Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow


Snow Sign

With this last snowstorm, Camp Daniel accumulated 10 inches of snow! Just the day before, there was not a flake on the ground. Actually, the week before, we had temperatures reaching 70 degrees! Spring weather here at camp is not very predictable.

When snow hits, it is quite the production to remove snow. All hands are on deck and it is a grueling, long day! The day starts by 8am and most of the time, we are still working until late afternoon, depending on how much snow we get. Everyone agrees that it is pretty to look at, but typically we would rather just look at it and not do all the work to remove it.

Cardo Shovel Chalsee Shovel Jake & Brian Shovel

Cardo, Chalsee, Jake, & Brian set out with shovels clearing all the side walks that the snowblower cannot get to.

Nick Snowblower

Nick Stonelake gets out the push snowblower. Unfortunately,the snow was too wet and heavy, clogging the auger and making it difficult to use.

John Deer Snowblower

Marceaux, Karol, Amanda, and Nick rotate who operates the John Deer snow blower, getting areas the snowplow cannot get.

Plow Truck TrishHere, Trish is in the snowplow, getting the parking lot, driveways, and roadways on camp.

John Deer Ditch

Of course, there are all the interruptions that can make the day even longer and more grueling. The John Deer snowplow gets stuck, the plow truck gets stuck, staff vehicles get stuck, or snowblowers get clogged with snow or break down. Marceaux and Pastor Tim spend a good portion of the winter fixing snow removal equipment.

Typically, if you ask anyone of us about snow days and snow removal, you will probably here a bit of complaining and dislike for all the work. However, it is a chance for each of us to come together and work as a team. It is a team effort and could not be done without the team. And the end of the day, we can look at the feat we accomplished and appreciate the community we live in………and hope it doesn’t snow tomorrow!

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