New this year at Camp Daniel!


Here are some of the new things seen around Camp Daniel this year.

Water wars Water Wars3

One of the most talked about change has been the addition of Water Wars in place of our long standing tradition of Messy Games. Many returning volunteers and campers could not believe we could have camp without Messy Games. However, to their surprise, Water Wars has been just as fun, if not more.

Steve & Josh In the morning 3   Josh & Steve

This year, we added a morning sports talk show called Josh & Steve In The Morning, based off of Mike & Mike In The Morning on ESPN. Camp Daniel’s sport’s network is called CSPN. It highlights all the Rec Games and announces the scores for the Red and Blue teams throughout the week.

Steve & Nick CSPN Logo copy  Score Board

During the rest of the day, Steve & Nick have been the sports anchors announcing scores and commentating the Rec Games. A couple months ago, we got a really good deal on a score board, which has been a great addition to all our Rec Games.

Interns 2016

A new set of interns! This year we have a crew of 10 wonderful and hardworking interns. They commit to all 5 weeks of sumer camp and two weeks prior to camp for training and preparing for the camp season.

Small groups 2016 Mirror small groups

One big and exciting addition to our programming has been small groups. Small groups are divided up by cabins and led by the interns from that cabin. This has brought opportunities for campers to have a voice and share what is going on personally with them. Many of our campers do not get the opportunity to share how they feel or share their thoughts. From what has been discussed during small groups guides what the guest speakers talks about in the chapel services, making the services formed around the specific campers’ needs of each week.

With the theme being “B U” (or Be Yourself), small group discussions focused on being who God created us to be. A mirror gets passed around and campers and counselors are asked what they see. Campers and counselors a like struggled seeing themselves how God truly sees them. It has been neat to see how by the end of the week, everyone sees a little more clearly the truth of who they really are and how wonderful God has created them to be.

Small groups have been a great way to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth. The plan is to continue and further develop the use of these groups!

Southern Bell

In the absence of “The Lead Belly Sisters”, the “Not So Southern Bells” magically formed amongst the lady interns. These Bells host the women’s tea with their tea party dresses and hats, using a southern accent and character that is not quite southern, hence the name “Not So Southern”. They brought about a lot of laughter and cackling. They have been a great hit and we hope to see them continue their act in years to come.

Apparel Apparel 2 CSPN Clothes

New Camp Daniel attire! Get yours while they still last!

Tonight Show Logo SImple_edited-1

Yet another big change…. The Two Night Show was transformed to look more like the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Typically the Two Night Show has been a night of karaoke and other talent with Georgie hosting and commenting throughout the show. This year, there has been several different segments including contestant games, hashtags phrases, commercials made by interns and staff, special musical guests, etc. -things you would see similar to the Tonight Show. It has been an enjoyable change!

Orientation Craft Orientation Rec

One of the last major changes we have made this year has been how we do orientation for our volunteers. In the past, orientation consisted of several hours sitting in the chapel as different staff members and interns lectured on various parts of camp and what to expect in the week to come. As hard as we’ve tried to keep it lively and entertaining, it still got called “Borientation”. Therefore, this year, with great planing and forethought, orientation has been revamped entirely. Instead of staying in the chapel all day long, volunteers would rotate stations with their cabin-mates in the location specific to that orientation topic. Volunteers learn about crafts under the craft tent. They go to the Rec Field to learn about the Rec Games. They gather at the nurse’s tent to learn about med pass and other nursing issues. There are seven different stations.

This change in orientation has been absolutely incredible. Many volunteers have commented how much they enjoyed the change. It has kept them much more focused and engaged throughout the orientation. Staying together as a cabin as they move to each station has allowed for cabin-mates to bond together more.

It is pretty incredible to have staff and interns so committed to ministry of Camp Daniel. It is neat to see the growth and changes that has come about over the years. We are excited to what growth and changes are in store for the future!

This is our final week of camp! It has been a great year so far. Continue to pray us through to the end!




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