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What is a Summer Intern?

The Intern Program is part of Camp Daniel’s Summer Staff Team. This is an opportunity for participants to build their leadership skills. They also play a fundamental role in the operational workings of the summer sessions. Interns help plan the training sessions for counselors and the activities that campers participate in during a week of camp. During camp, Interns help run these programs and will be overall good role models and leaders that promote unity and spiritual, relational and recreational growth among counselors, campers, workers and staff. This program will be used to equip participants with the skills needed to be effective leaders, with a focus on discovering and implementing their unique strengths as leaders.

Brooklyn Seals

Summer Intern

“There's always that one summer that changes you!”

Dear friends and family,

I am so excited to let you know that I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to serve in the 2018 Camp Daniel Summer Internship Program! If I’m sending you this letter, I’m sure you know how much I love camp and I’ve probably talked your ear off about how great it is. But in case you’re not sure, Camp Daniel is a Christian camp for people with disabilities. In the past, I’ve been a counselor at camp and I had the opportunity to bond one-on-one with an individual with a disability. Throughout the week, I would become a friend to my camper and would help them navigate their relationship with Christ. In doing so, I found myself also growing closer to Him than ever before. This upcoming summer I get to step out of the counselor role and take on a leadership position within camp. As an intern, I will work alongside staff and other volunteers to ensure a successful camp season.

Camp Daniel has become a huge part of my life and has helped shape the person that I am today. Camp opened my heart to a whole new world of service that I never knew existed and I’ve never turned back. This past summer, I was given the opportunity to care for a camper who was especially high-care. She used a wheelchair, was nonverbal, and had very limited mobility in her hands. At first, I was a little overwhelmed. Her care was in my hands for the week and I needed to serve her in the way she deserved, and I wasn’t really sure if I could do that. But the moment she arrived at camp she’d stolen my heart and I knew that it would be a life changing week. I’d never encountered someone who just radiated such joy without saying a word, all she had to do was smile (which she did quite often). Everything you did for her, she seemed to give back but a thousand times over. That week completely changed my viewpoint on service and I’ll be forever grateful.

The Camp Daniel Summer Internship is a missions trip. And just like any other missionary, I need your help to be able to make this happen. The cost of this program is $800 and includes the cost of food, lodging, training, and transportation. I need to raise this full amount by June 20th. A financial
donation of any size is greatly appreciated! If you are writing a check, please write it out to Camp Daniel with my name, Brooklyn Seals, written in the memo. You can also donate online by clicking “Donate to Brooklyn!” on the left. Since Camp Daniel is a non-profit organization, if you decide to support me financially, all donations are tax deductible. I will provide a small form with this letter with instructions on ways you are able to give. If you can’t support me financially, I ask for your prayers over my summer at Camp Daniel. Thank you so much for all of your support, it means the world!

Love, Brooklyn