New Cabins Arrive!



Recently, these cabins arrived at camp! Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (NWTC) in Green Bay has a Carpentry Apprenticeship program, and the students in the program took on these cabins as their class project. Not only did this provide for Camp Daniel’s needs, it also allowed students to have a practical, hands-on experience¬†in the field of carpentry.

Like so much of what happens here at camp, this project came out of a relationship. One of Camp Daniel’s volunteers developed a relationship with the faculty at NWTC. This volunteer believed something like this could happen and persistently advocated for Camp Daniel. Others joined in this vision and began advocating, too. These relationships and conversations made this all possible. We as a team continue to be thankful and in awe as we watch God continuously weave together His plan to make events like this happen.


Here, they are unloading the cabins from the flatbed.



Two cabins were dropped off on last Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, totaling 6 cabins! Next year the students will build 6 more cabins. The plan is to group all the cabins together with a common lounge and a bath house. These cabins house two people each and will be used to house the volunteers needed to assist the running of camp.

Inside Cabin

Here’s a picture of the inside.


Here, is the official hand-off. NWTC’s carpentry instructor hands off the keys to Little Tony.


Here are some links to local news covering the story!

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