJ enjoy it when Chalsee “comes to play”, if frees Jen up to attend to some of the tasks she needs to accomplish for camp. More importantly, Chalsee is very good with kids and it is something she really enjoys.

SO Scrimmage Marinette

Here, Chalsee (on the end), is competing in Special Olympics basketball for Marinette County. She also participates during the bowling and track seasons. This is a great way for Chalsee to build relationships, staying connected with campers and her friends, as well as, making new friends.

As you see, Chalsee wears many hats. The astonishing thing is that God knew it all along! Prior to Chalsee moving to camp, she had been attending Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, taking classes in Gardening, Cooking, Art, and Childcare. Little did she know she would be using all those skills today here at Camp Daniel!

One of the goals at Camp Daniel is help people find the purpose God gives each of us, and come along side each other to help reach these goals.

This past year has given Chalsee a chance to explore several different areas of ministry. Pray with Chalsee as she continues to explore the many opportunities camp has for her moving forward. We are all excited to see how she will be transformed into the person God intended her to be. It will be exciting to watch if she will excel and focus in one specific area or continue to wear many hats.


We are nearly completion of the Antique Shop portion of the building commonly known as “the barn”.  The shop is centrally located in the building  the barn/sanctuary, the bathrooms and the game room.



The space has comfortable seating for 7-12 people, so it will be great for small meetings.  It is also, just a comfortable place to relax, and many people in the years to come will just want to hang out here.  It features ambient lighting with vintage bulbs, durable old furniture, and collections of old mirrors, radios, records and bottles.  We added in architectural details to the rough woodwork, which contrasts the black flooring and dark gray walls.  As with all the newer spaces at Camp Daniel, there are hidden Georgie’s to be discovered.


,IMGP2533 (1) IMGP2539

Many of the items were collected by the Piantines over the years, and some were purchased specifically for this space.  The glassware in the glass case was salvaged in 2008, on the Camp Daniel grounds when Tony was excavating by the Factory(craft cabin) and came across what was the “dump” during the Salvation Army days.   The small area was loaded with glass and cans, that we felt were important to the history of the grounds.  Some of the pieces have been on display in the office, but we were glad for a place to put several more.

DSC06295Don’t be fooled by all the vintage pieces; this space will serve those at camp with some great technology.  The monitor in the photo will show the live video feed of any event happening in the chapel, while a second screen will show whatever is on the screen in the chapel.  Closing the doors between the two spaces will make this a great overflow room, or “cry room”. We are finishing up the last details to be ready for the Able Church Winter Retreat in March.

Special Olympics is a big part of the “off season” for Camp Daniel’s missionaries. Trish, Marceaux, and Jen volunteer with the Marinette agency. Chalsee participated during the bowling season and now is at member on the basketball team. Pastor Tim and Amanda help lead The Able Church teams in Green Bay as part of The Able Church Family Night held on Tuesdays. Nick, Cardo, Jake, and Brian are athletes on the teams.

Guns & HosesA week ago, the Marinette Special Olympics agency hosted their annual Guns N Hoses fundraiser. This was a basketball game between the Marinette police officers and firefighters. Trish and the Burys volunteered at the event. The firefighters won.

SO MarinetteSO Scrimmage MarinetteSO Scrimmage Marinette

During the half time, the Special Olympic teams scrimmaged against themselves. Chalsee and several other campers from Camp Daniel played in the scrimmage.

Marinette vs AbleThis past weekend, there was a special event. Marinette’s team (in orange) hosted a mini tournament, in which The Able Church team (in blue) participated. It was special for Marceaux and Jen (now with Marinette) to have their team play against their old team, The Able Church, having their relationships from both teams connect.

Darlene & Tina

It was also a special event for Tina & Darlene (Camp Daniel regulars). They were roommates in Green Bay for many years and a big part of The Able Church Special Olympics. This past fall, Tina moved to Marinette. The Burys and Trish have made sure she got connected in the Marinette community, giving her rides to church, games nights and Marinette’s Special Olympics. Darlene came to this tournament and was able to reconnect with Tina! It is exciting to see that out of the relationships and connections the Burys and Trish have formed over the years in Marinette has allowed this scenario to happen.

Special Olympics has been a very beneficial organization for Camp Daniel to be involved with. Many of our campers are involved in Special Olympics. This allows us to stay connected with campers year round. Staying connected also helps us know what the Special Olympics organization and the general public is advocating for within the disability community.

  For The Able Church agency in Green Bay, it has drawn in many athletes that have not been apart of The Able Church before. It has allowed for athletes a way to put into practice the things they learn at The Able Church. Furthermore, it has allowed athletes to be an example of Chist-like character at tournaments, playing against other teams. The Able Church is the only church team represented out of hundreds of Special Olympic teams throughout Wisconsin. It also allows The Able Church (and Camp Daniel) to get its name more recognition and connect people to our ministries.

The Able Church Special Olympics continues to look for volunteers to help with coaching the teams, giving rides, and agency administration. If you would like to be involved, please contact Pastor Tim at

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