Christmas Giving


Please consider giving a donation to Camp Daniel this Christmas season. You can donate online or by check.

Know exactly what your donation is used for.  You can specify exactly where your donation money will go. Listed are 4 ways to donate. All are tax-deductible and all can be given as a one time gift, or monthly.


Missionary Support. Camp Daniel and all of it’s programs for people with disabilities would not be possible without the dedicated manpower of it’s missionaries, whom dedicate their lives to serving the disability community. Each works in many different areas to support the mission of Camp Daniel; including, manual labor of building and maintaining the campus, special Olympics, The Able Church, hosting work days, planning and hosting special events, and media and public relations. No missionary receives a wage from Camp Daniel; instead, each raises support from friends and loved ones.

Building. Throughout Camp Daniel’s 19 year history, the work has been two-fold, in building the new campus and offering the highest quality of summer camp programs. You can help get the Camp Daniel campus finished by donating to the current building project. The multi-purpose building that includes comprehensive maintenance facilities is 75% complete and with your help, it can be completed by summer of 2016.

General fund. If you are interested in helping Camp Daniel run it’s many programs, reach out to new campers, volunteers and donors, and maintaining the beautiful campus, then giving to the General Fund is for you.

Summer Camp. Camp Daniel offers great summer camp experiences to people with disabilities. Keeping camp fees low is important to reaching out to the disability community with the love of Jesus. Help camp subsidize the costs by donating to summer camp.

Get started by clicking DONATE in the above menu.

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