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What is a Summer Intern?

The Intern Program is part of Camp Daniel’s Summer Staff Team. This is an opportunity for participants to build their leadership skills. They also play a fundamental role in the operational workings of the summer sessions. Interns help plan the training sessions for counselors and the activities that campers participate in during a week of camp. During camp, Interns help run these programs and will be overall good role models and leaders that promote unity and spiritual, relational and recreational growth among counselors, campers, workers and staff. This program will be used to equip participants with the skills needed to be effective leaders, with a focus on discovering and implementing their unique strengths as leaders.

Terrence & Terrae Jones

Summer Intern & Summer Staff

Dear friends and family,

We want to start with thanking everyone who prayed for us and everyone who donated to us while we have been on an awesome journey of service at Camp Daniel for the past few years! Every generous dollar and encouraging word has given us the opportunity to learn new things about ourselves and the world around us. We are super excited to announce that we will be returning to camp again this summer to be a part of the summer leadership team. While at Camp Daniel, we’ve learned so much about being a leader and even have the opportunity to lead different areas of camp during the summer. Both Terrae and I have had various responsibilities at camp that varied from preparing rec games, completing administrative work, and leading our cabins. The weeks before the camp sessions start consist of staff meetings, training sessions, and team building activities to prepare us for the summer ahead.

Since we first started going to Camp Daniel, we have served on Pit Crew, Counselors-in-Training, Summer Interns, and Summer Leads. This summer Terrae has been presented with the opportunity to be a Summer Staff member. After last summer, it was obvious that she was excelling at administrative work with Jen Bury in the camp office. Since this work isn’t directly a part of an Interns duties, she will be on the Summer Staff as an administrative assistant to Jen Bury. She will also be helping with volunteer crews and interns in decorating the dining hall for theme meals.

This summer I will have the opportunity to return for my third summer as a Summer Intern. With having this experience in the Summer Internship Program, not only will I get to have an impact on counselors and campers, I will also be able to help the other interns in the group who have less leadership experience.  This opportunity to return to Camp Daniel is the perfect opportunity for both Terrae and I to further our teamwork and leadership skills. Not only that, but camp is important to me because I grow as person and as a Christian.

As this breathtaking opportunity has been presented to us, we are asking for your support financially and spiritually as we continue to do great things. This summer we decided to combine our fundraising efforts to simplify the donation process. You can help us reach our goal of raising a combine total of $1,050 by sending a check or cash as tax-deductible donation to Camp Daniel with both our names in the memo line and keeping us in your prayers! You can also my an online donation by clicking on our donate button to the left. The $1,050 will cover all our expenses for the summer including: transportation, lodging, meals, and training. We have included a simple form that will further explain the donation process.

If you would like to see the great things Camp Daniel has done and are still doing, please check out the rest of their website. You can also keep-up with our progress this summer by following our Facebook pages as well as Camp Daniel’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you for your support! – Terrence & Terrae Jones