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Special Olympics is a big part of the “off season” for Camp Daniel’s missionaries. Trish, Marceaux, and Jen volunteer with the Marinette agency. Chalsee participated during the bowling season and now is at member on the basketball team. Pastor Tim and Amanda help lead The Able Church teams in Green Bay as part of The Able Church Family Night held on Tuesdays. Nick, Cardo, Jake, and Brian are athletes on the teams.

Guns & HosesA week ago, the Marinette Special Olympics agency hosted their annual Guns N Hoses fundraiser. This was a basketball game between the Marinette police officers and firefighters. Trish and the Burys volunteered at the event. The firefighters won.

SO MarinetteSO Scrimmage MarinetteSO Scrimmage Marinette

During the half time, the Special Olympic teams scrimmaged against themselves. Chalsee and several other campers from Camp Daniel played in the scrimmage.

Marinette vs AbleThis past weekend, there was a special event. Marinette’s team (in orange) hosted a mini tournament, in which The Able Church team (in blue) participated. It was special for Marceaux and Jen (now with Marinette) to have their team play against their old team, The Able Church, having their relationships from both teams connect.

Darlene & Tina

It was also a special event for Tina & Darlene (Camp Daniel regulars). They were roommates in Green Bay for many years and a big part of The Able Church Special Olympics. This past fall, Tina moved to Marinette. The Burys and Trish have made sure she got connected in the Marinette community, giving her rides to church, games nights and Marinette’s Special Olympics. Darlene came to this tournament and was able to reconnect with Tina! It is exciting to see that out of the relationships and connections the Burys and Trish have formed over the years in Marinette has allowed this scenario to happen.

Special Olympics has been a very beneficial organization for Camp Daniel to be involved with. Many of our campers are involved in Special Olympics. This allows us to stay connected with campers year round. Staying connected also helps us know what the Special Olympics organization and the general public is advocating for within the disability community.

  For The Able Church agency in Green Bay, it has drawn in many athletes that have not been apart of The Able Church before. It has allowed for athletes a way to put into practice the things they learn at The Able Church. Furthermore, it has allowed athletes to be an example of Chist-like character at tournaments, playing against other teams. The Able Church is the only church team represented out of hundreds of Special Olympic teams throughout Wisconsin. It also allows The Able Church (and Camp Daniel) to get its name more recognition and connect people to our ministries.

The Able Church Special Olympics continues to look for volunteers to help with coaching the teams, giving rides, and agency administration. If you would like to be involved, please contact Pastor Tim at tmandich@new.rr.com.

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