Medication Policy

Camp Daniel

Medication Policy

  • Camp nurse will administer all medications as directed by the pharmacy label.
  • Send only enough meds for the duration of camp (6 days).
  • Any over-the-counter medications/vitamins/supplements do Not require a written prescription or pharmacy label.

If applicant has  3 or more medications/vitamins administered per day, then ALL medications/vitamins MUST BE BUBBLE (blister) PACKED and follow these guidelines:

1) Bubble/blister packing must be completed by pharmacy

2) with pharmacy label attached

3) with 1 bubble per dispensing time.

If  applicant has 1 or 2 medications/vitamins administered per day, then all medications/vitamins may be EITHER

1) sent in original container w/accurate, unaltered pharmacy label


2) bubble packed following above guidelines


  • It is our experience that national pharmacy chains do not offer blister/bubble packaging, although most local, privately owned pharmacies do.  If applicant’s prescriptions are normally filled at a chain, then the prescriptions will need to be transferred to a local pharmacy that will bubble pack for you.  Expect to pay a nominal fee for this service.  Allow 2-4 weeks processing time for the pharmacy to process prescriptions and do the packaging.  Below are examples of the packaging required for applicants with 3 or more medications per day.


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