She Wears Many Hats…


For those of you who haven’t met, this is Chalsee! She is one of our missionaries living in the Brunot House. She has been attending our summer camps for over 15 years.  She has always wanted to live at Camp Daniel and be one of our missionaries. When asked why she wanted to move to and become a missionary, she replied, “I love God and want to tell others about God.” She also said that she wanted to be a part of a community, working on meaningful projects and helping others. Last year, with the help of caring family and advocates in her life, she was able to reach her goal and moved to camp.  Since then, she has been involved in many different activities and wearing many different hats.

Jake & CC drawers

Each day is a little different for Chalsee. Some days, she works with Jake, Cardo, Richard, and Nick doing whatever the project is of the day. She does anything and everything from moving and hauling tools and supplies, sanding, sorting, sweeping, and cleaning, to name a few. In the picture above, she is sanding drawers for one of the supply cabinets in the Tool Storage Room. Sand Pew

Here, she is sanding an old pew from Trinity, where Pastor John and Tony use to pastor. It will be placed in The Barn once it is refinished. Chalsee enjoys sanding and has the patience and endurance needed to do such tedious, fine motor work. Whenever there is down time in-between jobs, she quickly gravitates to the sanding project, where as for the other guys, this would not be their first choice. It is good that we all have different skills and interests, which can benefit the community.

Chalsee Raking

During the summertime, Chalsee helps Trish with the gardens and landscaping. She pulls weeds, shovels dirt, rakes leafs, and water plants. She also helps Trish with planting and transplanting plants on the grounds.

Chalsee Kitchen


The kitchen is another place Chalsee works and enjoys. During summer camp, helps Trish in the kitchen, as well as, maintains supplies and cleans in the dinning hall. In our “off season”, Chalsee helps Trish put on any meals we serve during our workdays and retreats held on the grounds.

Chalsee uses her craft skills here around camp, too. She has knitted several hats and scarfs to be sold at The Able Church Christmas Fair. She has also helped make decorations that needed to be made for special events and summer camp craft projects.

CC & MJ CC & MJ PlaydoChalsee & MJ Cookies

When she is not doing any of the above tasks, Chalsee watches MJ! This is helpful in many ways. Not only does MJ enjoy it when Chalsee “comes to play”, if frees Jen up to attend to some of the tasks she needs to accomplish for camp. More importantly, Chalsee is very good with kids and it is something she really enjoys.

SO Scrimmage Marinette

Here, Chalsee (on the end), is competing in Special Olympics basketball for Marinette County. She also participates during the bowling and track seasons. This is a great way for Chalsee to build relationships, staying connected with campers and her friends, as well as, making new friends.

As you see, Chalsee wears many hats. The astonishing thing is that God knew it all along! Prior to Chalsee moving to camp, she had been attending Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, taking classes in Gardening, Cooking, Art, and Childcare. Little did she know she would be using all those skills today here at Camp Daniel!

One of the goals at Camp Daniel is help people find the purpose God gives each of us, and come along side each other to help reach these goals.

This past year has given Chalsee a chance to explore several different areas of ministry. Pray with Chalsee as she continues to explore the many opportunities camp has for her moving forward. We are all excited to see how she will be transformed into the person God intended her to be. It will be exciting to watch if she will excel and focus in one specific area or continue to wear many hats.

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