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The team at Camp Daniel often is involved with activities in conjunction with camp. Prior to joining the Camp Daniel team, Laura Lee spent much of her time connecting with other organizations doing ministry amongst and with people who have disabilities across the nation. One of her favorite organizations is Young Life Capernaum. Capernaum reaches teens with disabilities in local high schools throughout the US and world. Laura Lee has served on the Mission Wide Board for almost six years and now has great plans to link Camp Daniel and The Able Church to its ministry.

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Camp Daniel and Capernaum have a very similar ethos believing relationships are central to all we do. These relationships include Jesus, teens, families, volunteers, leaders and donors. Camping is an integral part of what Capernaum does as it is also for Camp Daniel.   Laura Lee has been a Capernaum leader for several years; she loves hanging out with teens and watching them build genuine relationships with their peers. However, Laura Lee has been very concerned for teens with disabilities that finish their education and have no place to stay connected with friends in spiritual settings. Unlike typical students, once students with intellectual disabilities leave school, they often loose their social circle once they leave school.

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Fortunately, a Capernaum club recently started at Green Bay East High School. Laura Lee is part of the leadership team and is helping to develop the club along with a few people from The Able Church and a camper from Camp Daniel. Laura Lee will encourage the teens to connect with Camp Daniel and The Able Church so that when they graduate from school, they will continue to have lasting relationships with people from The Able Church and Camp Daniel for many years to come. We look forward to developing a strong working relationship with Young Life Green Bay and many other organizations through out Wisconsin. We know the Camp Daniel Organization is stronger when we are working together and continue to be humbled by the relationships God continues to put in our path.

For more information regarding Camp Daniel, Young Life Capernaum, or The Able Church, feel free to contact Laura Lee at


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