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Recently, Camp Daniel hosted a beautiful, winter wedding for Annissa and Evan. Their friends and family gathered to celebrate the two of them coming together in marriage. Their relationship began and grew over many years of serving at Camp Daniel, so holding the ceremony at Camp Daniel was extra special.

Looking back, we can begin to see the domino effect of God’s big picture and plan. When Jo Piantine held her son, Daniel, in her arms, she had no idea the impact he would have on so many people. Had Daniel not been born, and born with his disability, his vision and dream of a Christian community centered around disability, a vision that even preceded Daniel, would not have been carried out. Camp Daniel would not exist; this couple would not have met. It is truly amazing to see how much Camp Daniel has brought so many people together and significantly impacted the direction of many lives.

The barn offers a beautiful venue for hosting a wedding. Camp Daniel has also hosted weddings outside, along its lakeside. If you are interested in holding your wedding, formal event, or informal event at Camp Daniel, contact for more details!

If you have a story of how Camp Daniel has had a major affect on your life and life’s direction, please share your story at

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Camp Daniel recently formed the only Special Olympics agency for the Crivitz area. Wisconsin has 163 Special Olympics Agencies, fielding over 10,000 athletes. Most of these agencies and teams are located in the southern areas of the state. Of the 163 agencies in Wisconsin, for many years, there has been only one agency in Marinette County, located in Marinette….until now.

We started off with the bowling season this past fall, practicing at the Crivitz Youth Center for the Unified Sports program. This program is a newer program under Special Olympics which allows volunteers to compete alongside athletes. Camp Daniel continually looks for ways for individuals with intellectual disabilities to connect and build relationships within the community.  Jen Bury is the Agency Manager and states, “Unified Sports is a win-win for everyone. More volunteers get involved because they get to participate and genuine relationships are more easily formed as volunteers and athletes practice and compete together on the same playing field.”

The Unified Bowling Tournament was held at the beginning of December in Green Bay.  We had one team in the doubles division and one team of four. Both our teams took first place!

After the bowling season, Camp Daniel decided to work together with The Crivitz School District Community Education Department, allowing more of the community and students to get involved. This has been a good move since this has allowed us to connect with athletes, volunteers, and families we would not have connected with otherwise.

The Unified 3v3 Basketball Tournament was held the beginning of December in Appleton. We had two teams compete. Though neither team did not place, we all had a fun time.

We are grateful to the Crivitz School District for donating retired jerseys. We added the Special Olympics logo and the Camp Daniel name on the back. We looked pretty sharp on the court. As you might have noticed, we do not have bowling shirts, yet. If anyone would like to donate for the team to get actual bowling shirts, we would be grateful!

Apart from the Unified Sports program, Camp Daniel will also be participating in the regular Special Olympics sports seasons, such as basketball and bowling, and possibly soccer and bocce ball; with more sports to be added in the future. There are also opportunities for athletes who use wheelchairs to participate; for example, ramp bowling.

The Camp Daniel-Crivitz Special Olympics team is currently practicing for the regular basketball season. We are practicing at the Crivitz Elementary School Sundays from 4-5pm. We are continuing to seek athletes and volunteers.  It is open to athletes with an intellectual disability aged 8 and older. Volunteers and coaches are needed to assist in practices, and to compete alongside the athletes. Volunteers may be as young as 12 and coaches 16 or older.

After practice we meet for pizza and social time at The Hub in Crivitz. This has been a great time to get to know each other and share a meal.

If you are interested in competing, volunteering, cheering, supporting our Special Olympics teams, contact


We often get asked about what we do in the off season when we are not hosting summer camp. Here is a little insight to what happens during the “off season”.



Fall is definitely a season of construction. Here is an overhang that was constructed in front of The Game Room, which is made to look like a gas station. The overhang will house an old gas pump and air hose. The overhang will also serve as covered, outdoor sitting and gathering area. The other overhang constructed went along the side of The Barn. This will allow another covered, outdoor sitting and gathering area, as well as, a place to set up buffet and drink lines for smaller events.



We are always pouring concrete! Recently, we poured by The Diner (the old garage), The Gas Station, and by the new Garage. The cement truck comes and pours. Then we do all the work, which saves us lots of money.


Fall is filled with Saturday Workdays. This past workday, trees were planted,  boards for the newly constructed overhangs were panted, and siding was removed and insulation installed in the old garage, which will be used as a theater and a 50s diner to sell concessions. 


There are two more Workdays coming up! Oct 28th and Nov 4th. More info at
























Annissa has been putting many hours into our Capital Campaign, raising funds for the dinning hall, which is the last building needed in order to have camp on our own grounds. Here’s the link to learn more about it and get involved!

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a huge part of the off season. Just recently, Camp Daniel started its own Special Olympic agency for the Crivitz area. They are in the bowling season and plan to participate in the Unified Tournament in December. We need more volunteers and participants! If you would like to get involved, please contact

The Able Church

This church was started roughly 10 years ago out of the need for a church where our campers could actively participate and learn about the Bible in a way they could understand. The Able Church runs all year and not just during the “Off Season”, holding services weekly on Friday nights in Green Bay. On Tuesdays, they hold a Family Night with Special Olympics practices and a Bible Study. The Able Church is also hosting a service at Green Bay Health Services, a local nursing home, once a month. For more information contact

Game Night

Camp Daniel hosts a Game Night in Marinette on Monday nights. Many of our campers live in the Marinette area and it’s a great way to stay connected throughout the year. If you live in the Marinette area, come join us! For more details, contact

The Hub


Camp Daniel has partnered with The Hub Student Ministries in Crivitz. This ministry has groups for both high school and college aged students. Most of August, the Camp Daniel crew headed up a complete remodel of an old house for students to gather. For more information on how to get involved, check out their website.

The Grounds – Many things have to get done before the snow flies. Flowers in the gardens get cut back, the docks get pulled in from the lake, and benches and picnic tables around camp get pulled in and stored.

Other things we’ve been doing include holding staff meetings, putting out a newsletter, updating our data base, updating our website, keeping up with social media, as well as, speaking at churches and hosting display booths at community events.

These are just “some” of the things we do in the “off season”, which really isn’t an off season. It is just a different pace and different activities compared to our summer camp season.

Here at Camp Daniel, we tend to say, “Every day is a workday!” So whether there is a workday scheduled or not, we are doing something. We’d love to have you come help us anytime. Just let us know at





It is hard to believe that another summer camp season has come and gone! We had roughly 50 campers and 100 volunteers for each week, for 5 weeks. Volunteers included counselors, kitchen workers, support crew, Interns, Leads and Summer Staff.

The following are reflections from our Intern Directors; Annissa, Ruth, and Evan.

Annissa shares, “After reflecting on the summer, I am overwhelmed with feelings of satisfaction and happiness. Our 2017 Interns and Leads were the best of the best and killed it at running five weeks of summer camp. They were constantly serving in love and constantly seeking what God had for them. They were stretched in ways they didn’t think they would be and they grew into even better men and women than they already were. I watched them all become more of themselves throughout the summer as they grew to understand the ’No Limits’ theme. And somehow in seven weeks the 16 strangers that came in at the beginning of the summer left with another family and this, to me, was the biggest success of the summer.” Ruth expresses, “It was another wonderful summer at camp for me. It’s always a blast to watch the way the summer team changes and grows throughout the five weeks of camp and how that not only enhances the general operations of camp but also connects each teammate closer to each other. It was a horribly wonderful learning experience for Annissa, Evan, and I to be able to figure out how to bring a group that size together and to effectively and efficiently help run camp.

I think the most rewarding part of our leadership this summer was listening to the Interns and Leads reflect on their summers and hear every one of them talk about the friendships that became family over the 8 weeks of the program. Camp Daniel really is about creating and growing lasting and supportive relationships and when we can do that with our core team, we know we are on the right track for best serving the campers, counselors, and workers that come each week. We loved how the Internship program went this summer and we learned so much about how to make it even better in the years to come. Annissa, Evan, and I have already started our plans for next summer and we can’t wait to see where God takes us in this journey. There truly are No Limits to where He will take us!”

Evan adds, “There was a lot of anticipation for this summer in particular with all the exciting changes that were made to the Summer Internship Program. Many hours and late night brainstorming sessions went into the programming this year in preparation for what was our largest internship program.  Looking back on the summer, seeing how much each individual had grown and how everyone ended up as family, was a beautiful thing.

In addition to being an Intern Director, I had the opportunity to be assistant to Tony. The image that I had in my mind of what it meant to be a leader at the beginning of the summer was very different than the way that I view leadership after a summer of leading. I’ve learned a healthy fear and respect for what it means to be in a position of leadership. It carries a lot of responsibility and isn’t something that can be taken lightly. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be under Tony’s leadership to work with him and the rest of the Camp Daniel staff. I’m excited for what the next year will bring as we prepare for next year!”

Our theme was “No Limits” and we all learned not to limit God’s plans for our lives. We discussed how we can be ourselves and not strive to be like someone else, which limits how God uniquely made us to be.  We talked about how to think like God thinks and not like we think, which is often full of limitations and doubt. It was a message we all needed to hear!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2017 Summer Camp Season a success! ……And FYI, we are already working on next year’s camp season!













We are in the mist of our summer camp sessions. We run a total of five weeks of camp. This year’s theme is No Limits. We are using space decor to help depict our theme. Here is a picture of the chapel.

Here’s a note about the theme from Tony Piantine, Camp Director:

“It is our goal at Camp Daniel for all of us to know that God loves us, God made us, and that He has a plan for our lives. But while discovering God’s plan, many of us struggle because we put restrictions on what God’s plan can be for us.

We can get caught up in our earthly limitations and are thinking about the things we cannot do. We can feel like our inabilities stop God from carrying out His plan for us. At Camp Daniel we call this “Stinking Thinking”. Stinking thinking focuses on circumstances, what we see right in front of us, and usually on ourselves.

Colossians 3:2 says that we need to focus on things above and not on things on earth. This means that we must think about God and how there are no limits to what He can and will do in our lives to carry out His plan for us.”

Usually, Georgie, the iconic puppet of Camp Daniel, comes out to share with us from his treehouse. This year, Georgie built a space ship, thinking that “No Limits” means he can go the moon and beyond. Our chapel speakers explain to him what the theme really means: God’s plans for us are limitless. Georgie often gets things mixed up and confused. When the chapel speaker helps Georgie understand, this also helps all the campers and counselors understand the message better, too.

We are all enjoying this year’s theme and excited to watch as God takes us all beyond what we think our limits are.

Continue to pray for all our volunteers and campers – for safety, strength and energy, and for God to grow us all closer to him, letting him carry out his plans for us…..with No Limits!







The summer Intern Program has grown significantly over the past four years, allowing the development of the new Leadership Program.

The Leadership Program is for past Interns that want to grow in their leadership skills, take on more responsibilities during summer camp, and grow a stronger relationship with God. Individuals in this program are called “Leads” and their role is to lead our Interns, oversee different areas of programming of summer camp, as well as, serve as cabin leaders, overseeing our counselors and campers. There are seven Leads that have come two and a half weeks prior to the start of our summer camp season to prepare for camp and train the Interns in our Internship program. Annissa and Ruth are the leaders of the Leadership Program, as well as, the Internship Program.

There are nine Interns that have come two weeks prior to camp season for training and to help prepare for camp. The Interns will help set-up and run the many activities of camp. With their enthusiasm, they will help increase the spirit of fun and excitement that campers look forward to all year round. They will be leading campers and counselors in small groups, further discussing the ideas shared in chapel. They will help wherever help is needed. They will be a big help in the packing, transporting, and setting up all the things we bring over to Lake Helen for the summer to hold camp, and then pack it all back up and bring it back at the end of our 5-week season. This is a huge task and we are grateful to have Interns and Leads who can take on much of this burden.

We are grateful for each Lead and Intern as they have committed 8 weeks of their summer, many giving up job opportunities and other opportunities. Please pray for them!  As this will be a wonderful experience, there will also be times when things get tough and they will have difficulty keeping their energy up.

We are excited to see the development of the Leadership Program and how it will further the mission of and what we do here at Camp Daniel. We are also excited to watch each Lead and Intern grow personally, grow as leaders, build relationships and grow in their relationship with God.







This spring has been filled with a variety of different activities and tasks including preparing and hosting workdays, retreats, construction, and preparing for our summer season.

Nick has been leading his team in putting up drywall to complete the rooms in the lower level of The Barn. Such rooms include The Sign Shop, in which signs and T-shirts will be made, and The Server Room, which will house all the networking equipment providing the campus with internet, audio/visual, and phones. 

The Able Church had their annual retreat. Stevo was the speaker for the weekend. He integrated last year’s camp theme “B U” with this year’s them “No Limits”, encouraging us all to be ourselves, how God created us to be, and going beyond our limits.

The Bible Class for adults with disabilities from Marinette and Menominee held their annual day retreat here at Camp Daniel. For many, it was their first time seeing Camp Daniel. It was a nice introduction to learn about camp and get a taste of what summer camp is like.

Several weekends have been filled by different work groups giving their time to volunteer. Tasks included prepping the grounds for summer, continuing construction and doing spring cleaning. Groups included Calvary Memorial Church from Racine, Nicollet Bible Institute, New Life Church from Crivitz and World Impact Ministries. Thank you for your service!

If your church or organization would like to help serve our needs through a work day, contact us at

NWTC (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College) of Green Bay, over the last two years, has taken on building small cabins for a practical experience to teach construction trades. Six cabins were delivered last year and six more cabins just recently were delivered. These cabins will be used for interns and kitchen volunteers who will stay for throughout our summer season.

Tony and Karol have been busy meeting with architects and reworking the plans for the dinning hall in the process to get the plans approved. They have also  been busy designing and making plans for repurposing the old garage into The Theater. It will be made to look like a real movie theater and be used to show movies, as well as, to have a stage to perform skits and other talent. It will also be used for rainy day activities. A snack stand will be attached to it, built in the style of a 1950s diner, called Al’s Diner.

Karol, Jen, Anthony and Papa Tony have been putting countless hours into creating the online summer camp application, processing applications, and corresponding with applicants. Though converting the application process to be online has been difficult and time consuming, it will be quite beneficial in the future. It will help us keep better track of information, keep in better contact with camper and volunteers, and have less room for error in the whole application process.

Marceaux has been busy fixing golf-carts, lawnmowers, and vehicles. He has also been doing maintenance tasks on the grounds including checking smoke alarms, changing light bulbs, and regular cleaning of all our buildings.

Pastor Tim and Janice continue to lead The Able Church in Green Bay with weekly Friday Night services and Family Nights on Tuesdays. Pastor Tim has also been busy preparing for chapel times held during summer camp.

Annissa, Evan, and Ruth have been busy preparing for our summer internship program, which included training interns for two weeks prior to camp, supervising them during camp, and helping them all to grow as leaders.

Please pray for us as we enter our summer season!



This past Friday, the disability community in the Green Bay area gathered together for a Tim Tebow sponsored prom. It was a fun night of glamor, limo rides, food, and dancing. Guests were honored with crowns and tiaras, and celebrated as they walked down the red carpet. 

Camp Daniel played a part in making this event a success. Camp Daniel Missionary, Laura Lee, was a major spearhead in this event. Tony and Karol designed and constructed the main backdrop decoration. Camp Daniel missionaries and residents attended the event and provided their helping hands, as they usually do.

Here’s a link to view the new’s story done by Fox 11 about this event.

Dances are the most enjoyed and attended events within the disability community. For this reason, Camp Daniel supports and sponsors many dances. Upcoming this summer, on June 3rd, Camp Daniel is sponsoring their annual Dance for Disability (D4D) at Bay Beach in their Grand Pavillon.  This is a great event to celebrate and connect with the disability community in the Green Bay area.

For more information on how you can partner, volunteer for, or attend this event contact us at


The cold days of January have been spent working on indoor projects. Insulation and sheet rock have been installed in the ceiling of The Wood Shop, followed by plastering. Painting the ceiling will be the next project.

Stair rails were installed along the stairs connecting The Wood Shop to The Barn above it.

Many hours have been put in working on this year’s summer camp applications. The volunteer application processes will happen entirely online. The option for the camper application will remain online or paper format.

Much time has also been spent preparing for this year’s summer camp and the Internship Program. There is lots to be done! If you would like to help us with all the things that need to be done to prepare us for summer camp or if you’d like to help with the daily construction projects that happen on the grounds, please contact us at We need your help!



Escape the winter blues! Check out this new camp 2016 slideshow submitted to Camp Daniel by Terri Welsch, our dedicated owner of Cricket the Horse.


The Georgie Pongerin’s New Year Rockin’ Eve Party was a great celebration, bringing the Camp Daniel family together. Roughly 50 people gathered at The Barn for food, games, and

Activities of the night included Turkey Bowling – using a frozen turkey as a bowling ball on and outdoor, iced bowling lane!


A Photo Booth was set up for some fun New Year memories.

Using the iPhone app for Charades put on the overhead screen allowed for fun entertainment.
interns-at-nys-2016The party also brought the 2016 Interns back together again for a great reunion.

The party was a great success and fun was had by all!

Happy New Year!



The Camp Daniel family wishes you a Merry Christmas!staff-pic-200dpi

Attention all campers!
So you love to visit with Cricket on Carnival Day, but wish that you could ride?  Now you can take a virtual ride on Cricket with special narration, just for you! Just watch the YouTube video below.


Richard (Cardo), one of our resident/missionaries that lives here at Camp Daniel, has had a long standing love of nature. It is one of his life’s dreams to run the nature center when camp officially opens here on the Athelstane grounds. With this passion, Cardo naturally has connected with one of camp’s long standing volunteer and friend, Greg, who leads archery and nature presentations during our summer camps. For several years, Greg has taken Cardo ice fishing here on Little Newton Lake.

This year, Cardo envisioned using a sled to carry all his ice fishing gear out onto the lake. He drew up some plans of how he wanted it. However, he needed some help with the actual construction. His brother Nick has been developing his carpentry skills over the last couple years here at camp, as he helps in all the construction projects. Therefore, Cardo asked if Nick would help build the sled. The two of them worked together and finished the sled. They make a great team as Cardo often comes up with great ideas and Nick has the skills to make it happen.  cardo-sledcardo-sled

Camp Daniel is a great environment for its residents and missionaries to dream, grow in a variety of skills, and help each other make their dreams happen. The ice fishing sled is a great example of that! Furthermore, with the help of the Camp Daniel community, Cardo can achieve his goal to run the nature center someday.


The lake finally has ice on it and Cardo is ready to go…….maybe when it warms up a bit!


As November comes to a close, we want to recognize and honor all those who care for others as November is National Caregivers Month. Here at Camp Daniel, right after New Years, the phone calls start coming in asking when will camp applications be available. Often, this is followed by a conversation, where a caregiver, usually a parent, shares how tired they are and how they need a break. At some point during our camping season, we will engage with a parent who is overwhelmed by the stress created by living and caring for a child who is living with a disability. For many of our families, their child attending camp is the only break they get through out the year.


We often talk about the benefits of our campers attending camp, but there are benefits caregivers receive by sending their family members to a week of camp. These benefits are both emotional and physical for a caregiver.

  1. Regaining perspective- a caregiver can have time to step back and re-evaluate life. So often care givers are caught in the day to day demands that they struggle seeing the big picture.
  1. Identity- caregivers can often lose sight of who they are when caring for persons with disabilities. In reality, caregiving is only one aspect of who a person should be but, over time, it is easy for an individual to devote ones time to just the person living with a disability. While a camper attends camp, a caregiver can rediscover and acknowledge other parts of who they are.
  1. Ability to socialize– living with a disability is often isolating for the person living with disability and that sense of isolation often carries over to the family. Having a break allows the rest of the family to reconnect with one another and it allows caregivers to spend time with friends without the added pressure of feeling they have neglected the person for whom they are caring for.
  1. Rejuvenation– Caregiving can be physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausting. Having a week off from the daily demands of care giving can help a caregiver cope with the exhaustion.

Many of you are reading this blog and wondering how this may pertain to you. First, if you are a volunteer during our summer camping season, thank you for coming and serving. You have helped give someone a much- needed rest. Remember, summer counselor/volunteer applications will be available starting in late winter or early spring. When you decide to spend a week here at camp, you give a camper and their family an opportunity to experience joy and rest! During the rest of the year, you can build friendships in your local community with families who many need breaks, which can happen through your local church or one of the many organizations in your local community that support persons with disabilities. If you need more ideas, contact


Over the years, the team at Camp Daniel has volunteered with Special Olympics whose mission is to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Many of you might think this seems like an odd use of our time, but in reality, it is an extension of what we do here at camp, developing and maintaining relationships with campers. Camp Daniel campers and residents enjoy competition and being apart of the team working toward a chance to go to state. Pastor Tim, Amanda and Paul all assist with The Able Attack, which is connected with The Able Church and many of our residents, compete at different times through out the year.

November is a busy month for state Special Olympics competitions. The Able Church of Green Bay competed in the state volleyball tournament on November 5th in Watertown. The team took second place within their division and was very happy with this outcome.


Here’s the Able Attack team and its faithful volunteers!


The Burys with Tina Russell

Marceaux, Jen, and MJ help with the Marinette County Special Olympics program. They just had their state-bowling tournament in Green Bay at Ashwaubenon Bowling Lanes last weekend.

Working with Special Olympics brings many benefits to Camp Daniel’s organization. Beyond connecting with campers, the team gets to connect with group home staff, family members and interact with other folks, who may want to come to camp as a camper or a volunteer. Special Olympics have a solid reputation in the community and through many of their community efforts we are able learn areas we might advocate for within the disability community.

For The Able Church agency in Green Bay, it has drawn in many athletes that have not been apart of The Able Church before. It has allowed for athletes a way to put into practice the things they learn at The Able Church. Furthermore, it has allowed athletes to be an example of Chist-like character at tournaments, playing against other teams. The Able Church is the only church team represented out of hundreds of Special Olympic teams throughout Wisconsin. It also allows The Able Church (and Camp Daniel) to get its name more recognition and connect people to our ministries.

The Able Church Special Olympics continues to look for volunteers to help with coaching the teams, giving rides, and agency administration. If you would like to be involved, please contact Pastor Tim at



On Halloween, the disability community in Marinette held a potluck dinner and dance. It was well attended with roughly 75 attending the event. Several groups within the disability community gathered together including the S.I.G.H.T. program, which puts on events for individuals with disabilities, The Ecumenical Bible Class for Adults with Disabilities, and Marinette County Special Olympics.
tina-halloween-2016 halloween-dance-2016-2

Camp Daniel missionaries, the Burys, participate in all three of these groups; therefore, they enjoyed the opportunity to untie together. The night was fun as many dressed in costumes, shared a meal together and then danced the night away.

Dancing is one of the most enjoyed activities within most, intellectual disability communities. Dances are held on a regular bases at sheltered workshops, Special Olympics, and especially during our weeks of camp. It isn’t until the music starts and the first dance begins campers and counselors alike begin to feel at ease and connect with each other. Almost every theme meal and evening activity during the camp season consists of dancing.



We often have people ask, why we spend so much time with music and dancing? This goes back to our purpose as a camp staff, which is to be missionaries into the disability community. Part of being a missionary is understanding the cultural norms for the people group one works among, in this case, this disability community! Within this culture dance is highly important. Dancing is one of those tools we use to break down the walls and tends to unite us together. Dance is the number one tool to connect and reach out into the disability culture. It is a natural, innate activity that the disability community is attracted to and connects to like no other. It is an activity that anybody can participate in no matter their level of intellect or ability to socially connect.


Dance 4 Disability (D4D) was started by Camp Daniel and other Green Bay organizations that provide opportunities for people with disabilities. Its purpose is to gather the many circles within the disability community in Green Bay and celebrate people with disabilities. It has been a great success, with an average of 250-300 attending for the past several years. It is always held the first Saturday of June at the Grand Pavilion at Beach in Green Bay. This year’s event will be held on June 4th. Put is on your calendar and join us!

There are several other organizations and churches that put on dances for people with disabilities. Recently, staff member from Camp Daniel participated in a formal dance event , A Night To Remember, put on by Hartland Church in Sun Prairie. Gals with disabilities had the opportunity to have their hair and make up done, and pick out jewelry. Everyone enjoyed a limo ride, a photo shoot, and an opportunity to walk The Red Carpet before they entered the dance party. Check out this video of the event!

Other organized dances include A Night To Shine through the Tim Tebow Foundation.  Like everything else here at Camp, we cannot do what we do without partnerships with other churches and organizations. Camp Daniel staff member, Laura Lee, has been developing relationships with people, organizations and churches for an event like this to happen in the Green Bay area and recently received a grant from the Tim Tebow Foundation to put on A Night To Shine. So far, Camp Daniel, The Able Church, and Green Bay Community Church have partnered together for this event, which will be held at Green Bay Community Church on February 10th, 2017. This event will take a lot of manpower and we continue to look for volunteers and partners. Check out this video about A Night To Shine

If you would like more information about how you can volunteer or partner with either Dance 4 Disability or A Night To Shine, please contact Laura Lee Wright at


October matters in the world of disability, it is National Disability Employment Awareness Month! Although everyone here at camp has chosen to volunteer our time and give of our talents, we still value a strong work ethic.


Here at Camp Daniel we value work. Over the years, Little Tony has worked to instill a good work ethic in everyone that lives in our community homes. This is a daunting task for many reasons. Culturally, there is not the expectation a person living with a disability could engage in full time work. Another reason the task can be daunting is because each individual learns differently because of how their disability effects them. Here at camp, every few weeks another opportunity arises where new skills are learned.



Each of our residents has an area they appear to excel at here on the grounds. Jake loves the fall and being able to rake leaves. Jake is most satisfied when he can be interacting with people in a ministry setting. Many of us could not function with out Brian, who has the ability to anticipate what tool will be needed next and has the uncanny knack of knowing where tools and equipment are- even when the rest of us don’t have a clue. Richard seems to be a jack-of-all-trades he hangs drywall, cleans, and is often Tony’s right hand man when Tony is working on a project. Nick has become an expert in the area of hanging sheet rock and plastering. He continues to learn the skills to lead the rest of the team when Tony can’t be around to give direction. Chalsee continues to develop her skills in the realm of hospitality, crafting and childcare! When you talk with each of these folks they talk about what they do with great pride. On the grounds, they all enjoy showing people the work they have accomplished.

Chalsee Kitchen

We write this blog because other than needing Jesus, employment is one of the biggest needs within the disability community. Camp Daniel strongly believes we are all made with a purpose. God created all of us for work; work was part of God’s design even before there was sin and the design does not exclude persons with disabilities. For 70 years, the government has determined we need to focus on employment for those with disabilities, yet less than half of individuals with disabilities make a living wage. These numbers are even lower if you have a significant disability or an intellectual disability. Over half of the disability population lives in poverty. Yet many of those same individuals long to work and have the same opportunities the world around them have been given. A living wage and meaningful work leads to a better quality of life.


Here at camp, we value work! Unlike many other people, the folks who chose to live here at Camp Daniel need extra supports to fulfill their God given dreams and purpose. As a community, we get to be involved in the process of individuals, especially those with disabilities, working in their areas of passion. Nothing excites our team more than the day we have a team in place where people are learning the spiritual value of work, and where people are working in their areas of passions.



Our long-term dream is to use Camp Daniel as a training center where people of all abilities learn trade skills including hospitality, carpentry, and simple mechanical skills and landscaping to then gain meaningful employment. We are a long ways from that dream, but in the mean time we can encourage each of you to do something right in your own community.


Many of you are decision makers or have influence with decision makers in your work places, you may want to advocate for persons with disabilities to become a part of your workplace either through employment, internships or through volunteering. Research indicates people with disabilities are more dependable and miss less work than their typical peers. For those of you who have experienced relationships with our campers, you know that the gift of friendship is invaluable, would it not be exciting to develop relationships like this in your workplace?

To learn more about how to effectively advocating or building friendships with those who have disabilities at your job contact Laura Lee at


Why do we choose to focus our ministry within the Disability Community? One of the main reasons is that Daniel, whom the camp is named after and who had a disability himself, had a vision and dream to impact the disability community. That vision spread to his parents and siblings, and then, over time, to all those who have been involved with the ministry for the past 20 years.

Here are some of the reasons Daniel passionately pursued, and why we continue to pursue, ministry within the Disability Community.

IMGP3402Christian Community Living:  At the time Daniel was a young adult; there typically had only institutional settings with no community structure. Group homes have developed over the last several decades, however today most lack Christian values and tend to focus on the individual instead of creating community and family within the home. For these reasons, Camp Daniel has sought to provide living options that would create an environment founded on Christian principles.

relay_05Summer Camp: Summer camp played an important role in Daniel’s life. It was where he first felt called into ministry and learned about God’s plan for his life. It was camp for people with disabilities, which helped Daniel see his value and of others with disabilities. This was also where Little Tony truly experienced what a real relationship with Christ meant. It was from this experience that he felt called to pursue Christian camping for individual with disabilities. Traditionally, camps around the nation lack a Christian component. Camp Daniel has sought to provide an atmosphere of fun, family like summer camp opportunity that would instill value to campers and counselors alike, sharing the love of Jesus and his gospel.

Winter Retreat ChapelThe Able Church: After about ten years of doing summer camp, it became evident that there was need for a church centered within the Disability Community. Traditionally, campers would have a wonderful week at camp, growing stronger in their relationship with God. For many, it was their first encounter with the love of Christ. Then, when they returned home, they typically would not be connected in their local church and would not have any spiritual connection for the next year until they returned to camp. There are several reasons for the lack of connection to a local church The biggest reason is that campers didn’t have a ride or someone in their life to make sure they get to church. If they did get to church, they often found it hard to connect and fit in. Church communities typically have not valued persons with disabilities presence to make sure they are present or thought through ways they may have an active role in a church community. The service itself typically is designed for highly educated individuals, making it difficult for individuals with intellectual disabilities to understand and apply the message of the gospel.

For these reasons, Camp Daniel sought to create church centered in the disability community. The church is a place where all are welcomed and valued. It is a place where relationships are fostered and spiritual growth can happen on a weekly basis. Members activity participate within the Church, using gifts that God has given them. Furthermore, there are opportunities to learn biblical teachings in a simplistic and real way.

Those are some reasons specifically why we focus our ministry in those three areas. As a bigger picture, there are several other reasons why we do what we do. In Mark 16:15 Jesus commands us to “Go into all the world. Preach the good news to everyone.” This included people with disabilities, who are often overlooked by the church. We believe that God has made us, loves us, and has a plan for our lives. This includes all of us. Much of the disability community does not believe this. They are often told that they are a mistake, a result of sin, and that they are not a part of God’s perfect plan.

In John 13:34- 35, Jesus says, “If you love one another, everyone will know you are my disciples.” If we want the world to know the love of Jesus, we need to love. Within Camp Daniel, there is a love like no other. People are captivated by and drawn to it. They experience the love of Jesus like never before.

If you have been compelled to share in this mandate, there are many ways you can team up with us. Bring a group to camp for a workday, host an Able small group in your area, visit your local group homes, participate individually or as a group in our summer camp season. Please inquire how you can get involved at


Construction on the Camp Daniel grounds continues. Here, Tony and Richard are putting up shelving and hanging work lights in the garage.



During our last work day, corrugated metal was installed on the interior walls of the garage. Not only does it look nice, it creates a nonflammable protection to the walls.


A shop sink and counter was installed.


More work benches and storage were put in.


Lots of storage for nuts and bolts was mounted. Volunteers, as well as our Camp Daniel Missionaries, spent several hours sorting and organizing.


Marceaux’s garage office was completed. Manuals for Camp Daniel vehicles and equipment are stored here.


The old garage is being converted into a small theater, an indoor recreation area, and a costume storage area. At our last workday, volunteers helped hang sheet rock on the stage area.


As it is the fall season, Camp Daniel missionaries have been busy taking care of the grounds and getting it ready for winter. The docks were taken out. Benches and picnic tables were put away for the season. Gardens are being cut down and plants transferred. Here, Chalsee and MJ are carrying a pile of cut plants to the weed pile. Chalsee serves much of her time watching MJ, allowing Jen to accomplish her tasks.


Off the grounds, at the Brunot House, Tony, Richard, Nick, Brian, and Jake have all been working hard on constructing a shed for yard and garden equipment and firewood storage.

There is always work to be done! People often ask us when they can come and help. We often reply, “Everyday is a workday!”  If you would like to help, please contact us as

We do have two more scheduled workdays for the fall. Follow this link for more details and to RSVP!


Many people wonder what our missionaries do outside of the summer camp season. Besides tending to the physical grounds here at camp, workdays, and already preparing for next year’s camp season, our missionaries are highly involved in the disability community throughout the state.

Pastor Tim, Amanda, Laura Lee, Intern Paul, Chalsee, Jake, Nick, Richard and Brian are all involved with The Able Church in Green Bay. This community was formed about 10 years ago. The need was found as it was realized that most campers were not connected to spiritual communities after they returned home from summer camp.

The Able Church runs a weekly Friday night service all year round and a Tuesday Family Night, which runs September thru May. The Family night consists of a Special Olympics sports practice, followed by a pizza dinner and Bible studies.

able-family-night-picnic-2016 able-family-night-2

Here are pictures of the picnic kicking off of the Family Nights for the year. The Special Olympics sport for the fall is volleyball. Camp Daniel and The Able Church values the involvement of Special Olympics as it is a huge part of our local disability communities. The Able Church is the only church agency in the state. It is a great opportunity to be a christian presence and example within the disability community.

Richard, Nick, Brain, Jake and Chalsee all have active roles serving The Able Church. They also participate in the Special Olympics program and Family Night, providing them opportunities to reach out to other members and build relationships.


Jen, Marceaux, and MJ are very involved within the disability community in Marinette. They are involved with Special Olympics there and are currently volunteering with the bowling season.


The Burys are also involved with an ecumenical Bible Class for people with disabilities. This group was formed roughly 30 years ago by individuals in the Marinette community. They help teach and are leaders within the group.


The Burys also created and lead a game night at Abundant Joy, a local coffee and gift shop in Marinette. This is a night to gather individuals within the disability community for an evening of pizza and games, building friendships.

Pastor Tim is also holding an Able Church service in Oconto at  the Woodland Village Nursing Center at 6pm on the first Thursday of each month.


Laura Lee is also involved with a program in Green Bay called Young Life Capernaum. This is an arm of Young Life, which is a christian organization reaching out to high school students. Capenaum specifically reaches out to students with disabilities. Camp Daniel and The Able Church values involvement with this organization as it is a great way to show the love of Jesus and connect students with camp and The Able Church.


Our intern, Paul, is a leader with the Crivitz Youth Group. This is a good way for Camp Daniel to provide a positive impact on the lives of youth and build relationships. It is because these relationships that many of these students come to camp as CITs (Counselors in Training).

At Camp Daniel, we strive to provide opportunities to build lasting relationships. This is vitally important for everyone, but it is often more difficult for people with intellectual disabilities. If you live in Marinette, Green Bay, or Oconto areas, please consider connecting with any of these activities and join in our mission to build relationships.

Here are some specific ways you can be involved. The Able Church in Green Bay needs drivers to drive members to Friday evening services and Tuesday Family Nights. Their Special Olympics agency could use coaches in volleyball, basketball and bocce ball. They can also just use general volunteers to assist with the sports.

If you would like more information or would like to be involved with any of these activities, please contact us at



On September 10th, Camp Daniel hosted its 20-year celebration and a dedication ceremony for the new multipurpose building. Despite the heavy rains, it was a great turn out and a wonderful celebration. Roughly 250 people who have been involved with Camp Daniel ministries attended.


There was a self guided tour of the grounds. At each building, or point of interest, there was a sign with the brief history of that building along with before and after pictures. There were also signs posted for future buildings and plans showing what the building could potentially look like when it is completed.

The day was a celebration of all God has done in the last 20 years and a reminder we need to continue to rely on God for our future as our desire is to have all the buildings completed by 2020.


During the ceremony, Tony Sr. and Little Tony shared moving reflections of the past 20 years.

20-anniv-barn 20-anniv-bells

Jen lead the Bell Choir that consisted of campers and volunteers that attended. Pastor Tim officiated the dedication of the multipurpose building. Jim Hukill and Jerry Bruette opened and closed the ceremony with prayer.




After the ceremony, we served chili dinner and had a corn roast at camp’s lakefront. It was a great time of celebrating and connecting with longstanding friends and new ones.

Camp has grown significantly over the years. Check out a quick comparison from the first camp to our most recent camp.


Our first camp in 1997
Weeks = 1
Campers = 15
Counselors = 20
Workers = 9

Our most recent camp in 2016
Weeks = 5
Campers = 207
Counselors = 189
Workers = 254

We are grateful to all those who have volunteered, donated, and participated in the vision and ministry of Camp Daniel over the past 20 years!


We are excited to welcome Paul Hucek into the Camp Daniel family of missionaries. He is our newest Year-long Intern. Paul came the second week of this summer’s camp, serving in the kitchen. He had no idea how much he would enjoy working in the kitchen. He enjoyed the work so much, he decided to return the following three weeks to serve in the kitchen. During the summer, Paul expressed his passion for working in the kitchen and further shared that he also enjoys landscape work. It seemed like a perfect fit and a God directed opportunity for Paul to join us for this next year. God’s timing was perfect since our kitchen manager, who also oversaw the landscaping, felt lead in a new direction and has left full-time service here at camp. Paul’s main roles will be to oversee all the landscaping here at camp and to manage meals for Camp Daniel events. His first event will be our 20th Anniversary Celebration!

IMG_3454 square

Paul was raised in Crivitz and is a graduate of Crivitz High School. He is a long standing volunteer and friend of Camp Daniel.

He will be living in Camp Daniel’s Hartley House. Living and working with 4 men with disabilities will give Paul the opportunity to create relationships with them. He will be depending on the guys to learn how work accomplished here and Paul will depend on each of them for help. In turn, He will help lead and guide them on the grounds and in their home. In the home, Paul will be in charge of menu planning, budgeting and grocery shopping for the Hartley House. As with all interns before him, Paul will also be involved with The Able Church in Green Bay.


Paul is just starting to raise monthly support for his time here. His goal is to raise $600 per month to cover basic costs of living. Please pray for Paul as he works through the transition of an 18 year old moving out of his family home for the first time and becoming a full-time missionary with people with disabilities.

To donate online to support Paul, click here.

To learn more about our intern programs, click here.



Having a formal intern program is fairly new here at Camp Daniel, however, we have had interns for more then a decade. They are a vital part of what goes on here. We have had interns in several different capacities. First, we have Summer Interns. These interns commit to seven weeks out of the summer, spending two weeks receiving training and preparing for our five week summer camp session. This program started in the summer of 2014. One would not be able to tell that this program is only three years old since it is well organized and the group has taken on rather significant responsibilities and makes valuable changes throughout the summer camp sessions.

Interns 2016

Pictured here are the ten interns that committed to this past summer’s camp. They really helped the energy of the camp, promoting cheering and participation in Rec Games and all parts of camp. They have now returned to their homes, attending to school and/or jobs.

We also have had Semester Interns. These are students attending college that have collaborated with Camp Daniel to fulfill a fieldwork placement. These placements are typically anywhere between three to five months in length, depending on the school’s requirements.


Evan, a business major from North Central University, completed his academic internship here in the camp office, learning all the business of running a camp and a non-profit organization.

Meghan & BarbieWe also had an Occupational Therapy student, Meghan, from Concordia University Wisconsin. She learned skills needed to work with individuals with both physical and intellectual disabilities, adapting activities and creating devices to help campers participate more fully.

The third type of intern we have are our Year Interns. These interns commit to a year here a Camp Daniel, serving in many different areas of life here. IMG_4477 square

Last year, Amanda came on as a Year Intern. Since then, she has decided to stay on board full-time!

Interns have played a major role in the development of Camp Daniel this far. We will continue to develop our intern programs and opportunities, investing in their lives and helping them explore ministry life and helping them develop into all God has called them to be.

If you are interested in participating in or supporting our Intern Programs, please inquire at


Here are some of the new things seen around Camp Daniel this year.

Water wars Water Wars3

One of the most talked about change has been the addition of Water Wars in place of our long standing tradition of Messy Games. Many returning volunteers and campers could not believe we could have camp without Messy Games. However, to their surprise, Water Wars has been just as fun, if not more.

Steve & Josh In the morning 3   Josh & Steve

This year, we added a morning sports talk show called Josh & Steve In The Morning, based off of Mike & Mike In The Morning on ESPN. Camp Daniel’s sport’s network is called CSPN. It highlights all the Rec Games and announces the scores for the Red and Blue teams throughout the week.

Steve & Nick CSPN Logo copy  Score Board

During the rest of the day, Steve & Nick have been the sports anchors announcing scores and commentating the Rec Games. A couple months ago, we got a really good deal on a score board, which has been a great addition to all our Rec Games.

Interns 2016

A new set of interns! This year we have a crew of 10 wonderful and hardworking interns. They commit to all 5 weeks of sumer camp and two weeks prior to camp for training and preparing for the camp season.

Small groups 2016 Mirror small groups

One big and exciting addition to our programming has been small groups. Small groups are divided up by cabins and led by the interns from that cabin. This has brought opportunities for campers to have a voice and share what is going on personally with them. Many of our campers do not get the opportunity to share how they feel or share their thoughts. From what has been discussed during small groups guides what the guest speakers talks about in the chapel services, making the services formed around the specific campers’ needs of each week.

With the theme being “B U” (or Be Yourself), small group discussions focused on being who God created us to be. A mirror gets passed around and campers and counselors are asked what they see. Campers and counselors a like struggled seeing themselves how God truly sees them. It has been neat to see how by the end of the week, everyone sees a little more clearly the truth of who they really are and how wonderful God has created them to be.

Small groups have been a great way to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth. The plan is to continue and further develop the use of these groups!

Southern Bell

In the absence of “The Lead Belly Sisters”, the “Not So Southern Bells” magically formed amongst the lady interns. These Bells host the women’s tea with their tea party dresses and hats, using a southern accent and character that is not quite southern, hence the name “Not So Southern”. They brought about a lot of laughter and cackling. They have been a great hit and we hope to see them continue their act in years to come.

Apparel Apparel 2 CSPN Clothes

New Camp Daniel attire! Get yours while they still last!

Tonight Show Logo SImple_edited-1

Yet another big change…. The Two Night Show was transformed to look more like the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Typically the Two Night Show has been a night of karaoke and other talent with Georgie hosting and commenting throughout the show. This year, there has been several different segments including contestant games, hashtags phrases, commercials made by interns and staff, special musical guests, etc. -things you would see similar to the Tonight Show. It has been an enjoyable change!

Orientation Craft Orientation Rec

One of the last major changes we have made this year has been how we do orientation for our volunteers. In the past, orientation consisted of several hours sitting in the chapel as different staff members and interns lectured on various parts of camp and what to expect in the week to come. As hard as we’ve tried to keep it lively and entertaining, it still got called “Borientation”. Therefore, this year, with great planing and forethought, orientation has been revamped entirely. Instead of staying in the chapel all day long, volunteers would rotate stations with their cabin-mates in the location specific to that orientation topic. Volunteers learn about crafts under the craft tent. They go to the Rec Field to learn about the Rec Games. They gather at the nurse’s tent to learn about med pass and other nursing issues. There are seven different stations.

This change in orientation has been absolutely incredible. Many volunteers have commented how much they enjoyed the change. It has kept them much more focused and engaged throughout the orientation. Staying together as a cabin as they move to each station has allowed for cabin-mates to bond together more.

It is pretty incredible to have staff and interns so committed to ministry of Camp Daniel. It is neat to see the growth and changes that has come about over the years. We are excited to what growth and changes are in store for the future!

This is our final week of camp! It has been a great year so far. Continue to pray us through to the end!





Last week completed our first week of our summer camp season. It was a wonderful week, reuniting with all our Camp Daniel friends. We are in the midst of our second week, with three more weeks to follow.

CD Logo 2016

This year’s theme is “B U”. We are using a college theme, playing off the usage of university letters, to help campers to be themselves, to “Be You.” Being yourself is a concept we all struggle with. Most of us, especially our campers, are given messages that they are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, etc and need be like someone else. Therefore, people with disabilities tend to not like themselves and try to be what they see portrayed as “normal” and valuable. The message we want to bring is it’s okay to be you (B U)! BU 2016 Chapel

This year’s theme verse is Psalm 100:3. “Know that the Lord is God.He made us, and we belong to him. We are his people. We are the sheep belonging to his flock.” This verse expresses that it is God who made us. Therefore, since God made who we are, we need to be who we are, and nobody else.


Every year, we use a movie that helps bring the camp theme’s message across. This year, we are using the new Peanuts movie where Charlie Brown learns that people like him for just the way he is. So on every Monday night, we gather around the bon fire with popcorn and enjoy an outdoor movie. Then the rest of the week, the chapel speaker and the counselors will refer back to the movie to help teach about being who God created us to be.

Stay tuned for updates on how the summer is going. Please pray for all our staff, volunteers, and campers. Pray for energy and  safety. Most of all, pray that we all learn to be ourselves, who God created us to be.



Greetings friends of Camp Daniel and The Able Church. Much has happened in my life in the last 6 months – starting with my diagnosis of having cancer in March. In the past when people talked about cancer or even spoke of their own experience with cancer, I wouldn’t really know how to relate to what they were going through. But all that has changed and now when I hear of someone with cancer I want to ask the many questions on how they are doing and the specifics of what they are going through. For me, the chemo and radiation treatments were difficult, but thankfully done at this point. After loosing 35 pounds and working through the effects of these treatments, I now have a whole new appreciation for what others go through when they are treated for cancer.

As we go through hardship, the common thought many of us have is, “Why me?” That topic is deep in its theological application and has many things to consider in its answer. 1 Corinthians 1:4 says – He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. Though I don’t know why this happened, I do know that it will give me a greater appreciation for good health and a greater empathy for those who are struggling with their own afflictions. As a Pastor, comforting others is an important role that needs sensitivity and compassion. Having gone through this experience, I can say it has changed my life forever in relating to others with major health issues. I’m not ever willing to say that God has given cancer to me for this purpose, but to the extent that he allowed it has cause me to know that this too is working together for my good, as said in Romans 8:28. I don’t think Christ ever wastes an opportunity for us to identify in some way to his own suffering so that we have a greater appreciation for what He endured for us. The amazing part of Jesus’ story is that He endured extreme suffering, bearing the cost of our own sinfulness, so that we could be forgiven of our own sins and experience eternal life in heaven.

So my asking why has pretty much stopped and I’m now focused on how I can bring something good out of it all by reaching out to others who are suffering. I also think this experience has changed me significantly enough that it will reshape many of my messages at Able Church going forward.

The other thing I have learned is to become more dependent on others and how that can be a positive thing as well. My Camp Daniel friends and staff really stepped forward during my treatments when I couldn’t be at Able. With Laura Lee leading at Able during this time and others playing expanded roles, things came off without much of a hitch. It’s comforting to know that we have so many talented and willing people that are obedient to whatever call God makes for the moment. Lastly, many thanks for all the prayers said on my behalf by all of you. I know those prayers were significant in my treatment and recovery and very much appreciated.

Blessings and love – Pastor Tim of The Able Church



A few weeks ago, Camp Daniel hosted the 7th annual D4D (Dance for Disability) at Bay Beach in Green Bay. D4D is always an exciting event; for the camp team, it is the beginning of the summer season. We often get to see campers and counselors we have not seen since last summer!   Just as important, this event allows us to make contact with people who know very little or nothing about Camp Daniel and it’s mission.

D4d 2016

D4D was created seven years ago to celebrate those living with disabilities, their families, caregivers, and agencies that serve them within the community.   A goal for the future D4D would be that it becomes a citywide celebration with multiple activities celebrating the disability community. Bay Beach is the perfect place to hold D4D, giving people the chance to bounce between the rides and the indoor dance, held in the historic pavilion. Like in years past, inside the pavilion people have a place to rest, eat some food and of course dance for a few hours.


Camp Daniel could not hold an event like this without sponsorship. Sponsors often come from local organizations that provide services to those with disabilities or businesses that have an interest in the disability population. This years groups included the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC), Paragon, and the CP Center , all service providers in Green Bay. Woodman’s also was a sponsor this year. We are grateful for the sponsorship these organizations gave us this year and hope to continue these relationships for next year’s event.

The team here at camp is dreaming about expanding this event in 2017. If you or your organization would like to be involved, please contact Laura Lee Wright.





Our summer season is quickly approaching and we need you!  Please consider spending a week at Camp Daniel that will impact not only your life, but someone else’s life.  As of now, we will have to turn away three male campers for our first week due to a lack of male counselors. One of the most difficult things we have to do is to tell a camper he or she will not be able to attend camp this summer.

Campers desire to attend camp for many reasons:

  • Camp strengthens their relationship with Christ. For many campers, this will be the only week of the entire year they will have someone encourage them spiritually.
  • Camp is a fun vacation. For many of our campers, a week at camp is the only week of vacation they will have.
  • Camp reminds people that they are loved and accepted for who they are.
  • Camp provides an environment for many to feel safe and encouraged to try new activities.
  • Camp provides campers an opportunity to grow in independence through time away from regular caregivers and family. This gives a weeklong break and vacation for them, too.

We also need nurses! We like to have two nurses volunteering each week. To make this possible, we still need a nurse to volunteer week 1 (July 3-8) and week 5 (July 31- Aug 6). If you are a nurse or know someone who is, help us fill this need!

For week one, we are also in need of support crew workers, those working behind the scenes- helping with crafts, doing dishes, and setting up for activities. We are also in need of counselors and support crew workers for the other weeks, too. We can use females, as well as, males, though we definitely need more males than females. Please apply online on this website under “Summer Camp”.

Check out this link to a cool promo video, showing some of the fun activities we do. http://<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

We are asking YOU to strongly consider making a difference in someone’s life, their family’s, and even your own!


Emily & Cody Wedding

Recently, long standing volunteers of Camp Daniel, Cody and Emily, tied the knott here on the camp grounds.

Emily Wedding

This was a special occasion on several levels. The couple were able to celebrate their wedding in the camp environment and with the camp family that is dear to them. It was through camp that Cody and Emily met. It was through camp that their relationship grew over time into this life-long commitment.


For Camp Daniel, it required the team to pull together in preparation prior to the wedding and in service the day of the wedding. Here, we are laying concrete for a patio next to The Barn. We also finished off the plumbing and bathrooms, finished the stairwell, prepared the grounds, and did lots of cleaning and set up for the big event.


 The above picture shows the rehearsal. During the wedding day, we served soft drinks and cake, and helped wherever needed. It was a great experience to work as a team and continue to learn how to make weddings and other events at camp exceptional. The future plan is to not just hold camp here at Camp Daniel, but put on events like this – weddings, parties, church events, etc. Not only will this generate income needed to keep camp running, it will also provide more opportunities for people to connect with Camp Daniel and its ministries.These events will provided opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to have purposeful roles and be apart of serving their community. The community, in turn, will have the opportunity to interact with individuals with disabilities and see them valued and in roles the typical workplace and community do not create.


The Camp Daniel family was glad to be apart of this special event. We look forward to watching this relationship grow as a couple and with the future ministry of Camp Daniel.



Lots of work continues to be done on the Camp Daniel grounds. Last weekend’s workday lent to quite a few projects accomplished.


The stairs in the fire escape exit of The Barn were painted.


Lawn and garden work was accomplished.

Trish & Jamie The lakefront pavillon was thoroughly cleaned.



Steve & Marc

Sheet rock and light fixtures were hung in storage room in the lower level of The Barn.


Apart from the “scheduled” workday, many other projects have been done. Here Tony is mounting cabinets in The Sign Shop. This is were Karol uses vinyl lettering for making signs, t-shirts, and other personalized camp merchandise.

IMG_3545 Tile Bathroom

Karol has been busy tiling the two bathrooms in The Barn.

IMG_3362 IMG_3359

Sheet rock, the never ending job.


Here, Tony has his plumber’s hat on, plumbing the bathrooms in The Barn.


Nick continues to improve his plastering skills! With all that sheet rock, there is quite a bit of plastering to be done. If you have any experience, please come help!

Amanda Painting 2

And with all the plastering that gets done, it is followed up by primer and paint.

Apart from the constructions and projects on the grounds, we have been busy preparing for summer camp. Jen and Papa Tony spend many hours going through applications. Anthony continues to develop our Salesforce data base programs. Amanda is updating our summer camp manual. Trish has been preparing menus and writing out instructions for the kitchen. Laura Lee and Jen have been busy networking and recruiting volunteers and campers. Pastor Tim and Laura Lee continue to attend to the functions of The Able Church and prepare for the Dance 4 Disability on June 4th at Bay Beach. Karol has been finalizing the summer camp schedule, scheduling volunteers, and preparing themes and crafts.

As we say around camp, “Everyday is a Workday!” If you have time to serve, we continually need help. We could use help with construction, painting, yard work, and summer camp prep. If you are able to help, let us know! Email at or call the office at 715-757-3880.



Recently, these cabins arrived at camp! Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay has a Carpentry Apprenticeship program, and the students in the program took on these cabins as their class project. Not only did this provide for Camp Daniel’s needs, it also allowed students to have a practical, hands-on experience in the field of carpentry.

Like so much of what happens here at camp, this project came out of a relationship. One of Camp Daniel’s volunteers developed a relationship with the faculty at NWTC. This volunteer believed something like this could happen and persistently advocated for Camp Daniel. Others joined in this vision and began advocating, too. These relationships and conversations made this all possible. We as a team continue to be thankful and in awe as we watch God continuously weave together His plan to make events like this happen.


Here, they are unloading the cabins from the flatbed.



Two cabins were dropped off on last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, totaling 6 cabins! Next year the students will build 6 more cabins. The plan is to group all the cabins together with a common lounge and a bath house. These cabins house two people each and will be used to house the volunteers needed to assist the running of camp.

Inside Cabin

Here’s a picture of the inside.


Here, is the official hand-off. NWTC’s carpentry instructor hands off the keys to Little Tony.


Here are some links to local news covering the story!



This is the fourth year that Calvary Memorial Church in Racine has come to Camp Daniel for one of their mission’s trips. The group of about 30 arrived Friday night and spent the day Saturday doing several different meaningful and appreciated jobs throughout the camp.

Calvary Workday 8 Calvary Workday

One group spent the day doing garden and yard work. Boy, did they work hard and get a lot done!

Calvary Workday 3

Another group installed insulation in the new garage. We were all quite glad to see that job completed!

Calvary Workday 7 Calvary Workday 4

Another group put up sheet rock and installed corner bead.

Calvary Workday 9



Calvary Workday 6

A couple electricians did some wiring work in the garage.

   Calvary Workday 5  Calvary Workday 2  Calvary Workday 10

Another group primed and painted the stairwell that was just installed. They also primed and painted rooms and hallways adjacent to the garage.


Calvary workday 11

And here is Pastor Ethan, working hard to capture it all.

We are grateful for all their hard work! We are thankful for their time and service, assisting Camp Daniel to use the grounds sooner and year round.

When work groups come in like this, it encourages the staff on several different levels. First, a group of thirty can accomplish in a day what would take us at least a week! Secondly, it brings encouragement when others come to the grounds where we daily live and work, to invest into the ministry of Camp Daniel.  Some days, working the grind with just our missionaries, can seem difficult and overwhelming. When others come to share in the work, it helps us keep moving forward.  Lastly, workdays, like these, give an opportunity for individuals to see and hear about the ministry of Camp Daniel first hand. For many, coming to our workdays provides the opportunity to work along side individuals with intellectual disabilities for the first time. They begin to see people with intellectual disabilities in a whole new way and their preconceived thoughts and attitudes often begin to change. Many people that come on work trips like this, in turn, sign up to volunteer during our summer camps, furthering their involvement within Camp Daniel’s ministries.

When groups like this partner with us in service, they are not only investing in the advancing of the grounds and encouraging our missionaries, they are investing in the lives of all those who will attend and serve during the camps that will take place in the future.

If your church group or organization would like to create a mission’s trip to Camp Daniel, we would love to have you! Please contact the Camp Daniel office at 715-757-3880 or email at

***Opportunity to serve!*** This Saturday, May 7th, we are having our Spring Workday. This is open to everyone. We will continue many of the jobs we highlighted above. The day starts at 8:00am and goes till about 4pm. Lunch is provided so please RSVP to the camp office. Also, please let us know any specialty skills you may have, so we can use you appropriately. No special abilities needed, jobs available for all skill levels. Bring your family and bring your friends!


Construction continues at Camp Daniel! The biggest project we’ve been working on has been the stairwell/fire escape and it is quite the undertaking. The stairs connect the upper level of The Barn to the lower level Garage and Tool Room.

Stairs 2_edited-1

Here, Tony and Nick are framing out the two-tiered staircase.

Marc Drywall 2

Then, Marceaux and the guys put up the sheet rock.

Nick on Stairs

Nick feels accomplished having the lower flight finished!

Pre level 2

Here’s a picture before the second flight went up.

2 level stairs 2

Level 2 complete!

Seams 2

Marceaux and the guys tape the seems and plaster them, getting the drywall ready for plaster! If you have experience with plaster….we have lots of walls to be plastered and we need your help! Just let us know at!


The other major project going on is the bathrooms in the upper level. Here Stevo is preparing the floor for tile.


A group of students from Silver Birch Ranch/Nicolet Bible Institute worked along side Amanda, building shelves and continuing to put up sheet rock in The Garage.

There are always jobs to be done and we are working most days of the week. Contact us if you have time you could give to help complete our many, many projects, we need your help!!!

We also have a scheduled workday on May 7th. 8am – 4pm, lunch provided. Jobs for all skill levels!




The team at Camp Daniel often is involved with activities in conjunction with camp. Prior to joining the Camp Daniel team, Laura Lee spent much of her time connecting with other organizations doing ministry amongst and with people who have disabilities across the nation. One of her favorite organizations is Young Life Capernaum. Capernaum reaches teens with disabilities in local high schools throughout the US and world. Laura Lee has served on the Mission Wide Board for almost six years and now has great plans to link Camp Daniel and The Able Church to its ministry.

Caperneum 2

Camp Daniel and Capernaum have a very similar ethos believing relationships are central to all we do. These relationships include Jesus, teens, families, volunteers, leaders and donors. Camping is an integral part of what Capernaum does as it is also for Camp Daniel.   Laura Lee has been a Capernaum leader for several years; she loves hanging out with teens and watching them build genuine relationships with their peers. However, Laura Lee has been very concerned for teens with disabilities that finish their education and have no place to stay connected with friends in spiritual settings. Unlike typical students, once students with intellectual disabilities leave school, they often loose their social circle once they leave school.

Caperneum 3

Fortunately, a Capernaum club recently started at Green Bay East High School. Laura Lee is part of the leadership team and is helping to develop the club along with a few people from The Able Church and a camper from Camp Daniel. Laura Lee will encourage the teens to connect with Camp Daniel and The Able Church so that when they graduate from school, they will continue to have lasting relationships with people from The Able Church and Camp Daniel for many years to come. We look forward to developing a strong working relationship with Young Life Green Bay and many other organizations through out Wisconsin. We know the Camp Daniel Organization is stronger when we are working together and continue to be humbled by the relationships God continues to put in our path.

For more information regarding Camp Daniel, Young Life Capernaum, or The Able Church, feel free to contact Laura Lee at



Here’s a link to the media coverage about our new cabins!



This past February, missionaries from across the globe gathered in Bozeman, Montana, at Grace Bible Church for their Global Outreach Conference. The conference allows missionaries from all over the world the church supports to return in order to share with the congregation how things are progressing, receive encouragement, and connect with other missionaries. The Burys participated in the conference because they are supported by Grace Bible Church and they represented Camp Daniel.

Marceaux is from Bozeman and grew up attending Grace Bible Church.  It has been very encouraging for Jen and Marceaux to be valued as missionaries and have the disability community be recognized as a mission field.


While there, they were able to speak to several different groups ranging from preschool to senior adults about the value of people with disabilities and what the church is missing when this people group is not present and participating in the body of Christ. They used one of their puppets, Milo, who is in a wheelchair and has an intellectual disability to explain that God made them, loves them, and has a plan for their life.

The conference reminded Jen and Marceaux the importance of culture as they spoke with other missionaries. They identified most with a missionary that serves within the Native American community.  Both cultures exist here within the United States. Therefore, its missionaries do not have to leave their homeland nor their own culture, yet they still have to learn and embrace a different culture.  Both cultures think and perceive the world in a concrete way. Both cultures are relational. Jen asked the missionary how a Native American church would look like without the influence of outside cultures. He explained that the first thing you would notice is the seating arrangement.  They would not have chairs in rows, but rather everyone would sit in a circle. They would not have one person or several leaders standing up front, apart from the group. They have a strong belief in being together and would not do things to separate from the group. There would be teachers, but they would remain within the group, not set apart. Teaching would be concrete and simple. Worship music would consist of drumming and traditional singing.

These conversations reflect the rest of the staff at Camp Daniel continually have among the team. Is there a different culture for those living with intellectual disabilities? If so, should worship environments reflect cultural norms for this culture? How is this communicated to local churches, especially when they want to be equipped to do “disability ministry”? What would this look like? These are just a few questions we explore as we think through the best way to communicate God’s love and plan for those living with intellectual disabilities.

Previously, Grace Bible has sent volunteers on short-term mission’s trip to Camp Daniel. Mission trips help fulfill our need for volunteers, but they also give us a chance to inspire and equip volunteers to take back a message proclaiming people with disabilities are needed in the church to help make the church complete.

IMG_3095 IMG_3091IMG_3103

During the conference, Jen and Marceaux stayed with Marceaux’s family, allowing for Grandma and Grandpa to get plenty of MJ time. They also spent time meeting with supporters, visiting members from previous Camp Daniel trips, and recruiting new volunteers for this year’s summer camps.

Camp Daniel depends on churches for many of our needs. We need work teams to help with building our grounds, teams for summer camps, and financial support. If you would like to learn more about ways your church can contribute to Camp Daniel, please write us at: or call our camp office at 715-757-3880.


Snow Sign

With this last snowstorm, Camp Daniel accumulated 10 inches of snow! Just the day before, there was not a flake on the ground. Actually, the week before, we had temperatures reaching 70 degrees! Spring weather here at camp is not very predictable.

When snow hits, it is quite the production to remove snow. All hands are on deck and it is a grueling, long day! The day starts by 8am and most of the time, we are still working until late afternoon, depending on how much snow we get. Everyone agrees that it is pretty to look at, but typically we would rather just look at it and not do all the work to remove it.

Cardo Shovel Chalsee Shovel Jake & Brian Shovel

Cardo, Chalsee, Jake, & Brian set out with shovels clearing all the side walks that the snowblower cannot get to.

Nick Snowblower

Nick Stonelake gets out the push snowblower. Unfortunately,the snow was too wet and heavy, clogging the auger and making it difficult to use.

John Deer Snowblower

Marceaux, Karol, Amanda, and Nick rotate who operates the John Deer snow blower, getting areas the snowplow cannot get.

Plow Truck TrishHere, Trish is in the snowplow, getting the parking lot, driveways, and roadways on camp.

John Deer Ditch

Of course, there are all the interruptions that can make the day even longer and more grueling. The John Deer snowplow gets stuck, the plow truck gets stuck, staff vehicles get stuck, or snowblowers get clogged with snow or break down. Marceaux and Pastor Tim spend a good portion of the winter fixing snow removal equipment.

Typically, if you ask anyone of us about snow days and snow removal, you will probably here a bit of complaining and dislike for all the work. However, it is a chance for each of us to come together and work as a team. It is a team effort and could not be done without the team. And the end of the day, we can look at the feat we accomplished and appreciate the community we live in………and hope it doesn’t snow tomorrow!



Last weekend marked the 6th year The Able Church held its winter retreat at Camp Daniel. It was an exciting weekend on several levels. It was a chance for The Able Church to continue to grow its partnership with Camp Daniel, allowing its members to reconnect with Camp Daniel before the summer season.

Winter Retreat Nick Pool Winter Retreat BB Winter Retreat Amanda Winter Retreat Air Hockey 

We recently finished two new rooms at Camp Daniel and used them for the first time. The Antique Shop and The Game Room. The Antique Shop is a nice seating area and we held the weekend’s counselor meetings.


Winter Retreat Chapel

The guest speakers were Larry and Carolyn Campbell, longstanding friends and partners of both The Able Church and Camp Daniel. They have a sister organization in the Twin Cities area.

Winter Retreat Bonfire

We had nice spring weather, temperature close to 70 degrees. Here you see everyone having hot chocolate around a campfire. With the weather the way it was, we probably should have had lemon aid and called it a Spring Retreat!

Winter Retreat Rec Winter Retreat Craft

The weekend was also filled with recreational group games and crafts.

The weekend gave members of The Able Church an opportunity to connect, grow relationships, and share life together outside their typical church schedule. It gave all of us at Camp Daniel a glimpse into the future of what things will be like when we hold camps and retreats here year round. Pretty exciting!


For those of you who haven’t met, this is Chalsee! She is one of our missionaries living in the Brunot House. She has been attending our summer camps for over 15 years.  She has always wanted to live at Camp Daniel and be one of our missionaries. When asked why she wanted to move to and become a missionary, she replied, “I love God and want to tell others about God.” She also said that she wanted to be a part of a community, working on meaningful projects and helping others. Last year, with the help of caring family and advocates in her life, she was able to reach her goal and moved to camp.  Since then, she has been involved in many different activities and wearing many different hats.

Jake & CC drawers

Each day is a little different for Chalsee. Some days, she works with Jake, Cardo, Richard, and Nick doing whatever the project is of the day. She does anything and everything from moving and hauling tools and supplies, sanding, sorting, sweeping, and cleaning, to name a few. In the picture above, she is sanding drawers for one of the supply cabinets in the Tool Storage Room. Sand Pew

Here, she is sanding an old pew from Trinity, where Pastor John and Tony use to pastor. It will be placed in The Barn once it is refinished. Chalsee enjoys sanding and has the patience and endurance needed to do such tedious, fine motor work. Whenever there is down time in-between jobs, she quickly gravitates to the sanding project, where as for the other guys, this would not be their first choice. It is good that we all have different skills and interests, which can benefit the community.

Chalsee Raking

During the summertime, Chalsee helps Trish with the gardens and landscaping. She pulls weeds, shovels dirt, rakes leafs, and water plants. She also helps Trish with planting and transplanting plants on the grounds.

Chalsee Kitchen


The kitchen is another place Chalsee works and enjoys. During summer camp, helps Trish in the kitchen, as well as, maintains supplies and cleans in the dinning hall. In our “off season”, Chalsee helps Trish put on any meals we serve during our workdays and retreats held on the grounds.

Chalsee uses her craft skills here around camp, too. She has knitted several hats and scarfs to be sold at The Able Church Christmas Fair. She has also helped make decorations that needed to be made for special events and summer camp craft projects.

CC & MJ CC & MJ PlaydoChalsee & MJ Cookies

When she is not doing any of the above tasks, Chalsee watches MJ! This is helpful in many ways. Not only does MJ enjoy it when Chalsee “comes to play”, if frees Jen up to attend to some of the tasks she needs to accomplish for camp. More importantly, Chalsee is very good with kids and it is something she really enjoys.

SO Scrimmage Marinette

Here, Chalsee (on the end), is competing in Special Olympics basketball for Marinette County. She also participates during the bowling and track seasons. This is a great way for Chalsee to build relationships, staying connected with campers and her friends, as well as, making new friends.

As you see, Chalsee wears many hats. The astonishing thing is that God knew it all along! Prior to Chalsee moving to camp, she had been attending Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, taking classes in Gardening, Cooking, Art, and Childcare. Little did she know she would be using all those skills today here at Camp Daniel!

One of the goals at Camp Daniel is help people find the purpose God gives each of us, and come along side each other to help reach these goals.

This past year has given Chalsee a chance to explore several different areas of ministry. Pray with Chalsee as she continues to explore the many opportunities camp has for her moving forward. We are all excited to see how she will be transformed into the person God intended her to be. It will be exciting to watch if she will excel and focus in one specific area or continue to wear many hats.



We are nearly completion of the Antique Shop portion of the building commonly known as “the barn”.  The shop is centrally located in the building  the barn/sanctuary, the bathrooms and the game room.



The space has comfortable seating for 7-12 people, so it will be great for small meetings.  It is also, just a comfortable place to relax, and many people in the years to come will just want to hang out here.  It features ambient lighting with vintage bulbs, durable old furniture, and collections of old mirrors, radios, records and bottles.  We added in architectural details to the rough woodwork, which contrasts the black flooring and dark gray walls.  As with all the newer spaces at Camp Daniel, there are hidden Georgie’s to be discovered.


,IMGP2533 (1) IMGP2539

Many of the items were collected by the Piantines over the years, and some were purchased specifically for this space.  The glassware in the glass case was salvaged in 2008, on the Camp Daniel grounds when Tony was excavating by the Factory(craft cabin) and came across what was the “dump” during the Salvation Army days.   The small area was loaded with glass and cans, that we felt were important to the history of the grounds.  Some of the pieces have been on display in the office, but we were glad for a place to put several more.

DSC06295Don’t be fooled by all the vintage pieces; this space will serve those at camp with some great technology.  The monitor in the photo will show the live video feed of any event happening in the chapel, while a second screen will show whatever is on the screen in the chapel.  Closing the doors between the two spaces will make this a great overflow room, or “cry room”. We are finishing up the last details to be ready for the Able Church Winter Retreat in March.


Special Olympics is a big part of the “off season” for Camp Daniel’s missionaries. Trish, Marceaux, and Jen volunteer with the Marinette agency. Chalsee participated during the bowling season and now is at member on the basketball team. Pastor Tim and Amanda help lead The Able Church teams in Green Bay as part of The Able Church Family Night held on Tuesdays. Nick, Cardo, Jake, and Brian are athletes on the teams.

Guns & HosesA week ago, the Marinette Special Olympics agency hosted their annual Guns N Hoses fundraiser. This was a basketball game between the Marinette police officers and firefighters. Trish and the Burys volunteered at the event. The firefighters won.

SO MarinetteSO Scrimmage MarinetteSO Scrimmage Marinette

During the half time, the Special Olympic teams scrimmaged against themselves. Chalsee and several other campers from Camp Daniel played in the scrimmage.

Marinette vs AbleThis past weekend, there was a special event. Marinette’s team (in orange) hosted a mini tournament, in which The Able Church team (in blue) participated. It was special for Marceaux and Jen (now with Marinette) to have their team play against their old team, The Able Church, having their relationships from both teams connect.

Darlene & Tina

It was also a special event for Tina & Darlene (Camp Daniel regulars). They were roommates in Green Bay for many years and a big part of The Able Church Special Olympics. This past fall, Tina moved to Marinette. The Burys and Trish have made sure she got connected in the Marinette community, giving her rides to church, games nights and Marinette’s Special Olympics. Darlene came to this tournament and was able to reconnect with Tina! It is exciting to see that out of the relationships and connections the Burys and Trish have formed over the years in Marinette has allowed this scenario to happen.

Special Olympics has been a very beneficial organization for Camp Daniel to be involved with. Many of our campers are involved in Special Olympics. This allows us to stay connected with campers year round. Staying connected also helps us know what the Special Olympics organization and the general public is advocating for within the disability community.

  For The Able Church agency in Green Bay, it has drawn in many athletes that have not been apart of The Able Church before. It has allowed for athletes a way to put into practice the things they learn at The Able Church. Furthermore, it has allowed athletes to be an example of Chist-like character at tournaments, playing against other teams. The Able Church is the only church team represented out of hundreds of Special Olympic teams throughout Wisconsin. It also allows The Able Church (and Camp Daniel) to get its name more recognition and connect people to our ministries.

The Able Church Special Olympics continues to look for volunteers to help with coaching the teams, giving rides, and agency administration. If you would like to be involved, please contact Pastor Tim at



Through some Camp Daniel relationships with staff at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College of Green Bay, their construction program took on a building project for us! Students get a direct, hands-on experience learning the construction trade and we will be the recipients of the cabins they build! These cabins will be used for support staff during our summer camp season. Here is the link to the news clip we were highlighted in on Channel 2. Check it out!



Gas Station Floor Tire marks

Work continues in the Gas Station!

Gas Station Floor Karol

Here, Karol is distressing the floor to look like a gas station.
Installing Lights Gas Station

Marceaux and Nick spent most of the week hanging lights. Tony and the guys continue to wire electrical outlets and light switches.

This “Gas Station” is located off the Antique Shop, next to The Barn. It will be the home of the game room, with a ping-pong table, pool table, and many board games. Not only will this room be in high use once we have summer camp here, it will also be useful when we host groups here throughout the year. Even the missionaries that live here full-time look forward to having a place to hang out with each other. MJ can’t wait to play ping-pong!

Not only will the inside look like a gas station, the outside will also look like a gas station. It will have signs, a gas pump, and other items you would find at a gas station. Why all the detail? We want to people to know we value them and that they are worth it!

We can use more help! If you have any experience with basic electrical, there are more outlets, switches, and light fixtures to be wired. If you have any plastering experience, we have LOTS of plastering to do! Let us know at or call the office at 715-757-3880.

Here’s some items we could still use for the Gas Station: Anything you’d find in an old gas station, service station, old car parts, auto tools, lights. Gas, oil and transportation signs, a glass display case, old school lockers, old shelving, a pub height table and chairs, a couple of restaurant booths, old oil cans, vintage board games to display, upright video arcade games, pinball machine, two 42″ flat screen tvs, tire rack, anything that says Mobil gas or oil, Pepsi vending machine, pepsi signs, pepsi coolers, old pepsi bottles, cases, and a pepsi neon sign. If you have any of these items or want to help purchase them, send us an email at or call the office at 715-757-3880.



Trish, Chalsee, and The Burys have been attending New Life Church in Marinette for the past several years. One of their goals has been to connect and build relationships in the Marinette area since many of our campers live in that community. Attending New Life Church has been part of a big part of making relationships and connections in the Marinette area. Furthermore, this church community has been a big part of these missionaries’ spiritual growth and connection.

They all volunteer in different areas within the church. Trish has been involved with the children’s program at New Life in Marinette for the past couple of years. Besides Trish loving kids, this has given her opportunities to build relationships with families and other church leaders. This has helped more people see what the team at Camp Daniel already knows about Trish; she is a leader.

New Life Center SignJust recently, some of the leaders from New Life Church approached Trish about leading a small group at New Life Assisted Living Center (not affiliated with the church) in Crivitz that requested a bible study be started with their residents. Knowing Trish lives and works in disability ministry at Camp Daniel, she was the first person they considered to have lead this group. Trish was excited and honored to be approached. Having Trish lead this group fits well with the ministry of Camp Daniel. The elderly population is often overlooked and devalued, similar to those with intellectual disabilities that we serve at camp.

This is a good connection in the Crivitz community and with New Life Church. We hope to see New Life Church continue to reach out to our missionaries for any assistance they may need reaching the needs of people with disabilities. In turn, we look forward to our deepening relationship with New Life Church as more of its members continue to get involved with volunteer opportunities through camp work days and summer camp.New Life Center

Here’s a picture of one of the meeting rooms at New Life Assisted Living Center.

We are glad to see Trish seek opportunities to grow her leadership and relationship skills. We are excited to see what relationships form and lives that are touched by the group Trish leads.



Carnival Tent

Most people complete a project and consider it finished. Not here at Camp Daniel! We are always looking for ways to improve things and add more detail. This is true for the way things look around our property here at Camp Daniel, as well as, the way we do things during our summer camp season. Here, Amanda is painting another canopy for the Carnival Trailer. We built the Carnival Trailer last year to store all the carnival equipment and to serve as a backdrop for our carnival games. It was a great addition to the Carnival! However, we would like to give it more detail and character to help it look and feel more like you are at a carnival.

Why go through all the trouble? Does it really matter? YES! We want people that come to camp know and feel that they are worth it. We often hear people say things that would suggest and see evidence that the typical person believes it doesn’t matter and feels that people with intellectual disabilities won’t care whether or not something is decorated or plain. That is NOT the message we want to share at Camp Daniel. We want people to know that they are worth all the details! Come take a tour of the Camp Daniel grounds, on the Athelstane campus, and you will see exactly what we are taking about. You will be overwhelmed by all the detail, time, love, and care that is put into the everything built on the grounds. We hope you will feel that love and be motivated to share that same level of love with others.

Back stage II

Amanda’s parents came to visit over the weekend to spend time with Amanda and give their time to serve. Here, Amanda and her mom are painting the backstage of the dinning hall. When the dinning hall is complete, this room will store sound equipment and theme decorations that will be used during mealtime. Until then, this room will be used to store all the current kitchen supplies we use during summer camp. This is a huge relief for Trish. Currently, kitchen items are stored in at least three different places around camp. This will make things easier for Trish to organize and find things!

Amanda’s dad used his expertise to do more electrical work in the garage. He wired up the switches for the garage door openers. Thanks for your help! There is much more electrical work to be completed. If you have electrical experience, please come help us out!

Tool Room Progress

Work continued in the Tool Storage Room. Many hours have been put in sorting parts, putting up shelving, and organizing. Karol and Tony put labels on hundreds of boxes, totes, shelves, drawers, etc. Looking good! It is Nick Stonelake’s desire to oversee this room. It is our goal to have each of our missionaries, with or without an intellectual disability, achieve their goals and have a purposeful role in the Camp Daniel community. Richard’s goal is to run The Nature Center and we will come along side him to help make that possible. The message we want to bring is that everyone is valuable, with a purpose and a plan for their lives. Everyone has something to offer. However, we all need help finding and achieving God’s plan for our lives. We also want to extend that message and help to all our campers and counselors alike.

Laura Lee

Laura Lee, our newest missionary staff member, retuned from her trip to Florida. She was there to share the vision and mission of Camp Daniel and to raise her monthly support.  All the missionaries at Camp Daniel raise their own support, not receiving any salary from Camp Daniel. Laura Lee lived and worked in Florida for 6 years in disability ministry at Northland Church in Longwood. She spoke with many groups of people, including leaders of Northland’s Children’s ministry. They decided to make Camp Daniel a recipient of their children’s offering during the month of April. This has been very exciting for us as this will cover the cost for a new excavator attachment for the skid-steer. This will be used to dig trenches for a fiber optic lines. We will be using this system to communicate between the different buildings on camp.

Since Laura Lee’s return, she has been settling in at the Brunot House and in her office in the Camp Daniel office. One of her roles will be to help evaluate, develop and implement systems and processes for our ministry. As shared above, we desire to do our best and alway improve where we can. Laura Lee’s prior experience will be instrumental as we move forward.

Trish continues to do snow removal and sanding on the grounds and Brunot House. She started preparing for this year’s summer camp, making meal calendars, directions and procedure sheets.

Karol continues to work on the 2016 camper and counselor applications. This has been an extensive job, improving the wording and formatting of the application….always improving. The other extensive part to this is making the application available online.

Jen, with the help of Anthony, has been busy continually updating our data base our Salesforce program. This program will help us to customize lists for different mailings, keeping track of data of all our camp applicants, track volunteers and donators. It also helps us generate customized lists needed during summer camp to create name tags, labels for medical files, information about those with special diets for the kitchen, camper/counselor match-ups, craft group lists….to name a few.

Marceaux continues to work on plastering corners and seams in The Garage, as well as, vehicle maintenance.

Pastor Tim spends much of his time with The Able Church. Tuesdays is The Able Church Family Night, where there are Special Olympic practices followed by a pizza dinner and Bible study. Fridays are the weekly church services. Just recently, Pastor Tim started a service in Oconto the first Thursdays of the month. He spends a great deal of time preparing for these events, as well as, caring for and attending to the needs of The Able Church members regularly.



From the front desk of Papa Tony…He is a rather humble gentleman, not wanting his picture taken for this blog or any accolades for the hard work that he does. Therefore, MJ is sitting in for Papa Tony’s picture. It is a big chair and a big role to fill.

Besides being a founder of Camp Daniel 20 years ago, he is also the office manager. He answers the phone and greets anyone that comes to the door. He labors many hours managing all the finances of Camp Daniel. He pays the bills, balances the checkbook, creates the budgets, and manages receipts for camp purchases (which are all organized in many different categories, including for what building on camp an item was purchased. He manages donor information, sends out tax deductible receipts to donors, and creates a payroll for camp missionaries from their supporters. He deals with insurance, which is quite extensive, beyond what we normal think about- camp vehicles, camp grounds, camp housing, summer camp, work days, etc. He prepares all the tax forms. He puts together year end reports and other requirements to maintain our non-profit status. He finds the best deals for utilities and other services camp needs. He is constantly finding ways for us to save money and keep Little Tony from spending it.:-) He runs the camp store on the grounds year round and at Lake Helen during summer camp. He is in charge of ordering items for the camp store, as well as, general office supplies. He deals with fire and health inspectors. He processes all the camper and volunteer applications, with many hours making and receiving phone calls for clarifications. You will often see him picking up debris around the grounds, raking leaves, or sweeping. He carries a large garbage can in his gulf cart, at all times, ready to collect debris he finds along the way. He works everyday from 9-5, sometimes before 9. He works most Saturdays, too, for various hours. You may catch him catch him checking the score of the Pirates or Steelers, once in a while, but most of the time, you will find him hard at work.

This list is probably only half of what he really does, the rest goes unseen. Without Papa Tony, we would not exist. He is a true example of sacrifice, service, and dedication. We here at Camp Daniel have a deep, sincere gratitude for all that he does.

Nick roll board

Work continues in the Tool Storage Room. Nick built some carts for some the heavy tools, like the tile cutter. This will allow them to move them from storage to be used more easily.

Back Stage

The “old” tool room was cleaned and prepped to be painted. In the future, this room will be the “Back Stage” of the stage in the new dinning hall. It will be used to store sound equipment and decorations for the theme meals.

New Garage

Here, Marceaux is working on the camp’s TruckALL service truck. It needed a new clutch and brake lines. Marceaux is very, very happy to be working on this in the new garage and not outside in the cold!

Bingo Game

Amanda has been working on project for summer camp. Here she is holding British Bingo Cards she made. The game will be played during the British Breakfast for some extra fun.

Karol continues to work on the summer camp applications, hard copy and online version. This is quite and extensive task. Trish hand made over 75 camper birthday cards to cover the next several months. Jen spent many hours working on their personal newsletter to their supporters. Laura Lee comes home this weekend from her travels to Florida, attempting to raise donor support.


Tool Room Saw

This past week, a lot was accomplished in the new tool storage room. This has been quite exciting for Tony as the tool room has been in nine different temporary locations over the years! Though all those moves have been time consuming and burdensome, they have given Tony great ideas for the final tool room. Nearing the end of finishing the tool storage room has been exciting for Nick Stonelake as well, since he really likes working with tools and plans on using this this room a lot.

Tony setting up tools

Tony and Nick organized tools with wall mounts.

Tool Room Built shelves

Custom shelving was built for the tool storage room.

Tool Room Shelving

Amanda, Chalsee and the Guys moved shelving and tools from the old tool room to the new one.

AndreiCardo & Andrei

Jen’s cousin’s husband, Andrei (who is an electrician), came to do electrical work. He worked on installing outlets, light fixtures, and smoke alarms. He even showed Cardo some electrical basics. Thanks Andrei for all your help!! If you have electrical experience, we have a lot more to do! Let us know!

Amanda Painting

Amanda painted doors and trim in the Tool Storage Room.

Marc seams

Marceaux finished plastering all corners, seams, and nail holes of the Garage. It is ready to be fully plastered! If you have experience doing plaster jobs, we need your help! We have 20ft high ceiling and a lot of wall to cover! Please let us know if you can help!

Karol has continues to work on this year’s application for campers and counselors. Jen continues to work on the Salesforce data base. Trish has been busy with sanding the ice that is everywhere.

Come volunteer or just visit anytime! Just let us know!


CD Sign with MJKarol has been busy making signs for Camp and The Able Church. Here, MJ is modeling one of the new signs. Karol has also been preparing this year’s camper and counselor summer camp applications, with both paper and internet options. Tool Room

Tony and the guys have been busy putting together the new tool storage room. They started transferring tools from the old, temporary tool room to their permanent home below The Barn.

Anthony, Jen, Amanda, & Trish have been busy continuing the work with Salesforce, our new data base. We are preparing for our summer camp application mailing, as well as another newsletter.

This weekend was a big weekend for Special Olympics Basketball. The Able Church in Green Bay had two teams play in Saturday’s tournament in Neenah.

Able Basketball 2016

Able Attack II, headed by coach Bill, won their game 45-6! Good job team!

Able 1 2016

Able Attack I, headed by coach Roger, won their game, also, 28-19. Pastor Tim and Intern Amanda also help with both teams.

Marinette SO 2016

Marceaux helps coach the team in Marinette. They played in two tournaments this weekend. They lost their games in Neenah, but won their games in Sheboygan on Sunday.



computer-devices-mobile-phone-laptop-printer-camera-tabl-tablet-pc-d-44517969Camp Daniel collects old (working or broken) items in which we submit for reimbursement. Here is a list of items we accept.

-MP3 Players
-GPS Devices
-Digital Cameras
-Radar Detectors
-Empty Ink Cartridges
-Pop Cans

Support Camp Daniel and make your work or church a collection site! Set out a box and put up a sign! We can help with signage if you need, let us know!

All items can be dropped off anytime of the year at the Camp Daniel office or at The Able Church in Green Bay (1840 W. Mason St). If you do not give to staff member directly, please put note on your item that says “Old Camera (or whatever item you have) for Camp Daniel Reimbursement”. Thank you!!!


Another great way to contribute is to shop Amazon Smile and Amazon will contribute a percentage of your purchase to Camp Daniel! Simply go to Make sure you select Camp Daniel, Inc as your supporting organization. Then just make sure every time you make a purchase that you are on the “Smile” site. Pretty simple!

If you have other great ways to contribute, let us know!



The New Year brings Camp Daniel a new staff member. Meet Laura Lee! Last Wednesday, we all went down to move Laura Lee from her apartment in Oconomowoc up to Camp Daniel. She moved into the ladies home, The Brunot House. Laura Lee has been a long standing partner and friend of Camp Daniel for over 12 years. She felt God calling her to be a part of the ministry of Camp Daniel back then and new that some day she would be a part of the family. Laura Lee has been an intrical part of what goes on here at camp. For many years, she has helped Tony with casting vision and developing the models of how and why camp functions like it does. She has been a camp counselor, a head counselor and the last two summers, she was one of our evening chapel speakers.

Laura Lee brings quite a bit of experience in Disability Ministry with her. She has worked for Northland Church in Florida for 6 years, in Disability Ministry.  Since 2008, she has been a big part of Capernaum, which is a section of Young Life that focuses on students with intellect and developmental disabilities. She has also been involved with other camps and retreats for people with disabilities including Joni & Friends Retreats and Break-a-Way camps. About 3 years ago, Laura Lee moved back to the midwest (she was born and raised in Sheboygan) to work for Bethesda, an organization in the Lutheran Church that addresses the needs of people with intellectual disabilities. She also has been a part of several different Disability Ministry network groups, one of which she leads.

We are excited to have Laura Lee on board and continue share her experience and continue to improve the way we do things here at camp. She will be developing strategies to  improve the practices and policies we currently have and creating new ones. Another big focus for her will be leadership development with campers, counselors, and within our own staff. She will continue her work with Capernaum and the various Disability Ministry networking groups she is involved in. She will also get to share the work that we all share living in community- grounds work, hosting groups that come, building projects, office work, etc.

Currently, Laura Lee is in Florida visiting family and friends, as well as, raising her monthly support, like all the missionaries at Camp Daniel do. If you are considering supporting a missionary, consider supporting Laura Lee! It is always hard, and a bit scary, to start raising support. Not only would you be investing in Laura Lee, but also Camp Daniel as a whole, since she will be a huge part of the development of camp. Simply write your check to Camp Daniel and write Laura Lee’s name in the memo. You can also set up direct deposit by calling Tony Sr. at 715-757-3880.

snow blower

Also new to Camp Daniel……..SNOW! This past Monday and Tuesday brought our first substantial snow. Here is our John Deer lawnmower with the plow attachment to plow the many sidewalks here at camp.

Snow Shovel

The guys from the Hartley house shovel and use smaller blowers where Marceaux can’t get with the John deer. Trish and Tony get the parking lots and driveways with the plow truck. Snow removal is quite a big deal here a camp and it takes a community to get it done!

The lake is still not completely frozen over!

new years fried food new years party

Camp Daniel brought in the New Year with a “Fry Everything” party. We homemade potato chips, fried pickles, fried jalapeños, fried ravioli, fried cheese, fried cheesecake, onion rings, to name a few. (Resolutions don’t start til Monday, right?)

We are looking forward to the many more new things in this coming year. We would love to have you share and be a part the    year ahead!


Camp NativityAll of us here at Camp Daniel have our own Christmas traditions and those that we share together. Every year, Papa Tony puts out a nativity set in front of the camp office, illuminated through the night.

Staff Christmas party

For several years now, the Camp Daniel staff have gathered for a Christmas party. This year we had a brunch at the Hartley House and a gift exchange.

Gift Exchange 2015

Each staff member drew a name for the gift exchange.

MJ Gift Exchange

Everybody spoiled MJ!

Voting Line

After the party, Camp Daniel hit the voting poles for a local election. MJ was really sad when he got there and wasn’t getting a “boat” ride since we told him we were going to “vote”, which sounded like boat to him.

We like to share some of our Christmas traditions from each of us!

Piantines 1

A long standing tradition in the Piantine family has been to dress up as the different characters in the Nativity. This tradition started from Grandma Jo’s mother, who supplied a box of costumes for her grandchildren. Here you see Little Tony (standing), his sister Lora, and his brother Daniel (whom camp is named after).

Piantine 2

 Here are Little Tony and Lora’s children, carrying out the tradition!


From the Burys….Every year, Jen put up her Christmas village that used to be her Grandma Gruber. On Christmas Eve, they will wind the music box and watch the figure skaters circle the ice. In the distant Gruber family line come the song, Silent Night, composed by Franz Xaver Gruber, making that a special song for them.

White flocked tree

Marceaux remembers growing up flocking their Christmas tree white and decorating with red ornaments. He remembers blowing the flock out of their vacuum cleaner, creating quite a mess. He will always remember the distinct smell of fresh pine and flock!

Trish Tree

Trish’s tradition is to put up a smaller, 6ft tree in her bedroom filled with ornaments from when she grew up. She calls this tree her “childhood tree” and she loves it! (She also puts up her “adult tree” in the living room.)

WHite Christmas

Intern Amanda recalls watching old Christmas cartoons with her younger sister while eating grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup. Over the years, the old VHS tape wore out so they changed their movie to White Christmas!

ham 2

Chalsee’s favorite part about Christmas is being with family. Her favorite Christmas food is ham. Her best Christmas memory was when a family from her church provided them with a Christmas meal. Her favorite Christmas song is Angels We Have Heard On High. Her favorite Christmas movie is The Grinch. Asked if she could be any character present in the Nativity scene who would she be, she chose Mary. A tradition she enjoys is getting together with the Woods family.

Chocolate pie

Richard’s favorite part about Christmas is the presents! His favorite Christmas food is chocolate pie. His favorite Christmas song is I’ll Be Home For Christmas, by Amy Grant. He enjoys buying gifts for others. His favorite movie is Prancer Returns. If he could be any character in the Nativity scene, he would be a wise-man.

Snowball fight

Nick’s favorite part about Christmas is being with family. His favorite Christmas food is sweet potatoes. His favorite Christmas song is Away In A Manger. His favorite Christmas movie is The Grinch. He would be a Shepherd, if he could be in the Nativity scene. A tradition he enjoys is having snowball fights!

peanuts 2

Brian’s favorite part about Christmas is being with family. His favorite Christmas food is apple pie. His favorite Christmas song is Away In A Manger. His favorite Christmas movie is Snoopy. He would be a wise-man in the Nativity scene. His favorite gift he got were tools.

Little Drummer Boy

Jake’s favorite part about Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus. His favorite Christmas food is the turkey dressing. His favorite Christmas song is The Little Drummer Boy. He loves the rhythm of the song and it has always been special to him. Jake’s favorite Christmas movie is White Christmas, since it is a story of family and friendship during the Christmas season. If he could be present in the Nativity scene, he would like to be a shepherd.

Able & LHC Sign

The Mandich family Christmas has everything to do with with coming together as a family. Christmas eve started with the family dressing up for Christmas eve service. Janice would make a special dinner of the kid’s favorite foods, such as barbecue ribs, cheesey potatoes, crescent rolls and green bean casserole. Because the meal was special, they ate in the formal dinning room under the light of candles. Dinner soon gave way the the rush to get things packed away so they could all get to church on time. The service was always uniquely different, with many times the lights dimmed to draw attention to the special singing or production.

After church, there was always the visiting and the wishing of others to have a Merry Christmas. Then they would pack in the car for a short trip to one of Janice’s family members for a Christmas eve celebration. There was always an abundance of Christmas treats to make one full to the point of bursting. When the kids were younger, Santa would would make a grand entrance, handing out gifts for all the kids. When the evening was done, they headed home for some much needed rest before the kids would wake up very early in the morning to begin the process of guessing what was in those neatly wrapped boxes labeled with their name. They always take turns opening gifts and taking photos of all the newly acquired booty. Then, of course, there’s the mess to clean-up before they enjoy some of Janice’s home made cinnamon rolls. The remainder of Christmas was spent visiting with family or hosting family at the house. By the time Christmas day was done, they were ready to get back into their routines of life until new years eve came a week later. And that would be another chance to enjoy more family traditions.


Septic System Garage

Wednesday, the septic system went in for the new garage and The Barn!

popcorn 2015 2

Once again, Trish helped make and package popcorn for the company Heart@Work. This has been a great partnership for us since once our kitchen is up and running, we’d like make popcorn here at camp! Here, Intern Amanda, is helping for the first time. For more info about Heart@Work go to

Game Room Floor

Karol & Amanda stained the floor of The Game Room. This room is located next to the entry way meeting room off of The Barn. The Game Room will house games such as ping-pong, pool, and board games. It will be a place to gather to have fun, hang out, and build relationships.

Mj Concert 2

MJ (in red & white) had his first Christmas concert with his preschool classmates at Crivitz Youth, Inc. MJ attends two days a week, learning many valuable skills. His favorite classroom job is to be The Weather Watcher, giving a report on the weather.

Chalsee BDay

Thursday, Trish threw a birthday party for Chalsee at The Brunot House. Happy Birthday, Chalsee!

Tony Woodshop

There has been lots of work in Tool Storage Room this past week! Here, Tony is putting up corrugated, metal paneling.

Woodshop Woodshop 2

Tony and the guys designed and started building work stations. It has been very exciting to finally have a permanent tool storage room, especially considering it has had to move locations around camp many times. Nick Stonelake is very excited to see this come together as it has been his dream to oversee the tool storage room as his main role here at camp.

Sand Pew

Chalsee and the guys have been busy sanding two church pews. When Trinity Assembly (where Pastor John & Tony pastored at year ago) removed their pews, a few remained and Tony was able to obtain them. One is now located in the entryway of the Brunot House and these two will be placed in The Barn.

Jake & CC drawers

Here, Jake and Chalsee are sanding drawers from an old filing cabinet that will be used for storing parts.

Seams Garage

Marceaux and Richard have been spending many hours taping and plastering seems in The Garage. There is a lot more to be done, a lot of high ceiling walls that need to be plastered. If you have experience plastering, come help!

amanda moving Moving

Friday, 10 men and girls and 2 Trucks (Camp Daniel Missionaries), helped our Intern, Amanda’s, parents move from Plymouth to Sheboygan Falls. With all our experience moving summer camp to Lake Helen every summer, we made a great moving crew!

Able Skits

Pastor Tim has been putting together skits for The Able Church about the Christmas season. This skit here was used to explain that Christmas is not all about the lights, but about the birth of Jesus. Pastor Tim continues to find creative ways to communicate and teach lessons from the Bible in a way people with intellectual disabilities can understand and relate to.




The youth group from Our Lady of Hope (OLH) in Des Plaines, IL, headed up by Deacon Jim, has been coming to Camp Daniel every summer for their mission’s trip for 11 years. Each year, they raised money for materials and supplies. Then, they would spend a week here at Camp Daniel, working on various construction and landscaping projects.

This year marked their 11th year serving at Camp Daniel. In honor of the 11 years and the retirement of Deacon Jim, we held an official dedication ceremony of the nature center, the first project OLH took on.

How it all began… One of our faithful volunteers, Cherylee, grew up coming to the Camp Daniel grounds when it was a Salvation Army Camp. After the Salvation Army Camp was gone, she returned to the grounds to revisit old memories. When Camp Daniel bought the property in 1994, she was a bit resistant to the change, since it overtook the camp she once knew and loved. However, after hearing what Camp Daniel is about, she quickly warmed up to and welcomed us. She became very involved, becoming one of our biggest advocates and a counselor. She told everyone she met about Camp Daniel.

Cherylee had a friend, to whom she told all about Camp Daniel. This friend’s husband was roommates, in college, with Deacon Jim. She told Cheryl Lee that he was a Deacon who took his youth group on a mission’s trip every year in the Appalachian area for service projects. At the time, Deacon Jim was looking for something in a more northern region, closer to home and a bit cooler in climate. Cherylee’s friend connected Deacon Jim with Camp Daniel and it became a perfect match.

Deacon Jim came to tour the grounds and see what the possibilities were. Little Tony gave a tour, sharing stories of God’s provisions up to that point, and shared the plans and vision for the future. One of the items Tony mentioned was the plan to eventually have a nature center. Deacon Jim grabbed a hold of that idea and said they would take that project on. So, in the summer of 2005, Deacon Jim brought about 30 youth, with the materials and supplies they raised funds for, and built the nature center.

Every year since, OLH has faithful served Camp Daniel. Other projects include building brick retaining walls, a nature trail, fencing, a gazebo, a shed, a bocce ball court, and building a stage in the future dining hall. They’ve also laid many pallets of sod over the years.

After working hard all day, the evenings were filled with fun activities such as swimming in the lake, using the carpet ball and bocce ball court, bonfires, and outings to local pizza and ice-cream and other local activities in the area. Every night, they would have a time of worship and devotions around the bonfire.

It has been a great opportunity for the students to not only be involved in a service project, but also to have a connection with people with disabilities. All week long, the students worked along side the residents here at Camp Daniel. There have been several opportunities for Tony to share about disability and Camp Daniel during their devotional bonfires. Furthermore, several of the students have become counselors during our summer camps!

IMG_2169This year’s group plus the Piantines and Cherylee (in yellow)

IMG_2150 This year, Father Clem and Deacon Jim led a special dedication ceremony for the nature center, blessing all those who helped build it, all those who will serve in it, and all those who will use it in the future.


Deacon Jim blessing the building and all who were present.


Here we are gathered for the dedication ceremony.

Original Students and Volunteers from the first trip 11 years ago, with Deacon Jim.

IMG_2142 One of the projects this year was to put up a storage shed.

IMG_2143 Another project this year was to prepare for more cement to be laid for sidewalks.


Students also put up a fence. On the other side of this fence is a retaining wall and leads down to The Garage.

Many thanks to Deacon Jim, Father Clem, leaders, and many students of OLH for there many years of service and dedication to Camp Daniel!

Nature Center outside

Today, the construction of the OLH Nature Center is complete and it is in the process of being filled with an array of animal mounts, skins, bones, and hives that have been donated to the project.

Deer MountsFish Mounts

When Camp Daniel is operating on the campus, campers and guests will learn about nature by looking at and touching many animals and other aspects of nature that are indigenous to Northeast Wisconsin.

empty shelf

Notice this empty shelf…..Camp is currently looking for mounts, furs, etc to add to the collection. If you have any items to donate, contact the Camp Daniel office at (715) 757-3880 or email



sealing the floorKarol and Amanda (pictured above) put two coats of seal on the new garage floor. Then Marceaux began to tape the drywall seams.

Garage floor

Office Nativity

Papa Tony put out the Nativity set and spot light. Doesn’t quite look right; something is missing…..oh yeah…. SNOW!Plow Truck

Marceaux and the guys put the plow and salter on the plow truck.

Truck All

By trading a couple items, camp got a used TruckAll. It is a small work truck that can fit on the sidewalks, used for hauling and towing. There are several built-in tool boxes on the backend. A great plus to this vehicle is that it can be driven all year round, unlike the golf carts, which cannot be used in winter.

Amanda worked on some electrical wiring in the new workshop below The Barn.

SO BB 2015

Saturday mornings Marceaux, Jen, and MJ volunteer with the Marinette Special Olympics basketball team. Chalsee is playing on the team this year.

Trish and Chalsee have been going to Green Bay to help make and package popcorn for Heart@Work, a company that was designed to give purposeful work for people with intellectual disabilities. If you are interested in learning more about the company go to . When Camp Daniel’s dining hall is complete, it is our desire to run a popcorn business of our own! Therefore, this has been a great partnership for us.

Tony and the guys are currently working on putting up a shed for the Brunot House. This is needed to store lawn care and snow removal equipment.

There is always something going on and work to be done. We could use your help any time you can come! Or if you’d like to just stop in and say “Hi”, we’d love to see you! Let us know.


Please consider giving a donation to Camp Daniel this Christmas season. You can donate online or by check.

Know exactly what your donation is used for.  You can specify exactly where your donation money will go. Listed are 4 ways to donate. All are tax-deductible and all can be given as a one time gift, or monthly.


Missionary Support. Camp Daniel and all of it’s programs for people with disabilities would not be possible without the dedicated manpower of it’s missionaries, whom dedicate their lives to serving the disability community. Each works in many different areas to support the mission of Camp Daniel; including, manual labor of building and maintaining the campus, special Olympics, The Able Church, hosting work days, planning and hosting special events, and media and public relations. No missionary receives a wage from Camp Daniel; instead, each raises support from friends and loved ones.

Building. Throughout Camp Daniel’s 19 year history, the work has been two-fold, in building the new campus and offering the highest quality of summer camp programs. You can help get the Camp Daniel campus finished by donating to the current building project. The multi-purpose building that includes comprehensive maintenance facilities is 75% complete and with your help, it can be completed by summer of 2016.

General fund. If you are interested in helping Camp Daniel run it’s many programs, reach out to new campers, volunteers and donors, and maintaining the beautiful campus, then giving to the General Fund is for you.

Summer Camp. Camp Daniel offers great summer camp experiences to people with disabilities. Keeping camp fees low is important to reaching out to the disability community with the love of Jesus. Help camp subsidize the costs by donating to summer camp.

Get started by clicking DONATE in the above menu.



IMG_2658Last Thursday was the Marinette Special Olympics Awards Banquet and Christmas party. It was held at the Little River Inn in Marinette.

SO 2015

Coach Trish was recognized for her wonderful leadership as head track coach. Here she is pictured with Marinette’s Special Olympics agency manager, Traci Olson.


Coach Marceaux was recognized, with the basketball team, for his faithful service as assistant basketball coach.


MJ was recognized, along with several other youngsters, for being apart of all the Special Olympics events.

Christmas Fair 2015

This past Sunday was The Able Church Christmas Fair held at The Able Church in Green Bay. It was a huge success, selling Christmas items, bakery, and a chili lunch.Christmas fair 2015 (3)


Many items were made by members of The Able Church including hats, scarfs, hand warmers, Christmas cards, cookies, Snowman accessory kits, to name a few.

Christmas fair 2015 (2)

All proceeds raised will go to benefit The Able Church and its outreach ministries. One such ministry includes The Able Church Special Olympic teams. Special Olympics is a great outreach opportunity. It has drawn in many athletes that have not been apart of The Able Church before. The tournaments are a great place to get the The Able Church name out there and to represent Christ to others. The Able Church is the only church team represented out of hundreds of Special Olympic teams throughout Wisconsin.

Thank you to all who helped with the Christmas Fair!

The Able Church, in Green Bay, needs more volunteers for Special Olympics! If you’d like to help, please contact Pastor Tim.


Christmas Fair2This Sunday, Dec 6th, will be our second annual Christmas Fair! There will be crafts, baked goods, Christmas gifts created and sold by Able Church members. Chili lunch for $5. Carry-out Chili sold for $4 and $9. Location: Living Hope Church/ The Able Church 1840 W. Mason St., Green Bay. Held in the LHC Fellowship Hall. Time: 12:00-3:00pm.

SO VB State 2014

All proceeds raised will go to benefit The Able Church and its outreach ministries. One such ministry includes The Able Church Special Olympic teams. Special Olympics is a great outreach opportunity. It has drawn in many athletes that have not been apart of The Able Church before. The tournaments are a great place to get the The Able Church name out there and to represent Christ to others. The Able Church is the only church team represented out of hundreds of Special Olympic teams throughout Wisconsin.

Please come out and support The Able Church! 


Thanksgiving TableThanksgiving at Camp Daniel was celebrated at the Hartley House. The Piantines, Aunt Sissy, The Burys, and the guys attended this year. Everyone brought a dish to pass. We enjoyed some good food and time together. As a Piantine tradition, we watched The Muppets’ Christmas Carol. Jake, Amanda, Trish and Chalsee all returned to their home towns to celebrate. The Burys went to Jen’s parents to celebrate on Friday with her family.

We are thankful our growing relationship with God, the opportunities we have to serve him, and the community he has placed us in. We are awed by the many times God has provided just the right relationships and just the right things when needed most.

If you haven’t already taken a tour of our grounds and heard the many amazing stories of the history of Camp Daniel, please come to hear and see them first hand. As we remember these stories, we are reminded that God cares for us deeply, connecting every detail and relationship in our lives together.

We are all truly grateful for the many relationships we made over the years. Thank you for being a part of the CD family, whether you play a big part or small, we appreciate you!


CD Logo 2016

Over the weekend, local CD family members and many returning college students from the area gathered at the Piantines to reconnect. It was a fun time of playing games and just being together. It was also the first time Camp Daniel’s 2016 Summer Camp theme was revealed! This year’s theme was developed not just by Little Tony, but his whole family helped develop the theme and logo. With Annissa going off to college this year, and many of her friends also, it seemed fitting to go with a “school” theme. Out of that came “B U”.

Being yourself is a concept people with disabilities typically struggle with. Most of time, people with disabilities are told messages that they are not normal, no good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, and the list goes on. Therefore, people with disabilities tend to not like themselves and try to be what they see portrayed as “normal” and valuable. The message we want to bring is it’s okay to be you (B U)! Peanuts

Every year, we use a movie that helps bring the camp theme’s message across. This year, we will be using the new Peanuts movie where Charlie Brown learns that people like him for just the way he is. It definitely fits the school theme as some of the scenes are in a classroom with the teacher whose voice we recognize as saying, “wa wa wa wa wa.” We are excited to see how the theme develops and gets used this year!
Garage Doors

About two weeks ago, the garage doors were installed! This picture is the backside of the barn. The large garage door is were the future auto/service shop will be. The single door in the middle leads to the future staircase leading to the upstairs. The double doors on the left (pictured with one door open) will lead to the future tool room and wood shop.



2015-11-14 10.35.54

The last “scheduled” Camp Daniel Work Day was last weekend. Pastor Tim brought a group from The Able Church to rake leaves and do other yard work.

2015-11-14 11.25.30Members of The Able Church love to serve and give back to Camp Daniel.

2015-11-14 11.26.31

Chuck, The Able Church’s piano player, never misses a workday.

2015-11-14 15.32.38

Here’s the whole Able Church group.

2015-11-14 10.44.32 Mike, one of CD’s counselors, did some electrical wiring in the new garage.

2015-11-14 10.43.43 Colon, member of Living Hope Church, helped put up drywall.

2015-11-14 10.48.43 Tony and the guys continued working on the landscaping behind The Barn, where a retaining wall is being put in.

2015-11-14 12.20.41

Carissa, from New Life Church, and her girls helped rake leaves and load them in the truck to the burn pile.

2015-11-14 12.20.18 After the workday, Jen & Trish hosted a going-away party for Sarah, who is moving to CA.

2015-11-15 13.26.44Trees Monday, work continued! Marceaux brought another load of donated trees from Green Bay Nursery.

Wood Splitting Trish, Amanda, & Chalsee split lots of wood.

Fran Fran, a CD counselor, came to install doors in The Wood Shop, below The Barn. The garage door was also prepped to be installed.

Thank you to all who came to serve! Even though there are no other workdays scheduled for the year, we can still use your help! At Camp Daniel, we say, “Everyday is a Workday.” We will be working in The Barn and The Garage throughout the winter. Just let us know when you can come and we will have something for you do!





IMG_2564IMG_2563 Building progresses in many ways. Siding on the barn continues to be applied and a retaining wall was put along the backside of The Barn.








IMG_0126Here, Tony and the guys are preparing the retaining wall foundation.










Each block weighs about 4,000 lbs. and had to be lifted by a crane.












Marceaux, the guys, Pastor Tim and Amanda  have spent many, many hours putting up sheet rock in The Garage, below The Barn.








Antique Shop

Tony & the guys have been busy creating the outside of The Antique Shop, which is adjacent to The Barn. The Antique Shop holds a meeting room and serves as a side entry to The Barn.








Antique shop2

To the left of The Antique Shop will be The Gas Station, which will house a game room.











barn lobby

Karol & Amanda have been busy sanding, staining, & putting poly on the floor of the meeting room of the Antique Shop.











entry way

Karol applied a new camp logo on the floor of the Antique Shop Meeting Room.

More to be done!!! We need your help! Come to our last scheduled workday Nov. 14th! 8am-4pm, lunch provide. RSVP at




NOTE: If you are viewing the mobile version, we are aware there are some pictures upside down. Please view on your PC. Sorry for the inconvenience.


IMG_2488Welcome our new intern, Amanda!   Amanda (pictured here) was a summer intern and felt called to continue her involvement here at camp. This fall, she moved into the Brunot House and will serve as an intern for the year. Her role is to assist Karol and other staff with the many events and activities of Camp Daniel and The Able Church-Green Bay. Amanda is originally from the Sheboygan area. We are excited to have her aboard!

There has been several other personal changes since the end of the summer. Staff member, Nick, is now studying at Emmaus Bible College in Iowa. Our semester intern, Evan, returned to North Central University in Minnesota to finish his degree in Business. Our year intern, Betty, is moving to Green Bay to finish her schooling at UWGB. Annissa has moved to Madison where she is studying Meeting and Event Management.


Welcome to the New Camp Daniel Blog!  From this point on, all blog posts will be here, at  Soon, you will be able to Subscribe to the blog, and receive email notifications of new posts.  We will continue to announce new posts on Facebook.


This summer, a youth group built the basic structure of this shed.  Situated next to the barn, the plan was for it to become part of the farm.  This out building was created for looks, but it also has the added function of storage for all the gardening and landscaping tools.  The photo above shows the shed after Tony added on the roof with a lean-to that extends to the back of the structure too.  This area will keep the wheelbarrows and other tools out of the rain.  He used the salvaged metal roofing that is on the ceiling in the barn on the roof.  Camp Daniel was blessed to receive a donation of the very old cupola.

IMG_0053Tony made a door from old barn boards and added other great detailing from salvaged barn parts.  Then the process started to paint the shed to look as distressed as the cupola and the nearby barn.  After primer, and a taupe base coat, Karol started the multi-layered paint finish.  Tony finished the faux finish by adding lots of “dirt”, runny rust and distressing details.




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