History of The Able Church


The Able Churches roots began on 2001 with Camp Daniel’s Power House Fellowship in Crivitz, WI. The Fellowship met monthly to give local campers a place to worship, as most did not attend any church.

8003881309_5b8a1c4e69_b2003 to Present

In 2003, Camp Daniel began FireHouse Friends in Howard,  serving the same purpose for campers living in the Green Bay area.  2006 saw the merging of both fellowships into Able Fellowship in Green Bay, WI.  Starting in November of 2007, Able Fellowship moved from being a monthly get together, to becoming The Able Church, with weekly services.  In 2008, The Able Church began a partnership with Living Hope Church in Green Bay, to start the MEGA kids ministry, and began meeting in the Living Hopes building.  The Able Church worship services are each Friday evening, The Able Family Night, each Tuesday evening. Tuesdays include mens and women’s Bible studies, and The Able Attack Special Olympic practices.

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