Camp Daniel, a place to make it happen!


Richard (Cardo), one of our resident/missionaries that lives here at Camp Daniel, has had a long standing love of nature. It is one of his life’s dreams to run the nature center when camp officially opens here on the Athelstane grounds. With this passion, Cardo naturally has connected with one of camp’s long standing volunteer and friend, Greg, who leads archery and nature presentations during our summer camps. For several years, Greg has taken Cardo ice fishing here on Little Newton Lake.

This year, Cardo envisioned using a sled to carry all his ice fishing gear out onto the lake. He drew up some plans of how he wanted it. However, he needed some help with the actual construction. His brother Nick has been developing his carpentry skills over the last couple years here at camp, as he helps in all the construction projects. Therefore, Cardo asked if Nick would help build the sled. The two of them worked together and finished the sled. They make a great team as Cardo often comes up with great ideas and Nick has the skills to make it happen.  cardo-sledcardo-sled

Camp Daniel is a great environment for its residents and missionaries to dream, grow in a variety of skills, and help each other make their dreams happen. The ice fishing sled is a great example of that! Furthermore, with the help of the Camp Daniel community, Cardo can achieve his goal to run the nature center someday.


The lake finally has ice on it and Cardo is ready to go…….maybe when it warms up a bit!

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