Interns at Camp Daniel


Having a formal intern program is fairly new here at Camp Daniel, however, we have had interns for more then a decade. They are a vital part of what goes on here. We have had interns in several different capacities. First, we have Summer Interns. These interns commit to seven weeks out of the summer, spending two weeks receiving training and preparing for our five week summer camp session. This program started in the summer of 2014. One would not be able to tell that this program is only three years old since it is well organized and the group has taken on rather significant responsibilities and makes valuable changes throughout the summer camp sessions.

Interns 2016

Pictured here are the ten interns that committed to this past summer’s camp. They really helped the energy of the camp, promoting cheering and participation in Rec Games and all parts of camp. They have now returned to their homes, attending to school and/or jobs.

We also have had Semester Interns. These are students attending college that have collaborated with Camp Daniel to fulfill a fieldwork placement. These placements are typically anywhere between three to five months in length, depending on the school’s requirements.


Evan, a business major from North Central University, completed his academic internship here in the camp office, learning all the business of running a camp and a non-profit organization.

Meghan & BarbieWe also had an Occupational Therapy student, Meghan, from Concordia University Wisconsin. She learned skills needed to work with individuals with both physical and intellectual disabilities, adapting activities and creating devices to help campers participate more fully.

The third type of intern we have are our Year Interns. These interns commit to a year here a Camp Daniel, serving in many different areas of life here. IMG_4477 square

Last year, Amanda came on as a Year Intern. Since then, she has decided to stay on board full-time!

Interns have played a major role in the development of Camp Daniel this far. We will continue to develop our intern programs and opportunities, investing in their lives and helping them explore ministry life and helping them develop into all God has called them to be.

If you are interested in participating in or supporting our Intern Programs, please inquire at

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