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Stay update with our COVID-19 response to our Programs and Events. The safety and well-being of our campers and volunteers being our number one priority!

Give this new year to Camp Daniel’s Kitchen Hood Fundraiser

Since Covid, we have had financial setbacks, things like decreases in monthly donations, external events like retreats and weddings being canceled, and more. And now to add to all the unknowns and the chaos of this year we have reached a point in the dining hall project, where despite our thoughtful plans, we are coming to you with an unexpected ask…

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Updates on Karol Piantine Post Stroke

On November 14th, 2020  Karol Piantine, Camp Daniel’s co-founder, and Tony Piantine’s wife, suffered a major stroke while visiting her sister in Kentucky. Karol is in good health, she is young (49 years old), and she is a fighter so we stay hopeful! Below are Tony’s updates on her health and His walk with God during this hard time.

Starring Georgie Pongerins

Two nights of comedy packed into one special “at-home” edition!

The Two Nite Show Starring Georgie Pongerins is coming to a screen near you! Two nights of comedy packed into one! This virtual Camp Daniel event brings a camp tradition into your own living room.

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Building Camp Daniel

Building Update

The cold weather can’t stop the work at camp! Despite the crazy last couple months,…
Missionary Staff Updates

Updates on Karol Piantine

On November 14th, 2020  Karol Piantine, Camp Daniel's co-founder, and Tony Piantine's wife, suffered a…

Cancelling Summer Camp 2020

It is with heavy hearts and careful consideration, that we inform you that Camp Daniel’s…

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Camp Daniel is truly one of the happiest places on earth. It is the most life changing and impacting things I have ever experienced. At camp, you receive nothing less than unconditional love. These campers bring happiness and joy into my life and I could not think any one of them enough. Going into camp as a counselor, I had the mind-set that I would be changing my campers life.. But I was totally wrong. It turns out that my campers made ME a better person because of who they are, and the kindness and love they gave.

MaddieCounselor & Intern

Whether you are 7 hours away, 24 hours away, or across the street, the trip is well worth it and will change your life.

MaddisonSummer Staff

“Camp is a place where I am able to be my best version of myself and be able to grow with the people closest to me. I've also learned the true meaning of love, service, and worship during my time at Camp Daniel. I will always keep coming back because I want to continue to grow in my faith in Christ and build meaningful relationships with the people around me that will last a lifetime.”


I can't ever forget my first Camp Daniel experience. I was overwhelmed to be in an atmosphere free from judgement and so overtaken my unconditional love! Since then each summer camp season has stretched me to new places on my walk with God and is still molding me to go beyond the ordinary places of this life-to embrace the extraordinary life instead! I LOVE CAMP DANIEL!!


If I could describe Camp Daniel in one word, it would be "home".