2016 Camp Theme Revealed!


Thanksgiving TableThanksgiving at Camp Daniel was celebrated at the Hartley House. The Piantines, Aunt Sissy, The Burys, and the guys attended this year. Everyone brought a dish to pass. We enjoyed some good food and time together. As a Piantine tradition, we watched The Muppets’ Christmas Carol. Jake, Amanda, Trish and Chalsee all returned to their home towns to celebrate. The Burys went to Jen’s parents to celebrate on Friday with her family.

We are thankful our growing relationship with God, the opportunities we have to serve him, and the community he has placed us in. We are awed by the many times God has provided just the right relationships and just the right things when needed most.

If you haven’t already taken a tour of our grounds and heard the many amazing stories of the history of Camp Daniel, please come to hear and see them first hand. As we remember these stories, we are reminded that God cares for us deeply, connecting every detail and relationship in our lives together.

We are all truly grateful for the many relationships we made over the years. Thank you for being a part of the CD family, whether you play a big part or small, we appreciate you!


CD Logo 2016

Over the weekend, local CD family members and many returning college students from the area gathered at the Piantines to reconnect. It was a fun time of playing games and just being together. It was also the first time Camp Daniel’s 2016 Summer Camp theme was revealed! This year’s theme was developed not just by Little Tony, but his whole family helped develop the theme and logo. With Annissa going off to college this year, and many of her friends also, it seemed fitting to go with a “school” theme. Out of that came “B U”.

Being yourself is a concept people with disabilities typically struggle with. Most of time, people with disabilities are told messages that they are not normal, no good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, and the list goes on. Therefore, people with disabilities tend to not like themselves and try to be what they see portrayed as “normal” and valuable. The message we want to bring is it’s okay to be you (B U)! Peanuts

Every year, we use a movie that helps bring the camp theme’s message across. This year, we will be using the new Peanuts movie where Charlie Brown learns that people like him for just the way he is. It definitely fits the school theme as some of the scenes are in a classroom with the teacher whose voice we recognize as saying, “wa wa wa wa wa.” We are excited to see how the theme develops and gets used this year!
Garage Doors

About two weeks ago, the garage doors were installed! This picture is the backside of the barn. The large garage door is were the future auto/service shop will be. The single door in the middle leads to the future staircase leading to the upstairs. The double doors on the left (pictured with one door open) will lead to the future tool room and wood shop.

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