A Camp Daniel Wedding!


Recently, Camp Daniel hosted a beautiful, winter wedding for Annissa and Evan. Their friends and family gathered to celebrate the two of them coming together in marriage. Their relationship began and grew over many years of serving at Camp Daniel, so holding the ceremony at Camp Daniel was extra special.

Looking back, we can begin to see the domino effect of God’s big picture and plan. When Jo Piantine held her son, Daniel, in her arms, she had no idea the impact he would have on so many people. Had Daniel not been born, and born with his disability, his vision and dream of a Christian community centered around disability, a vision that even preceded Daniel, would not have been carried out. Camp Daniel would not exist; this couple would not have met. It is truly amazing to see how much Camp Daniel has brought so many people together and significantly impacted the direction of many lives.

The barn offers a beautiful venue for hosting a wedding. Camp Daniel has also hosted weddings outside, along its lakeside. If you are interested in holding your wedding, formal event, or informal event at Camp Daniel, contact info@campdaniel.org for more details!

If you have a story of how Camp Daniel has had a major affect on your life and life’s direction, please share your story at info@campdaniel.org

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