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What is a Summer Intern?

The Intern Program is part of Camp Daniel’s Summer Staff Team. This is an opportunity for participants to build their leadership skills. They also play a fundamental role in the operational workings of the summer sessions. Interns help plan the training sessions for counselors and the activities that campers participate in during a week of camp. During camp, Interns help run these programs and will be overall good role models and leaders that promote unity and spiritual, relational and recreational growth among counselors, campers, workers and staff. This program will be used to equip participants with the skills needed to be effective leaders, with a focus on discovering and implementing their unique strengths as leaders.

Chelsea Claussen

Summer Intern

Dear Family & Friends,

I’m writing to tell you about my opportunity to participate in the Camp Daniel’s Summer Internship Program! Camp Daniel is a Christian camp for children and adults with disabilities located in Northeastern Wisconsin. This 7-week internship program will allow me grow in my leadership skills and my faith while impacting the lives of campers through being a good role model and sharing my love of music. Last summer was my first time at camp and come the end of the first week, I knew that I needed to come back. I called home and told my mom, “Please send me some more clothes, I am going to stay for 4 weeks.  This place is amazing and I have found a relationship with God through being here and I know this is where I need to be.” I know my future will always involve working with the disability community, so I believe that this is opportunity and place for me to grow and learn what God has in store for me next!

Throughout the years, I have been blessed to participate in many activities that have made me the person that I am today.  I’ve had the opportunity to participate in choir, musicals, band, sports, and most recently, completing my first year at Eastern Illinois University. College was a stressful and difficult adjustment with many pressures and temptations. I know returning to Camp Daniel will help me grow in my relationship with God and will add to my family of believers. Though the camp family is amazing, I have a wonderful and supportive family and the best brother that anyone could ask for.  I see my brother Tyler who lives everyday with Autism and he is my inspiration.  I believe that God gave me a brother who taught me patience, strength, care for others, and how to love!  He also taught me to look at the person and not the disability, because God works through every individual regardless of disability! Now all things said, no matter what I have accomplished, and still hope to do, I know that none of this is possible without God! And just like everyone else, I struggle with the stress of everyday life and worry about the future, but I know that God will not give me more than I can handle.

As I prepare for returning to camp this summer, I am reminded of where I was in life before camp last summer and how that summer impacted me. Camp Daniel is a place where children and adults with disabilities come to camp to grow personally, socially, and spiritually. Camp not only provides a wonderful social and spiritual experience for the campers, but it helped me grow as well. I’ve always believed in God, prayed, helped others, and strived to be a good person, but never realizing there is so much more.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to attend camp for a week and maybe this would look good on my resume, while still helping others. As I was helping others, my heart continued to open up and my relationship with God grew stronger. My camper helped me realize an inner strength that I didn’t know I have. The Camp Daniel staff, other counselors, and campers accepted me with open arms and showed me how awesome God’s love is as I continued to grow in faith and build my relationship with God. The biggest thing I learned through it all was to love myself for who I am and to “be you!”

Being involved in Camp Daniel’s Summer Internship Program is a missions trip and to make it all possible, I need your support both emotionally, financially, and spiritually.  I ask that you keep me in your prayers as I take this next step towards growth as an intern at Camp Daniel.  The total cost of this program is $800, which includes food, housing, training, and transportation.  You are receiving this letter because you are someone who I value in my life. By sharing my story and the story of Camp Daniel, I hope you will join with me on my mission to help others. I need to raise the full amount by June 20th, and I look forward to your help in achieving this goal.  Camp Daniel is a 501 c-3 non-profit organization, so all donations are tax deductible.  I have included a donation slip and a pre-addressed, stamped envelope with this letter to make this process as simple as possible. You can also donate online by clicking “Donate to Chelsea!” on the left. No matter how big or small, your donation would be greatly appreciated.  If you are writing a check, please make it out to:  Camp Daniel with my name, Chelsea Claussen, written in the memo.  I am looking forward to making a difference in someone else’s life this summer, and I very much appreciate you being a part of that!

Thank you so much for your love and support!
Chelsea Claussen