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From the front desk of Papa Tony…He is a rather humble gentleman, not wanting his picture taken for this blog or any accolades for the hard work that he does. Therefore, MJ is sitting in for Papa Tony’s picture. It is a big chair and a big role to fill.

Besides being a founder of Camp Daniel 20 years ago, he is also the office manager. He answers the phone and greets anyone that comes to the door. He labors many hours managing all the finances of Camp Daniel. He pays the bills, balances the checkbook, creates the budgets, and manages receipts for camp purchases (which are all organized in many different categories, including for what building on camp an item was purchased. He manages donor information, sends out tax deductible receipts to donors, and creates a payroll for camp missionaries from their supporters. He deals with insurance, which is quite extensive, beyond what we normal think about- camp vehicles, camp grounds, camp housing, summer camp, work days, etc. He prepares all the tax forms. He puts together year end reports and other requirements to maintain our non-profit status. He finds the best deals for utilities and other services camp needs. He is constantly finding ways for us to save money and keep Little Tony from spending it.:-) He runs the camp store on the grounds year round and at Lake Helen during summer camp. He is in charge of ordering items for the camp store, as well as, general office supplies. He deals with fire and health inspectors. He processes all the camper and volunteer applications, with many hours making and receiving phone calls for clarifications. You will often see him picking up debris around the grounds, raking leaves, or sweeping. He carries a large garbage can in his gulf cart, at all times, ready to collect debris he finds along the way. He works everyday from 9-5, sometimes before 9. He works most Saturdays, too, for various hours. You may catch him catch him checking the score of the Pirates or Steelers, once in a while, but most of the time, you will find him hard at work.

This list is probably only half of what he really does, the rest goes unseen. Without Papa Tony, we would not exist. He is a true example of sacrifice, service, and dedication. We here at Camp Daniel have a deep, sincere gratitude for all that he does.

Nick roll board

Work continues in the Tool Storage Room. Nick built some carts for some the heavy tools, like the tile cutter. This will allow them to move them from storage to be used more easily.

Back Stage

The “old” tool room was cleaned and prepped to be painted. In the future, this room will be the “Back Stage” of the stage in the new dinning hall. It will be used to store sound equipment and decorations for the theme meals.

New Garage

Here, Marceaux is working on the camp’s TruckALL service truck. It needed a new clutch and brake lines. Marceaux is very, very happy to be working on this in the new garage and not outside in the cold!

Bingo Game

Amanda has been working on project for summer camp. Here she is holding British Bingo Cards she made. The game will be played during the British Breakfast for some extra fun.

Karol continues to work on the summer camp applications, hard copy and online version. This is quite and extensive task. Trish hand made over 75 camper birthday cards to cover the next several months. Jen spent many hours working on their personal newsletter to their supporters. Laura Lee comes home this weekend from her travels to Florida, attempting to raise donor support.

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