Mission’s Trip to Camp Daniel!



This is the fourth year that Calvary Memorial Church in Racine has come to Camp Daniel for one of their mission’s trips. The group of about 30 arrived Friday night and spent the day Saturday doing several different meaningful and appreciated jobs throughout the camp.

Calvary Workday 8 Calvary Workday

One group spent the day doing garden and yard work. Boy, did they work hard and get a lot done!

Calvary Workday 3

Another group installed insulation in the new garage. We were all quite glad to see that job completed!

Calvary Workday 7 Calvary Workday 4

Another group put up sheet rock and installed corner bead.

Calvary Workday 9



Calvary Workday 6

A couple electricians did some wiring work in the garage.

   Calvary Workday 5  Calvary Workday 2  Calvary Workday 10

Another group primed and painted the stairwell that was just installed. They also primed and painted rooms and hallways adjacent to the garage.


Calvary workday 11

And here is Pastor Ethan, working hard to capture it all.

We are grateful for all their hard work! We are thankful for their time and service, assisting Camp Daniel to use the grounds sooner and year round.

When work groups come in like this, it encourages the staff on several different levels. First, a group of thirty can accomplish in a day what would take us at least a week! Secondly, it brings encouragement when others come to the grounds where we daily live and work, to invest into the ministry of Camp Daniel.  Some days, working the grind with just our missionaries, can seem difficult and overwhelming. When others come to share in the work, it helps us keep moving forward.  Lastly, workdays, like these, give an opportunity for individuals to see and hear about the ministry of Camp Daniel first hand. For many, coming to our workdays provides the opportunity to work along side individuals with intellectual disabilities for the first time. They begin to see people with intellectual disabilities in a whole new way and their preconceived thoughts and attitudes often begin to change. Many people that come on work trips like this, in turn, sign up to volunteer during our summer camps, furthering their involvement within Camp Daniel’s ministries.

When groups like this partner with us in service, they are not only investing in the advancing of the grounds and encouraging our missionaries, they are investing in the lives of all those who will attend and serve during the camps that will take place in the future.

If your church group or organization would like to create a mission’s trip to Camp Daniel, we would love to have you! Please contact the Camp Daniel office at 715-757-3880 or email at info@campdaniel.org.

***Opportunity to serve!*** This Saturday, May 7th, we are having our Spring Workday. This is open to everyone. We will continue many of the jobs we highlighted above. The day starts at 8:00am and goes till about 4pm. Lunch is provided so please RSVP to the camp office. Also, please let us know any specialty skills you may have, so we can use you appropriately. No special abilities needed, jobs available for all skill levels. Bring your family and bring your friends!

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