Camp Daniel: Growing Opportunities for People with Disabilities


Camp Daniel is an organization dedicated to providing people with disabilities opportunities for personal, social and spiritual growth. Camp Daniel is rooted in its summer camping program that offers people with disabilities access to safe and fun Northwoods camping experiences, where the physical, social, and spiritual needs, that each person’s disability requires, are lovingly met.

Through each week of camp, the dedicated staff at Camp Daniel works toward imparting the belief that each of us have value and been given gifts to offer others. Each camper and volunteer participates in a multitude of activities designed to reinforce the concept of our need for each other and the value of our differences.

Throughout the rest of the year, Camp Daniel and its staff oversee many activities that further this concept of a dependent community of people with and without disabilities. Programs such as The Able Attack Special Olympic Teams, Able in Action service projects, dances and retreats all foster social and personal growth. Each week many of those who participate in the other Camp Daniel programs, come together at The Able Church to grow closer to God and each other, while professing the simple truth that God loves us, God made us, and God has a plan for each of our lives.



Summer Camp Testimonials


“I remember the first time I dropped Kristofor off 19 years ago at Camp Daniel for his first time away from me, and I cried and cried all week and I do believe I called camp a few times, and I think I called the next year to, but now 19 years later I drop off and get to enjoy a week of free time and pick him up and he’s all smiles and has had a great time, you guys at camp have no idea how much we appreciate you giving your time to spend with my son, keeping his faith going, keeping him safe and making memories.”   -Mother of Camper


“Camp Daniel is truly one of the happiest places on earth. It is the most life changing and impacting things I have ever experienced. At camp, you receive nothing less than unconditional love. These campers bring happiness and joy into my life and I could not think any one of them enough. Going into camp as a counselor, I had the mind-set that I would be changing my campers life.. But I was totally wrong. It turns out that my campers made ME a better person because of who they are, and the kindness and love they give.”   -Summer Camp Counselor


“Two years ago, I went to this camp and it changed my life. Camp Daniel is a summer camp for adults and children with disabilities located in Athelstane, Wisconsin. This camp powers people to step out of their comfort zones and changes people in ways you could never comprehend. Never have I encountered happier people or felt faith as strong as I have during the weeks I spent there. If you’re looking for an adventure, a change, or even a way to gain some community service hours, come spend a week at Camp Daniel. You won’t regret it, but I promise this place will change you for the better.” -Summer Camp Counselor