Interns & Leads Here for the Summer!


The summer Intern Program has grown significantly over the past four years, allowing the development of the new Leadership Program.

The Leadership Program is for past Interns that want to grow in their leadership skills, take on more responsibilities during summer camp, and grow a stronger relationship with God. Individuals in this program are called “Leads” and their role is to lead our Interns, oversee different areas of programming of summer camp, as well as, serve as cabin leaders, overseeing our counselors and campers. There are seven Leads that have come two and a half weeks prior to the start of our summer camp season to prepare for camp and train the Interns in our Internship program. Annissa and Ruth are the leaders of the Leadership Program, as well as, the Internship Program.

There are nine Interns that have come two weeks prior to camp season for training and to help prepare for camp. The Interns will help set-up and run the many activities of camp. With their enthusiasm, they will help increase the spirit of fun and excitement that campers look forward to all year round. They will be leading campers and counselors in small groups, further discussing the ideas shared in chapel. They will help wherever help is needed. They will be a big help in the packing, transporting, and setting up all the things we bring over to Lake Helen for the summer to hold camp, and then pack it all back up and bring it back at the end of our 5-week season. This is a huge task and we are grateful to have Interns and Leads who can take on much of this burden.

We are grateful for each Lead and Intern as they have committed 8 weeks of their summer, many giving up job opportunities and other opportunities. Please pray for them!  As this will be a wonderful experience, there will also be times when things get tough and they will have difficulty keeping their energy up.

We are excited to see the development of the Leadership Program and how it will further the mission of and what we do here at Camp Daniel. We are also excited to watch each Lead and Intern grow personally, grow as leaders, build relationships and grow in their relationship with God.






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