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Through some Camp Daniel relationships with staff at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College of Green Bay, their construction program took on a building project for us! Students get a direct, hands-on experience learning the construction trade and we will be the recipients of the cabins they build! These cabins will be used for support staff during our summer camp season. Here is the link to the news clip we were highlighted in on Channel 2. Check it out!


Gas Station Floor Tire marks

Work continues in the Gas Station!

Gas Station Floor Karol

Here, Karol is distressing the floor to look like a gas station.
Installing Lights Gas Station

Marceaux and Nick spent most of the week hanging lights. Tony and the guys continue to wire electrical outlets and light switches.

This “Gas Station” is located off the Antique Shop, next to The Barn. It will be the home of the game room, with a ping-pong table, pool table, and many board games. Not only will this room be in high use once we have summer camp here, it will also be useful when we host groups here throughout the year. Even the missionaries that live here full-time look forward to having a place to hang out with each other. MJ can’t wait to play ping-pong!

Not only will the inside look like a gas station, the outside will also look like a gas station. It will have signs, a gas pump, and other items you would find at a gas station. Why all the detail? We want to people to know we value them and that they are worth it!

We can use more help! If you have any experience with basic electrical, there are more outlets, switches, and light fixtures to be wired. If you have any plastering experience, we have LOTS of plastering to do! Let us know at or call the office at 715-757-3880.

Here’s some items we could still use for the Gas Station: Anything you’d find in an old gas station, service station, old car parts, auto tools, lights. Gas, oil and transportation signs, a glass display case, old school lockers, old shelving, a pub height table and chairs, a couple of restaurant booths, old oil cans, vintage board games to display, upright video arcade games, pinball machine, two 42″ flat screen tvs, tire rack, anything that says Mobil gas or oil, Pepsi vending machine, pepsi signs, pepsi coolers, old pepsi bottles, cases, and a pepsi neon sign. If you have any of these items or want to help purchase them, send us an email at or call the office at 715-757-3880.


Trish, Chalsee, and The Burys have been attending New Life Church in Marinette for the past several years. One of their goals has been to connect and build relationships in the Marinette area since many of our campers live in that community. Attending New Life Church has been part of a big part of making relationships and connections in the Marinette area. Furthermore, this church community has been a big part of these missionaries’ spiritual growth and connection.

They all volunteer in different areas within the church. Trish has been involved with the children’s program at New Life in Marinette for the past couple of years. Besides Trish loving kids, this has given her opportunities to build relationships with families and other church leaders. This has helped more people see what the team at Camp Daniel already knows about Trish; she is a leader.

New Life Center SignJust recently, some of the leaders from New Life Church approached Trish about leading a small group at New Life Assisted Living Center (not affiliated with the church) in Crivitz that requested a bible study be started with their residents. Knowing Trish lives and works in disability ministry at Camp Daniel, she was the first person they considered to have lead this group. Trish was excited and honored to be approached. Having Trish lead this group fits well with the ministry of Camp Daniel. The elderly population is often overlooked and devalued, similar to those with intellectual disabilities that we serve at camp.

This is a good connection in the Crivitz community and with New Life Church. We hope to see New Life Church continue to reach out to our missionaries for any assistance they may need reaching the needs of people with disabilities. In turn, we look forward to our deepening relationship with New Life Church as more of its members continue to get involved with volunteer opportunities through camp work days and summer camp.New Life Center

Here’s a picture of one of the meeting rooms at New Life Assisted Living Center.

We are glad to see Trish seek opportunities to grow her leadership and relationship skills. We are excited to see what relationships form and lives that are touched by the group Trish leads.


Carnival Tent

Most people complete a project and consider it finished. Not here at Camp Daniel! We are always looking for ways to improve things and add more detail. This is true for the way things look around our property here at Camp Daniel, as well as, the way we do things during our summer camp season. Here, Amanda is painting another canopy for the Carnival Trailer. We built the Carnival Trailer last year to store all the carnival equipment and to serve as a backdrop for our carnival games. It was a great addition to the Carnival! However, we would like to give it more detail and character to help it look and feel more like you are at a carnival.

Why go through all the trouble? Does it really matter? YES! We want people that come to camp know and feel that they are worth it. We often hear people say things that would suggest and see evidence that the typical person believes it doesn’t matter and feels that people with intellectual disabilities won’t care whether or not something is decorated or plain. That is NOT the message we want to share at Camp Daniel. We want people to know that they are worth all the details! Come take a tour of the Camp Daniel grounds, on the Athelstane campus, and you will see exactly what we are taking about. You will be overwhelmed by all the detail, time, love, and care that is put into the everything built on the grounds. We hope you will feel that love and be motivated to share that same level of love with others.

Back stage II

Amanda’s parents came to visit over the weekend to spend time with Amanda and give their time to serve. Here, Amanda and her mom are painting the backstage of the dinning hall. When the dinning hall is complete, this room will store sound equipment and theme decorations that will be used during mealtime. Until then, this room will be used to store all the current kitchen supplies we use during summer camp. This is a huge relief for Trish. Currently, kitchen items are stored in at least three different places around camp. This will make things easier for Trish to organize and find things!

Amanda’s dad used his expertise to do more electrical work in the garage. He wired up the switches for the garage door openers. Thanks for your help! There is much more electrical work to be completed. If you have electrical experience, please come help us out!

Tool Room Progress

Work continued in the Tool Storage Room. Many hours have been put in sorting parts, putting up shelving, and organizing. Karol and Tony put labels on hundreds of boxes, totes, shelves, drawers, etc. Looking good! It is Nick Stonelake’s desire to oversee this room. It is our goal to have each of our missionaries, with or without an intellectual disability, achieve their goals and have a purposeful role in the Camp Daniel community. Richard’s goal is to run The Nature Center and we will come along side him to help make that possible. The message we want to bring is that everyone is valuable, with a purpose and a plan for their lives. Everyone has something to offer. However, we all need help finding and achieving God’s plan for our lives. We also want to extend that message and help to all our campers and counselors alike.

Laura Lee

Laura Lee, our newest missionary staff member, retuned from her trip to Florida. She was there to share the vision and mission of Camp Daniel and to raise her monthly support.  All the missionaries at Camp Daniel raise their own support, not receiving any salary from Camp Daniel. Laura Lee lived and worked in Florida for 6 years in disability ministry at Northland Church in Longwood. She spoke with many groups of people, including leaders of Northland’s Children’s ministry. They decided to make Camp Daniel a recipient of their children’s offering during the month of April. This has been very exciting for us as this will cover the cost for a new excavator attachment for the skid-steer. This will be used to dig trenches for a fiber optic lines. We will be using this system to communicate between the different buildings on camp.

Since Laura Lee’s return, she has been settling in at the Brunot House and in her office in the Camp Daniel office. One of her roles will be to help evaluate, develop and implement systems and processes for our ministry. As shared above, we desire to do our best and alway improve where we can. Laura Lee’s prior experience will be instrumental as we move forward.

Trish continues to do snow removal and sanding on the grounds and Brunot House. She started preparing for this year’s summer camp, making meal calendars, directions and procedure sheets.

Karol continues to work on the 2016 camper and counselor applications. This has been an extensive job, improving the wording and formatting of the application….always improving. The other extensive part to this is making the application available online.

Jen, with the help of Anthony, has been busy continually updating our data base our Salesforce program. This program will help us to customize lists for different mailings, keeping track of data of all our camp applicants, track volunteers and donators. It also helps us generate customized lists needed during summer camp to create name tags, labels for medical files, information about those with special diets for the kitchen, camper/counselor match-ups, craft group lists….to name a few.

Marceaux continues to work on plastering corners and seams in The Garage, as well as, vehicle maintenance.

Pastor Tim spends much of his time with The Able Church. Tuesdays is The Able Church Family Night, where there are Special Olympic practices followed by a pizza dinner and Bible study. Fridays are the weekly church services. Just recently, Pastor Tim started a service in Oconto the first Thursdays of the month. He spends a great deal of time preparing for these events, as well as, caring for and attending to the needs of The Able Church members regularly.


From the front desk of Papa Tony…He is a rather humble gentleman, not wanting his picture taken for this blog or any accolades for the hard work that he does. Therefore, MJ is sitting in for Papa Tony’s picture. It is a big chair and a big role to fill.

Besides being a founder of Camp Daniel 20 years ago, he is also the office manager. He answers the phone and greets anyone that comes to the door. He labors many hours managing all the finances of Camp Daniel. He pays the bills, balances the checkbook, creates the budgets, and manages receipts for camp purchases (which are all organized in many different categories, including for what building on camp an item was purchased. He manages donor information, sends out tax deductible receipts to donors, and creates a payroll for camp missionaries from their supporters. He deals with insurance, which is quite extensive, beyond what we normal think about- camp vehicles, camp grounds, camp housing, summer camp, work days, etc. He prepares all the tax forms. He puts together year end reports and other requirements to maintain our non-profit status. He finds the best deals for utilities and other services camp needs. He is constantly finding ways for us to save money and keep Little Tony from spending it.:-) He runs the camp store on the grounds year round and at Lake Helen during summer camp. He is in charge of ordering items for the camp store, as well as, general office supplies. He deals with fire and health inspectors. He processes all the camper and volunteer applications, with many hours making and receiving phone calls for clarifications. You will often see him picking up debris around the grounds, raking leaves, or sweeping. He carries a large garbage can in his gulf cart, at all times, ready to collect debris he finds along the way. He works everyday from 9-5, sometimes before 9. He works most Saturdays, too, for various hours. You may catch him catch him checking the score of the Pirates or Steelers, once in a while, but most of the time, you will find him hard at work.

This list is probably only half of what he really does, the rest goes unseen. Without Papa Tony, we would not exist. He is a true example of sacrifice, service, and dedication. We here at Camp Daniel have a deep, sincere gratitude for all that he does.

Nick roll board

Work continues in the Tool Storage Room. Nick built some carts for some the heavy tools, like the tile cutter. This will allow them to move them from storage to be used more easily.

Back Stage

The “old” tool room was cleaned and prepped to be painted. In the future, this room will be the “Back Stage” of the stage in the new dinning hall. It will be used to store sound equipment and decorations for the theme meals.

New Garage

Here, Marceaux is working on the camp’s TruckALL service truck. It needed a new clutch and brake lines. Marceaux is very, very happy to be working on this in the new garage and not outside in the cold!

Bingo Game

Amanda has been working on project for summer camp. Here she is holding British Bingo Cards she made. The game will be played during the British Breakfast for some extra fun.

Karol continues to work on the summer camp applications, hard copy and online version. This is quite and extensive task. Trish hand made over 75 camper birthday cards to cover the next several months. Jen spent many hours working on their personal newsletter to their supporters. Laura Lee comes home this weekend from her travels to Florida, attempting to raise donor support.

Tool Room Saw

This past week, a lot was accomplished in the new tool storage room. This has been quite exciting for Tony as the tool room has been in nine different temporary locations over the years! Though all those moves have been time consuming and burdensome, they have given Tony great ideas for the final tool room. Nearing the end of finishing the tool storage room has been exciting for Nick Stonelake as well, since he really likes working with tools and plans on using this this room a lot.

Tony setting up tools

Tony and Nick organized tools with wall mounts.

Tool Room Built shelves

Custom shelving was built for the tool storage room.

Tool Room Shelving

Amanda, Chalsee and the Guys moved shelving and tools from the old tool room to the new one.

AndreiCardo & Andrei

Jen’s cousin’s husband, Andrei (who is an electrician), came to do electrical work. He worked on installing outlets, light fixtures, and smoke alarms. He even showed Cardo some electrical basics. Thanks Andrei for all your help!! If you have electrical experience, we have a lot more to do! Let us know!

Amanda Painting

Amanda painted doors and trim in the Tool Storage Room.

Marc seams

Marceaux finished plastering all corners, seams, and nail holes of the Garage. It is ready to be fully plastered! If you have experience doing plaster jobs, we need your help! We have 20ft high ceiling and a lot of wall to cover! Please let us know if you can help!

Karol has continues to work on this year’s application for campers and counselors. Jen continues to work on the Salesforce data base. Trish has been busy with sanding the ice that is everywhere.

Come volunteer or just visit anytime! Just let us know!

CD Sign with MJKarol has been busy making signs for Camp and The Able Church. Here, MJ is modeling one of the new signs. Karol has also been preparing this year’s camper and counselor summer camp applications, with both paper and internet options. Tool Room

Tony and the guys have been busy putting together the new tool storage room. They started transferring tools from the old, temporary tool room to their permanent home below The Barn.

Anthony, Jen, Amanda, & Trish have been busy continuing the work with Salesforce, our new data base. We are preparing for our summer camp application mailing, as well as another newsletter.

This weekend was a big weekend for Special Olympics Basketball. The Able Church in Green Bay had two teams play in Saturday’s tournament in Neenah.

Able Basketball 2016

Able Attack II, headed by coach Bill, won their game 45-6! Good job team!

Able 1 2016

Able Attack I, headed by coach Roger, won their game, also, 28-19. Pastor Tim and Intern Amanda also help with both teams.

Marinette SO 2016

Marceaux helps coach the team in Marinette. They played in two tournaments this weekend. They lost their games in Neenah, but won their games in Sheboygan on Sunday.


computer-devices-mobile-phone-laptop-printer-camera-tabl-tablet-pc-d-44517969Camp Daniel collects old (working or broken) items in which we submit for reimbursement. Here is a list of items we accept.

-MP3 Players
-GPS Devices
-Digital Cameras
-Radar Detectors
-Empty Ink Cartridges
-Pop Cans

Support Camp Daniel and make your work or church a collection site! Set out a box and put up a sign! We can help with signage if you need, let us know!

All items can be dropped off anytime of the year at the Camp Daniel office or at The Able Church in Green Bay (1840 W. Mason St). If you do not give to staff member directly, please put note on your item that says “Old Camera (or whatever item you have) for Camp Daniel Reimbursement”. Thank you!!!


Another great way to contribute is to shop Amazon Smile and Amazon will contribute a percentage of your purchase to Camp Daniel! Simply go to Make sure you select Camp Daniel, Inc as your supporting organization. Then just make sure every time you make a purchase that you are on the “Smile” site. Pretty simple!

If you have other great ways to contribute, let us know!


The New Year brings Camp Daniel a new staff member. Meet Laura Lee! Last Wednesday, we all went down to move Laura Lee from her apartment in Oconomowoc up to Camp Daniel. She moved into the ladies home, The Brunot House. Laura Lee has been a long standing partner and friend of Camp Daniel for over 12 years. She felt God calling her to be a part of the ministry of Camp Daniel back then and new that some day she would be a part of the family. Laura Lee has been an intrical part of what goes on here at camp. For many years, she has helped Tony with casting vision and developing the models of how and why camp functions like it does. She has been a camp counselor, a head counselor and the last two summers, she was one of our evening chapel speakers.

Laura Lee brings quite a bit of experience in Disability Ministry with her. She has worked for Northland Church in Florida for 6 years, in Disability Ministry.  Since 2008, she has been a big part of Capernaum, which is a section of Young Life that focuses on students with intellect and developmental disabilities. She has also been involved with other camps and retreats for people with disabilities including Joni & Friends Retreats and Break-a-Way camps. About 3 years ago, Laura Lee moved back to the midwest (she was born and raised in Sheboygan) to work for Bethesda, an organization in the Lutheran Church that addresses the needs of people with intellectual disabilities. She also has been a part of several different Disability Ministry network groups, one of which she leads.

We are excited to have Laura Lee on board and continue share her experience and continue to improve the way we do things here at camp. She will be developing strategies to  improve the practices and policies we currently have and creating new ones. Another big focus for her will be leadership development with campers, counselors, and within our own staff. She will continue her work with Capernaum and the various Disability Ministry networking groups she is involved in. She will also get to share the work that we all share living in community- grounds work, hosting groups that come, building projects, office work, etc.

Currently, Laura Lee is in Florida visiting family and friends, as well as, raising her monthly support, like all the missionaries at Camp Daniel do. If you are considering supporting a missionary, consider supporting Laura Lee! It is always hard, and a bit scary, to start raising support. Not only would you be investing in Laura Lee, but also Camp Daniel as a whole, since she will be a huge part of the development of camp. Simply write your check to Camp Daniel and write Laura Lee’s name in the memo. You can also set up direct deposit by calling Tony Sr. at 715-757-3880.

snow blower

Also new to Camp Daniel……..SNOW! This past Monday and Tuesday brought our first substantial snow. Here is our John Deer lawnmower with the plow attachment to plow the many sidewalks here at camp.

Snow Shovel

The guys from the Hartley house shovel and use smaller blowers where Marceaux can’t get with the John deer. Trish and Tony get the parking lots and driveways with the plow truck. Snow removal is quite a big deal here a camp and it takes a community to get it done!

The lake is still not completely frozen over!

new years fried food new years party

Camp Daniel brought in the New Year with a “Fry Everything” party. We homemade potato chips, fried pickles, fried jalapeños, fried ravioli, fried cheese, fried cheesecake, onion rings, to name a few. (Resolutions don’t start til Monday, right?)

We are looking forward to the many more new things in this coming year. We would love to have you share and be a part the    year ahead!

Camp NativityAll of us here at Camp Daniel have our own Christmas traditions and those that we share together. Every year, Papa Tony puts out a nativity set in front of the camp office, illuminated through the night.

Staff Christmas party

For several years now, the Camp Daniel staff have gathered for a Christmas party. This year we had a brunch at the Hartley House and a gift exchange.

Gift Exchange 2015

Each staff member drew a name for the gift exchange.

MJ Gift Exchange

Everybody spoiled MJ!

Voting Line

After the party, Camp Daniel hit the voting poles for a local election. MJ was really sad when he got there and wasn’t getting a “boat” ride since we told him we were going to “vote”, which sounded like boat to him.

We like to share some of our Christmas traditions from each of us!

Piantines 1

A long standing tradition in the Piantine family has been to dress up as the different characters in the Nativity. This tradition started from Grandma Jo’s mother, who supplied a box of costumes for her grandchildren. Here you see Little Tony (standing), his sister Lora, and his brother Daniel (whom camp is named after).

Piantine 2

 Here are Little Tony and Lora’s children, carrying out the tradition!


From the Burys….Every year, Jen put up her Christmas village that used to be her Grandma Gruber. On Christmas Eve, they will wind the music box and watch the figure skaters circle the ice. In the distant Gruber family line come the song, Silent Night, composed by Franz Xaver Gruber, making that a special song for them.

White flocked tree

Marceaux remembers growing up flocking their Christmas tree white and decorating with red ornaments. He remembers blowing the flock out of their vacuum cleaner, creating quite a mess. He will always remember the distinct smell of fresh pine and flock!

Trish Tree

Trish’s tradition is to put up a smaller, 6ft tree in her bedroom filled with ornaments from when she grew up. She calls this tree her “childhood tree” and she loves it! (She also puts up her “adult tree” in the living room.)

WHite Christmas

Intern Amanda recalls watching old Christmas cartoons with her younger sister while eating grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. Over the years, the old VHS tape wore out so they changed their movie to White Christmas!

ham 2

Chalsee’s favorite part about Christmas is being with family. Her favorite Christmas food is ham. Her best Christmas memory was when a family from her church provided them with a Christmas meal. Her favorite Christmas song is Angels We Have Heard On High. Her favorite Christmas movie is The Grinch. Asked if she could be any character present in the Nativity scene who would she be, she chose Mary. A tradition she enjoys is getting together with the Woods family.

Chocolate pie

Richard’s favorite part about Christmas is the presents! His favorite Christmas food is chocolate pie. His favorite Christmas song is I’ll Be Home For Christmas, by Amy Grant. He enjoys buying gifts for others. His favorite movie is Prancer Returns. If he could be any character in the Nativity scene, he would be a wise-man.

Snowball fight

Nick’s favorite part about Christmas is being with family. His favorite Christmas food is sweet potatoes. His favorite Christmas song is Away In A Manger. His favorite Christmas movie is The Grinch. He would be a Shepherd, if he could be in the Nativity scene. A tradition he enjoys is having snowball fights!

peanuts 2

Brian’s favorite part about Christmas is being with family. His favorite Christmas food is apple pie. His favorite Christmas song is Away In A Manger. His favorite Christmas movie is Snoopy. He would be a wise-man in the Nativity scene. His favorite gift he got were tools.

Little Drummer Boy

Jake’s favorite part about Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus. His favorite Christmas food is the turkey dressing. His favorite Christmas song is The Little Drummer Boy. He loves the rhythm of the song and it has always been special to him. Jake’s favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas, since it is a story of family and friendship during the Christmas season. If he could be present in the Nativity scene, he would like to be a shepherd.

Able & LHC Sign

The Mandich family Christmas has everything to do with with coming together as a family. Christmas eve started with the family dressing up for Christmas eve service. Janice would make a special dinner of the kid’s favorite foods, such as barbecue ribs, cheesey potatoes, crescent rolls and green bean casserole. Because the meal was special, they ate in the formal dinning room under the light of candles. Dinner soon gave way the the rush to get things packed away so they could all get to church on time. The service was always uniquely different, with many times the lights dimmed to draw attention to the special singing or production.

After church, there was always the visiting and the wishing of others to have a Merry Christmas. Then they would pack in the car for a short trip to one of Janice’s family members for a Christmas eve celebration. There was always an abundance of Christmas treats to make one full to the point of bursting. When the kids were younger, Santa would would make a grand entrance, handing out gifts for all the kids. When the evening was done, they headed home for some much needed rest before the kids would wake up very early in the morning to begin the process of guessing what was in those neatly wrapped boxes labeled with their name. They always take turns opening gifts and taking photos of all the newly acquired booty. Then, of course, there’s the mess to clean-up before they enjoy some of Janice’s home made cinnamon rolls. The remainder of Christmas was spent visiting with family or hosting family at the house. By the time Christmas day was done, they were ready to get back into their routines of life until new years eve came a week later. And that would be another chance to enjoy more family traditions.

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