The Off Season


We often get asked about what we do in the off season when we are not hosting summer camp. Here is a little insight to what happens during the “off season”.



Fall is definitely a season of construction. Here is an overhang that was constructed in front of The Game Room, which is made to look like a gas station. The overhang will house an old gas pump and air hose. The overhang will also serve as covered, outdoor sitting and gathering area. The other overhang constructed went along the side of The Barn. This will allow another covered, outdoor sitting and gathering area, as well as, a place to set up buffet and drink lines for smaller events.



We are always pouring concrete! Recently, we poured by The Diner (the old garage), The Gas Station, and by the new Garage. The cement truck comes and pours. Then we do all the work, which saves us lots of money.


Fall is filled with Saturday Workdays. This past workday, trees were planted,  boards for the newly constructed overhangs were panted, and siding was removed and insulation installed in the old garage, which will be used as a theater and a 50s diner to sell concessions. 


There are two more Workdays coming up! Oct 28th and Nov 4th. More info at
























Annissa has been putting many hours into our Capital Campaign, raising funds for the dinning hall, which is the last building needed in order to have camp on our own grounds. Here’s the link to learn more about it and get involved!

Special Olympics

Special Olympics is a huge part of the off season. Just recently, Camp Daniel started its own Special Olympic agency for the Crivitz area. They are in the bowling season and plan to participate in the Unified Tournament in December. We need more volunteers and participants! If you would like to get involved, please contact

The Able Church

This church was started roughly 10 years ago out of the need for a church where our campers could actively participate and learn about the Bible in a way they could understand. The Able Church runs all year and not just during the “Off Season”, holding services weekly on Friday nights in Green Bay. On Tuesdays, they hold a Family Night with Special Olympics practices and a Bible Study. The Able Church is also hosting a service at Green Bay Health Services, a local nursing home, once a month. For more information contact

Game Night

Camp Daniel hosts a Game Night in Marinette on Monday nights. Many of our campers live in the Marinette area and it’s a great way to stay connected throughout the year. If you live in the Marinette area, come join us! For more details, contact

The Hub


Camp Daniel has partnered with The Hub Student Ministries in Crivitz. This ministry has groups for both high school and college aged students. Most of August, the Camp Daniel crew headed up a complete remodel of an old house for students to gather. For more information on how to get involved, check out their website.

The Grounds – Many things have to get done before the snow flies. Flowers in the gardens get cut back, the docks get pulled in from the lake, and benches and picnic tables around camp get pulled in and stored.

Other things we’ve been doing include holding staff meetings, putting out a newsletter, updating our data base, updating our website, keeping up with social media, as well as, speaking at churches and hosting display booths at community events.

These are just “some” of the things we do in the “off season”, which really isn’t an off season. It is just a different pace and different activities compared to our summer camp season.

Here at Camp Daniel, we tend to say, “Every day is a workday!” So whether there is a workday scheduled or not, we are doing something. We’d love to have you come help us anytime. Just let us know at




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