Welcome to the Summer Internship Program!

This webpage was created to provide you will an alternative means of accessing digital copies of information you should have already received as well as addition resources that will be made available to you. In addition to this webpage, you will be invited to join the 2018 Summer Interns Facebook group to connect you with the rest of the Intern Team. These pages will serve as a place for you to find answers and ask any questions you might have.
Many exciting things are happening here, at Camp Daniel, and we are thrilled you will soon become part of them. Your summer experience will open a new world of new ideas, opportunities, and avenues of service that you didn’t think was possible. We are committed to helping you succeed during this great growth opportunity.

To-Do List



Read all information included in the Acceptance Packet

Write & Compile

Write Support Letter and compile mailing list


Email Support Letter to Evan for editing and approval


Evan will contact you to discuss your Support Letter and additional fundraising strategies.


Mail out approved Support Letter
Include: Approved letter, tax deductible slip, and per-stamped & addressed return envelope (optional)

Important Dates

April 21st

Finish Support Letter and Submit to Evan for approval

May 1st

Latest Approved Support Letter should be mailed out

June 1st

50% of funds due ($400)

June 20th

100% of funds paid-in-full ($800)

June 20th - Aug 7th

Program in Session

Be checking the Facebook Group and your email for reminders of important dates and information.

Downloads & Links

Important Contacts

Annissa Hartwig

Intern Director

(715) 927-5329


Ruth Hucek

Intern Director

(715) 927-3404


Evan Hartwig

Intern Director

(715) 891-0528