A Camp Daniel Wedding!


Emily & Cody Wedding

Recently, long standing volunteers of Camp Daniel, Cody and Emily, tied the knott here on the camp grounds.

Emily Wedding

This was a special occasion on several levels. The couple were able to celebrate their wedding in the camp environment and with the camp family that is dear to them. It was through camp that Cody and Emily met. It was through camp that their relationship grew over time into this life-long commitment.


For Camp Daniel, it required the team to pull together in preparation prior to the wedding and in service the day of the wedding. Here, we are laying concrete for a patio next to The Barn. We also finished off the plumbing and bathrooms, finished the stairwell, prepared the grounds, and did lots of cleaning and set up for the big event.


 The above picture shows the rehearsal. During the wedding day, we served soft drinks and cake, and helped wherever needed. It was a great experience to work as a team and continue to learn how to make weddings and other events at camp exceptional. The future plan is to not just hold camp here at Camp Daniel, but put on events like this – weddings, parties, church events, etc. Not only will this generate income needed to keep camp running, it will also provide more opportunities for people to connect with Camp Daniel and its ministries.These events will provided opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to have purposeful roles and be apart of serving their community. The community, in turn, will have the opportunity to interact with individuals with disabilities and see them valued and in roles the typical workplace and community do not create.


The Camp Daniel family was glad to be apart of this special event. We look forward to watching this relationship grow as a couple and with the future ministry of Camp Daniel.

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