Gas Station Floor Tire marks

Work continues in the Gas Station!

Gas Station Floor Karol

Here, Karol is distressing the floor to look like a gas station.
Installing Lights Gas Station

Marceaux and Nick spent most of the week hanging lights. Tony and the guys continue to wire electrical outlets and light switches.

This “Gas Station” is located off the Antique Shop, next to The Barn. It will be the home of the game room, with a ping-pong table, pool table, and many board games. Not only will this room be in high use once we have summer camp here, it will also be useful when we host groups here throughout the year. Even the missionaries that live here full-time look forward to having a place to hang out with each other. MJ can’t wait to play ping-pong!

Not only will the inside look like a gas station, the outside will also look like a gas station. It will have signs, a gas pump, and other items you would find at a gas station. Why all the detail? We want to people to know we value them and that they are worth it!

We can use more help! If you have any experience with basic electrical, there are more outlets, switches, and light fixtures to be wired. If you have any plastering experience, we have LOTS of plastering to do! Let us know at or call the office at 715-757-3880.

Here’s some items we could still use for the Gas Station:¬†Anything you’d find in an old gas station, service station, old car parts, auto tools, lights. Gas, oil and transportation signs, a glass display case, old school lockers, old shelving, a pub height table and chairs, a couple of restaurant booths, old oil cans, vintage board games to display, upright video arcade games, pinball machine, two 42″ flat screen tvs, tire rack, anything that says Mobil gas or oil,¬†Pepsi vending machine, pepsi signs, pepsi coolers, old pepsi bottles, cases, and a pepsi neon sign. If you have any of these items or want to help purchase them, send us an email at or call the office at 715-757-3880.

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