The Latest on the Camp Daniel Grounds


Construction on the Camp Daniel grounds continues. Here, Tony and Richard are putting up shelving and hanging work lights in the garage.



During our last work day, corrugated metal was installed on the interior walls of the garage. Not only does it look nice, it creates a nonflammable protection to the walls.


A shop sink and counter was installed.


More work benches and storage were put in.


Lots of storage for nuts and bolts was mounted. Volunteers, as well as our Camp Daniel Missionaries, spent several hours sorting and organizing.


Marceaux’s garage office was completed. Manuals for Camp Daniel vehicles and equipment are stored here.


The old garage is being converted into a small theater, an indoor recreation area, and a costume storage area. At our last workday, volunteers helped hang sheet rock on the stage area.


As it is the fall season, Camp Daniel missionaries have been busy taking care of the grounds and getting it ready for winter. The docks were taken out. Benches and picnic tables were put away for the season. Gardens are being cut down and plants transferred. Here, Chalsee and MJ are carrying a pile of cut plants to the weed pile. Chalsee serves much of her time watching MJ, allowing Jen to accomplish her tasks.


Off the grounds, at the Brunot House, Tony, Richard, Nick, Brian, and Jake have all been working hard on constructing a shed for yard and garden equipment and firewood storage.

There is always work to be done! People often ask us when they can come and help. We often reply, “Everyday is a workday!”  If you would like to help, please contact us as

We do have two more scheduled workdays for the fall. Follow this link for more details and to RSVP!

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