Always Improving!


Carnival Tent

Most people complete a project and consider it finished. Not here at Camp Daniel! We are always looking for ways to improve things and add more detail. This is true for the way things look around our property here at Camp Daniel, as well as, the way we do things during our summer camp season. Here, Amanda is painting another canopy for the Carnival Trailer. We built the Carnival Trailer last year to store all the carnival equipment and to serve as a backdrop for our carnival games. It was a great addition to the Carnival! However, we would like to give it more detail and character to help it look and feel more like you are at a carnival.

Why go through all the trouble? Does it really matter? YES! We want people that come to camp know and feel that they are worth it. We often hear people say things that would suggest and see evidence that the typical person believes it doesn’t matter and feels that people with intellectual disabilities won’t care whether or not something is decorated or plain. That is NOT the message we want to share at Camp Daniel. We want people to know that they are worth all the details! Come take a tour of the Camp Daniel grounds, on the Athelstane campus, and you will see exactly what we are taking about. You will be overwhelmed by all the detail, time, love, and care that is put into the everything built on the grounds. We hope you will feel that love and be motivated to share that same level of love with others.

Back stage II

Amanda’s parents came to visit over the weekend to spend time with Amanda and give their time to serve. Here, Amanda and her mom are painting the backstage of the dinning hall. When the dinning hall is complete, this room will store sound equipment and theme decorations that will be used during mealtime. Until then, this room will be used to store all the current kitchen supplies we use during summer camp. This is a huge relief for Trish. Currently, kitchen items are stored in at least three different places around camp. This will make things easier for Trish to organize and find things!

Amanda’s dad used his expertise to do more electrical work in the garage. He wired up the switches for the garage door openers. Thanks for your help! There is much more electrical work to be completed. If you have electrical experience, please come help us out!

Tool Room Progress

Work continued in the Tool Storage Room. Many hours have been put in sorting parts, putting up shelving, and organizing. Karol and Tony put labels on hundreds of boxes, totes, shelves, drawers, etc. Looking good! It is Nick Stonelake’s desire to oversee this room. It is our goal to have each of our missionaries, with or without an intellectual disability, achieve their goals and have a purposeful role in the Camp Daniel community. Richard’s goal is to run The Nature Center and we will come along side him to help make that possible. The message we want to bring is that everyone is valuable, with a purpose and a plan for their lives. Everyone has something to offer. However, we all need help finding and achieving God’s plan for our lives. We also want to extend that message and help to all our campers and counselors alike.

Laura Lee

Laura Lee, our newest missionary staff member, retuned from her trip to Florida. She was there to share the vision and mission of Camp Daniel and to raise her monthly support.  All the missionaries at Camp Daniel raise their own support, not receiving any salary from Camp Daniel. Laura Lee lived and worked in Florida for 6 years in disability ministry at Northland Church in Longwood. She spoke with many groups of people, including leaders of Northland’s Children’s ministry. They decided to make Camp Daniel a recipient of their children’s offering during the month of April. This has been very exciting for us as this will cover the cost for a new excavator attachment for the skid-steer. This will be used to dig trenches for a fiber optic lines. We will be using this system to communicate between the different buildings on camp.

Since Laura Lee’s return, she has been settling in at the Brunot House and in her office in the Camp Daniel office. One of her roles will be to help evaluate, develop and implement systems and processes for our ministry. As shared above, we desire to do our best and alway improve where we can. Laura Lee’s prior experience will be instrumental as we move forward.

Trish continues to do snow removal and sanding on the grounds and Brunot House. She started preparing for this year’s summer camp, making meal calendars, directions and procedure sheets.

Karol continues to work on the 2016 camper and counselor applications. This has been an extensive job, improving the wording and formatting of the application….always improving. The other extensive part to this is making the application available online.

Jen, with the help of Anthony, has been busy continually updating our data base our Salesforce program. This program will help us to customize lists for different mailings, keeping track of data of all our camp applicants, track volunteers and donators. It also helps us generate customized lists needed during summer camp to create name tags, labels for medical files, information about those with special diets for the kitchen, camper/counselor match-ups, craft group lists….to name a few.

Marceaux continues to work on plastering corners and seams in The Garage, as well as, vehicle maintenance.

Pastor Tim spends much of his time with The Able Church. Tuesdays is The Able Church Family Night, where there are Special Olympic practices followed by a pizza dinner and Bible study. Fridays are the weekly church services. Just recently, Pastor Tim started a service in Oconto the first Thursdays of the month. He spends a great deal of time preparing for these events, as well as, caring for and attending to the needs of The Able Church members regularly.

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