Construction Continues…


Construction continues at Camp Daniel! The biggest project we’ve been working on has been the stairwell/fire escape and it is quite the undertaking. The stairs connect the upper level of The Barn to the lower level Garage and Tool Room.

Stairs 2_edited-1

Here, Tony and Nick are framing out the two-tiered staircase.

Marc Drywall 2

Then, Marceaux and the guys put up the sheet rock.

Nick on Stairs

Nick feels accomplished having the lower flight finished!

Pre level 2

Here’s a picture before the second flight went up.

2 level stairs 2

Level 2 complete!

Seams 2

Marceaux and the guys tape the seems and plaster them, getting the drywall ready for plaster! If you have experience with plaster….we have lots of walls to be plastered and we need your help! Just let us know at!


The other major project going on is the bathrooms in the upper level. Here Stevo is preparing the floor for tile.


A group of students from Silver Birch Ranch/Nicolet Bible Institute worked along side Amanda, building shelves and continuing to put up sheet rock in The Garage.

There are always jobs to be done and we are working most days of the week. Contact us if you have time you could give to help complete our many, many projects, we need your help!!!

We also have a scheduled workday on May 7th. 8am – 4pm, lunch provided. Jobs for all skill levels!


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