Building, building, building…



IMG_2564IMG_2563 Building progresses in many ways. Siding on the barn continues to be applied and a retaining wall was put along the backside of The Barn.








IMG_0126Here, Tony and the guys are preparing the retaining wall foundation.










Each block weighs about 4,000 lbs. and had to be lifted by a crane.












Marceaux, the guys, Pastor Tim and Amanda  have spent many, many hours putting up sheet rock in The Garage, below The Barn.








Antique Shop

Tony & the guys have been busy creating the outside of The Antique Shop, which is adjacent to The Barn. The Antique Shop holds a meeting room and serves as a side entry to The Barn.








Antique shop2

To the left of The Antique Shop will be The Gas Station, which will house a game room.











barn lobby

Karol & Amanda have been busy sanding, staining, & putting poly on the floor of the meeting room of the Antique Shop.











entry way

Karol applied a new camp logo on the floor of the Antique Shop Meeting Room.

More to be done!!! We need your help! Come to our last scheduled workday Nov. 14th! 8am-4pm, lunch provide. RSVP at




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