The Able Church Retreat



Last weekend marked the 6th year The Able Church held its winter retreat at Camp Daniel. It was an exciting weekend on several levels. It was a chance for The Able Church to continue to grow its partnership with Camp Daniel, allowing its members to reconnect with Camp Daniel before the summer season.

Winter Retreat Nick Pool Winter Retreat BB Winter Retreat Amanda Winter Retreat Air Hockey 

We recently finished two new rooms at Camp Daniel and used them for the first time. The Antique Shop and The Game Room. The Antique Shop is a nice seating area and we held the weekend’s counselor meetings.


Winter Retreat Chapel

The guest speakers were Larry and Carolyn Campbell, longstanding friends and partners of both The Able Church and Camp Daniel. They have a sister organization in the Twin Cities area.

Winter Retreat Bonfire

We had nice spring weather, temperature close to 70 degrees. Here you see everyone having hot chocolate around a campfire. With the weather the way it was, we probably should have had lemon aid and called it a Spring Retreat!

Winter Retreat Rec Winter Retreat Craft

The weekend was also filled with recreational group games and crafts.

The weekend gave members of The Able Church an opportunity to connect, grow relationships, and share life together outside their typical church schedule. It gave all of us at Camp Daniel a glimpse into the future of what things will be like when we hold camps and retreats here year round. Pretty exciting!

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