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sealing the floorKarol and Amanda (pictured above) put two coats of seal on the new garage floor. Then Marceaux began to tape the drywall seams.

Garage floor

Office Nativity

Papa Tony put out the Nativity set and spot light. Doesn’t quite look right; something is missing…..oh yeah…. SNOW!Plow Truck

Marceaux and the guys put the plow and salter on the plow truck.

Truck All

By trading a couple items, camp got a used TruckAll. It is a small work truck that can fit on the sidewalks, used for hauling and towing. There are several built-in tool boxes on the backend. A great plus to this vehicle is that it can be driven all year round, unlike the golf carts, which cannot be used in winter.

Amanda worked on some electrical wiring in the new workshop below The Barn.

SO BB 2015

Saturday mornings Marceaux, Jen, and MJ volunteer with the Marinette Special Olympics basketball team. Chalsee is playing on the team this year.

Trish and Chalsee have been going to Green Bay to help make and package popcorn for Heart@Work, a company that was designed to give purposeful work for people with intellectual disabilities. If you are interested in learning more about the company go to . When Camp Daniel’s dining hall is complete, it is our desire to run a popcorn business of our own! Therefore, this has been a great partnership for us.

Tony and the guys are currently working on putting up a shed for the Brunot House. This is needed to store lawn care and snow removal equipment.

There is always something going on and work to be done. We could use your help any time you can come! Or if you’d like to just stop in and say “Hi”, we’d love to see you! Let us know.

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