Summer Camp is in Full Swing!


We are in the mist of our summer camp sessions. We run a total of five weeks of camp. This year’s theme is No Limits. We are using space decor to help depict our theme. Here is a picture of the chapel.

Here’s a note about the theme from Tony Piantine, Camp Director:

“It is our goal at Camp Daniel for all of us to know that God loves us, God made us, and that He has a plan for our lives. But while discovering God’s plan, many of us struggle because we put restrictions on what God’s plan can be for us.

We can get caught up in our earthly limitations and are thinking about the things we cannot do. We can feel like our inabilities stop God from carrying out His plan for us. At Camp Daniel we call this “Stinking Thinking”. Stinking thinking focuses on circumstances, what we see right in front of us, and usually on ourselves.

Colossians 3:2 says that we need to focus on things above and not on things on earth. This means that we must think about God and how there are no limits to what He can and will do in our lives to carry out His plan for us.”

Usually, Georgie, the iconic puppet of Camp Daniel, comes out to share with us from his treehouse. This year, Georgie built a space ship, thinking that “No Limits” means he can go the moon and beyond. Our chapel speakers explain to him what the theme really means: God’s plans for us are limitless. Georgie often gets things mixed up and confused. When the chapel speaker helps Georgie understand, this also helps all the campers and counselors understand the message better, too.

We are all enjoying this year’s theme and excited to watch as God takes us all beyond what we think our limits are.

Continue to pray for all our volunteers and campers – for safety, strength and energy, and for God to grow us all closer to him, letting him carry out his plans for us…..with No Limits!






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