Night To Shine


This past Friday, the disability community in the Green Bay area gathered together for a Tim Tebow sponsored prom. It was a fun night of glamor, limo rides, food, and dancing. Guests were honored with crowns and tiaras, and celebrated as they walked down the red carpet. 

Camp Daniel played a part in making this event a success. Camp Daniel Missionary, Laura Lee, was a major spearhead in this event. Tony and Karol designed and constructed the main backdrop decoration. Camp Daniel missionaries and residents attended the event and provided their helping hands, as they usually do.

Here’s a link to view the new’s story done by Fox 11 about this event.

Dances are the most enjoyed and attended events within the disability community. For this reason, Camp Daniel supports and sponsors many dances. Upcoming this summer, on June 3rd, Camp Daniel is sponsoring their annual Dance for Disability (D4D) at Bay Beach in their Grand Pavillon.  This is a great event to celebrate and connect with the disability community in the Green Bay area.

For more information on how you can partner, volunteer for, or attend this event contact us at

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