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Septic System Garage

Wednesday, the septic system went in for the new garage and The Barn!

popcorn 2015 2

Once again, Trish helped make and package popcorn for the company Heart@Work. This has been a great partnership for us since once our kitchen is up and running, we’d like make popcorn here at camp! Here, Intern Amanda, is helping for the first time. For more info about Heart@Work go to

Game Room Floor

Karol & Amanda stained the floor of The Game Room. This room is located next to the entry way meeting room off of The Barn. The Game Room will house games such as ping-pong, pool, and board games. It will be a place to gather to have fun, hang out, and build relationships.

Mj Concert 2

MJ (in red & white) had his first Christmas concert with his preschool classmates at Crivitz Youth, Inc. MJ attends two days a week, learning many valuable skills. His favorite classroom job is to be The Weather Watcher, giving a report on the weather.

Chalsee BDay

Thursday, Trish threw a birthday party for Chalsee at The Brunot House. Happy Birthday, Chalsee!

Tony Woodshop

There has been lots of work in Tool Storage Room this past week! Here, Tony is putting up corrugated, metal paneling.

Woodshop Woodshop 2

Tony and the guys designed and started building work stations. It has been very exciting to finally have a permanent tool storage room, especially considering it has had to move locations around camp many times. Nick Stonelake is very excited to see this come together as it has been his dream to oversee the tool storage room as his main role here at camp.

Sand Pew

Chalsee and the guys have been busy sanding two church pews. When Trinity Assembly (where Pastor John & Tony pastored at year ago) removed their pews, a few remained and Tony was able to obtain them. One is now located in the entryway of the Brunot House and these two will be placed in The Barn.

Jake & CC drawers

Here, Jake and Chalsee are sanding drawers from an old filing cabinet that will be used for storing parts.

Seams Garage

Marceaux and Richard have been spending many hours taping and plastering seems in The Garage. There is a lot more to be done, a lot of high ceiling walls that need to be plastered. If you have experience plastering, come help!

amanda moving Moving

Friday, 10 men and girls and 2 Trucks (Camp Daniel Missionaries), helped our Intern, Amanda’s, parents move from Plymouth to Sheboygan Falls. With all our experience moving summer camp to Lake Helen every summer, we made a great moving crew!

Able Skits

Pastor Tim has been putting together skits for The Able Church about the Christmas season. This skit here was used to explain that Christmas is not all about the lights, but about the birth of Jesus. Pastor Tim continues to find creative ways to communicate and teach lessons from the Bible in a way people with intellectual disabilities can understand and relate to.



The youth group from Our Lady of Hope (OLH) in Des Plaines, IL, headed up by Deacon Jim, has been coming to Camp Daniel every summer for their mission’s trip for 11 years. Each year, they raised money for materials and supplies. Then, they would spend a week here at Camp Daniel, working on various construction and landscaping projects.

This year marked their 11th year serving at Camp Daniel. In honor of the 11 years and the retirement of Deacon Jim, we held an official dedication ceremony of the nature center, the first project OLH took on.

How it all began… One of our faithful volunteers, Cherylee, grew up coming to the Camp Daniel grounds when it was a Salvation Army Camp. After the Salvation Army Camp was gone, she returned to the grounds to revisit old memories. When Camp Daniel bought the property in 1994, she was a bit resistant to the change, since it overtook the camp she once knew and loved. However, after hearing what Camp Daniel is about, she quickly warmed up to and welcomed us. She became very involved, becoming one of our biggest advocates and a counselor. She told everyone she met about Camp Daniel.

Cherylee had a friend, to whom she told all about Camp Daniel. This friend’s husband was roommates, in college, with Deacon Jim. She told Cheryl Lee that he was a Deacon who took his youth group on a mission’s trip every year in the Appalachian area for service projects. At the time, Deacon Jim was looking for something in a more northern region, closer to home and a bit cooler in climate. Cherylee’s friend connected Deacon Jim with Camp Daniel and it became a perfect match.

Deacon Jim came to tour the grounds and see what the possibilities were. Little Tony gave a tour, sharing stories of God’s provisions up to that point, and shared the plans and vision for the future. One of the items Tony mentioned was the plan to eventually have a nature center. Deacon Jim grabbed a hold of that idea and said they would take that project on. So, in the summer of 2005, Deacon Jim brought about 30 youth, with the materials and supplies they raised funds for, and built the nature center.

Every year since, OLH has faithful served Camp Daniel. Other projects include building brick retaining walls, a nature trail, fencing, a gazebo, a shed, a bocce ball court, and building a stage in the future dining hall. They’ve also laid many pallets of sod over the years.

After working hard all day, the evenings were filled with fun activities such as swimming in the lake, using the carpet ball and bocce ball court, bonfires, and outings to local pizza and ice-cream and other local activities in the area. Every night, they would have a time of worship and devotions around the bonfire.

It has been a great opportunity for the students to not only be involved in a service project, but also to have a connection with people with disabilities. All week long, the students worked along side the residents here at Camp Daniel. There have been several opportunities for Tony to share about disability and Camp Daniel during their devotional bonfires. Furthermore, several of the students have become counselors during our summer camps!

IMG_2169This year’s group plus the Piantines and Cherylee (in yellow)

IMG_2150 This year, Father Clem and Deacon Jim led a special dedication ceremony for the nature center, blessing all those who helped build it, all those who will serve in it, and all those who will use it in the future.


Deacon Jim blessing the building and all who were present.


Here we are gathered for the dedication ceremony.

Original Students and Volunteers from the first trip 11 years ago, with Deacon Jim.

IMG_2142 One of the projects this year was to put up a storage shed.

IMG_2143 Another project this year was to prepare for more cement to be laid for sidewalks.


Students also put up a fence. On the other side of this fence is a retaining wall and leads down to The Garage.

Many thanks to Deacon Jim, Father Clem, leaders, and many students of OLH for there many years of service and dedication to Camp Daniel!

Nature Center outside

Today, the construction of the OLH Nature Center is complete and it is in the process of being filled with an array of animal mounts, skins, bones, and hives that have been donated to the project.

Deer MountsFish Mounts

When Camp Daniel is operating on the campus, campers and guests will learn about nature by looking at and touching many animals and other aspects of nature that are indigenous to Northeast Wisconsin.

empty shelf

Notice this empty shelf…..Camp is currently looking for mounts, furs, etc to add to the collection. If you have any items to donate, contact the Camp Daniel office at (715) 757-3880 or email


sealing the floorKarol and Amanda (pictured above) put two coats of seal on the new garage floor. Then Marceaux began to tape the drywall seams.

Garage floor

Office Nativity

Papa Tony put out the Nativity set and spot light. Doesn’t quite look right; something is missing…..oh yeah…. SNOW!Plow Truck

Marceaux and the guys put the plow and salter on the plow truck.

Truck All

By trading a couple items, camp got a used TruckAll. It is a small work truck that can fit on the sidewalks, used for hauling and towing. There are several built-in tool boxes on the backend. A great plus to this vehicle is that it can be driven all year round, unlike the golf carts, which cannot be used in winter.

Amanda worked on some electrical wiring in the new workshop below The Barn.

SO BB 2015

Saturday mornings Marceaux, Jen, and MJ volunteer with the Marinette Special Olympics basketball team. Chalsee is playing on the team this year.

Trish and Chalsee have been going to Green Bay to help make and package popcorn for Heart@Work, a company that was designed to give purposeful work for people with intellectual disabilities. If you are interested in learning more about the company go to . When Camp Daniel’s dining hall is complete, it is our desire to run a popcorn business of our own! Therefore, this has been a great partnership for us.

Tony and the guys are currently working on putting up a shed for the Brunot House. This is needed to store lawn care and snow removal equipment.

There is always something going on and work to be done. We could use your help any time you can come! Or if you’d like to just stop in and say “Hi”, we’d love to see you! Let us know.

Please consider giving a donation to Camp Daniel this Christmas season. You can donate online or by check.

Know exactly what your donation is used for.  You can specify exactly where your donation money will go. Listed are 4 ways to donate. All are tax-deductible and all can be given as a one time gift, or monthly.


Missionary Support. Camp Daniel and all of it’s programs for people with disabilities would not be possible without the dedicated manpower of it’s missionaries, whom dedicate their lives to serving the disability community. Each works in many different areas to support the mission of Camp Daniel; including, manual labor of building and maintaining the campus, special Olympics, The Able Church, hosting work days, planning and hosting special events, and media and public relations. No missionary receives a wage from Camp Daniel; instead, each raises support from friends and loved ones.

Building. Throughout Camp Daniel’s 19 year history, the work has been two-fold, in building the new campus and offering the highest quality of summer camp programs. You can help get the Camp Daniel campus finished by donating to the current building project. The multi-purpose building that includes comprehensive maintenance facilities is 75% complete and with your help, it can be completed by summer of 2016.

General fund. If you are interested in helping Camp Daniel run it’s many programs, reach out to new campers, volunteers and donors, and maintaining the beautiful campus, then giving to the General Fund is for you.

Summer Camp. Camp Daniel offers great summer camp experiences to people with disabilities. Keeping camp fees low is important to reaching out to the disability community with the love of Jesus. Help camp subsidize the costs by donating to summer camp.

Get started by clicking DONATE in the above menu.


IMG_2658Last Thursday was the Marinette Special Olympics Awards Banquet and Christmas party. It was held at the Little River Inn in Marinette.

SO 2015

Coach Trish was recognized for her wonderful leadership as head track coach. Here she is pictured with Marinette’s Special Olympics agency manager, Traci Olson.


Coach Marceaux was recognized, with the basketball team, for his faithful service as assistant basketball coach.


MJ was recognized, along with several other youngsters, for being apart of all the Special Olympics events.

Christmas Fair 2015

This past Sunday was The Able Church Christmas Fair held at The Able Church in Green Bay. It was a huge success, selling Christmas items, bakery, and a chili lunch.Christmas fair 2015 (3)


Many items were made by members of The Able Church including hats, scarfs, hand warmers, Christmas cards, cookies, Snowman accessory kits, to name a few.

Christmas fair 2015 (2)

All proceeds raised will go to benefit The Able Church and its outreach ministries. One such ministry includes The Able Church Special Olympic teams. Special Olympics is a great outreach opportunity. It has drawn in many athletes that have not been apart of The Able Church before. The tournaments are a great place to get the The Able Church name out there and to represent Christ to others. The Able Church is the only church team represented out of hundreds of Special Olympic teams throughout Wisconsin.

Thank you to all who helped with the Christmas Fair!

The Able Church, in Green Bay, needs more volunteers for Special Olympics! If you’d like to help, please contact Pastor Tim.

Christmas Fair2This Sunday, Dec 6th, will be our second annual Christmas Fair! There will be crafts, baked goods, Christmas gifts created and sold by Able Church members. Chili lunch for $5. Carry-out Chili sold for $4 and $9. Location: Living Hope Church/ The Able Church 1840 W. Mason St., Green Bay. Held in the LHC Fellowship Hall. Time: 12:00-3:00pm.

SO VB State 2014

All proceeds raised will go to benefit The Able Church and its outreach ministries. One such ministry includes The Able Church Special Olympic teams. Special Olympics is a great outreach opportunity. It has drawn in many athletes that have not been apart of The Able Church before. The tournaments are a great place to get the The Able Church name out there and to represent Christ to others. The Able Church is the only church team represented out of hundreds of Special Olympic teams throughout Wisconsin.

Please come out and support The Able Church! 

Thanksgiving TableThanksgiving at Camp Daniel was celebrated at the Hartley House. The Piantines, Aunt Sissy, The Burys, and the guys attended this year. Everyone brought a dish to pass. We enjoyed some good food and time together. As a Piantine tradition, we watched The Muppets’ Christmas Carol. Jake, Amanda, Trish and Chalsee all returned to their home towns to celebrate. The Burys went to Jen’s parents to celebrate on Friday with her family.

We are thankful our growing relationship with God, the opportunities we have to serve him, and the community he has placed us in. We are awed by the many times God has provided just the right relationships and just the right things when needed most.

If you haven’t already taken a tour of our grounds and heard the many amazing stories of the history of Camp Daniel, please come to hear and see them first hand. As we remember these stories, we are reminded that God cares for us deeply, connecting every detail and relationship in our lives together.

We are all truly grateful for the many relationships we made over the years. Thank you for being a part of the CD family, whether you play a big part or small, we appreciate you!


CD Logo 2016

Over the weekend, local CD family members and many returning college students from the area gathered at the Piantines to reconnect. It was a fun time of playing games and just being together. It was also the first time Camp Daniel’s 2016 Summer Camp theme was revealed! This year’s theme was developed not just by Little Tony, but his whole family helped develop the theme and logo. With Annissa going off to college this year, and many of her friends also, it seemed fitting to go with a “school” theme. Out of that came “B U”.

Being yourself is a concept people with disabilities typically struggle with. Most of time, people with disabilities are told messages that they are not normal, no good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, and the list goes on. Therefore, people with disabilities tend to not like themselves and try to be what they see portrayed as “normal” and valuable. The message we want to bring is it’s okay to be you (B U)! Peanuts

Every year, we use a movie that helps bring the camp theme’s message across. This year, we will be using the new Peanuts movie where Charlie Brown learns that people like him for just the way he is. It definitely fits the school theme as some of the scenes are in a classroom with the teacher whose voice we recognize as saying, “wa wa wa wa wa.” We are excited to see how the theme develops and gets used this year!
Garage Doors

About two weeks ago, the garage doors were installed! This picture is the backside of the barn. The large garage door is were the future auto/service shop will be. The single door in the middle leads to the future staircase leading to the upstairs. The double doors on the left (pictured with one door open) will lead to the future tool room and wood shop.


2015-11-14 10.35.54

The last “scheduled” Camp Daniel Work Day was last weekend. Pastor Tim brought a group from The Able Church to rake leaves and do other yard work.

2015-11-14 11.25.30Members of The Able Church love to serve and give back to Camp Daniel.

2015-11-14 11.26.31

Chuck, The Able Church’s piano player, never misses a workday.

2015-11-14 15.32.38

Here’s the whole Able Church group.

2015-11-14 10.44.32 Mike, one of CD’s counselors, did some electrical wiring in the new garage.

2015-11-14 10.43.43 Colon, member of Living Hope Church, helped put up drywall.

2015-11-14 10.48.43 Tony and the guys continued working on the landscaping behind The Barn, where a retaining wall is being put in.

2015-11-14 12.20.41

Carissa, from New Life Church, and her girls helped rake leaves and load them in the truck to the burn pile.

2015-11-14 12.20.18 After the workday, Jen & Trish hosted a going-away party for Sarah, who is moving to CA.

2015-11-15 13.26.44Trees Monday, work continued! Marceaux brought another load of donated trees from Green Bay Nursery.

Wood Splitting Trish, Amanda, & Chalsee split lots of wood.

Fran Fran, a CD counselor, came to install doors in The Wood Shop, below The Barn. The garage door was also prepped to be installed.

Thank you to all who came to serve! Even though there are no other workdays scheduled for the year, we can still use your help! At Camp Daniel, we say, “Everyday is a Workday.” We will be working in The Barn and The Garage throughout the winter. Just let us know when you can come and we will have something for you do!




IMG_2564IMG_2563 Building progresses in many ways. Siding on the barn continues to be applied and a retaining wall was put along the backside of The Barn.








IMG_0126Here, Tony and the guys are preparing the retaining wall foundation.










Each block weighs about 4,000 lbs. and had to be lifted by a crane.












Marceaux, the guys, Pastor Tim and Amanda  have spent many, many hours putting up sheet rock in The Garage, below The Barn.








Antique Shop

Tony & the guys have been busy creating the outside of The Antique Shop, which is adjacent to The Barn. The Antique Shop holds a meeting room and serves as a side entry to The Barn.








Antique shop2

To the left of The Antique Shop will be The Gas Station, which will house a game room.











barn lobby

Karol & Amanda have been busy sanding, staining, & putting poly on the floor of the meeting room of the Antique Shop.











entry way

Karol applied a new camp logo on the floor of the Antique Shop Meeting Room.

More to be done!!! We need your help! Come to our last scheduled workday Nov. 14th! 8am-4pm, lunch provide. RSVP at




NOTE: If you are viewing the mobile version, we are aware there are some pictures upside down. Please view on your PC. Sorry for the inconvenience.

IMG_2488Welcome our new intern, Amanda!   Amanda (pictured here) was a summer intern and felt called to continue her involvement here at camp. This fall, she moved into the Brunot House and will serve as an intern for the year. Her role is to assist Karol and other staff with the many events and activities of Camp Daniel and The Able Church-Green Bay. Amanda is originally from the Sheboygan area. We are excited to have her aboard!

There has been several other personal changes since the end of the summer. Staff member, Nick, is now studying at Emmaus Bible College in Iowa. Our semester intern, Evan, returned to North Central University in Minnesota to finish his degree in Business. Our year intern, Betty, is moving to Green Bay to finish her schooling at UWGB. Annissa has moved to Madison where she is studying Meeting and Event Management.

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