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Nick & Maddie Sterry

Missionary Summer Staff

Maddie and Nick Sterry met at Camp Daniel in 2013. That year Maddie had come with her youth group to counsel for the first time, while Nick started counseling in 2010. They have been involved in camp ever since. They recently got married last year in June, and have been living in Dubuque, IA to continue their studies at Emmaus Bible College, Nick in Youth Ministry and Maddie in Secondary Education English. As they both finish up their degrees, they have decided to come and serve as Summer Staff.


Co-Leader of Counselor-in-Training (CITs), Chapel Leader, Rec Leader

Nick will be helping lead chapel services to complete his collegiate internship as well as co-leading the CIT program and leading Rec games. Nick was on full-time staff with Camp Daniel from 2013 to 2015 and helped with varying ministries. He left camp in 2015 to complete his Youth Ministry degree at Emmaus. Last summer, Nick was an intern with Faith Evangelical Church in Radcliffe, IA and he was able to work with middle school through high school students. Also, while at Emmaus, Nick has extensively studied the Bible, been a Resident Assistant, and been on Student Government. This summer, Nick will be completing his internship for school and officially earning his degree in December. After that, he hopes to continue serving others in youth and disability ministry.


Lifeguard, Co-Leader of Counselor-in-Training (CITs), Evening Shows

Maddie will be furthering her Camp Daniel resume by being the Camp Lifeguard, co-leading the CIT program, and helping with evening shows. Before this summer, Maddie was a counselor from 2013 to 2015. In 2016, Maddie and Nick both participated in the Summer Internship Program at camp. During the off season of camp, Maddie attends Emmaus Bible College to earn her degree in teaching English. She will begin student teaching in January 2019 and will finish her degree in May 2019. After graduating, Maddie hopes to find a teaching job and becoming a full-time teacher.

All the staff at Camp Daniel are full-time missionaries to people with disabilities, and like other missionaries, the Sterrys will need to raise financial support to pay utilities, food, transportation, and other costs of living. Their expenses for this summer equal $500. Nick and Maddie seek financial and spiritual support before beginning their journey at Camp this summer. They hope each small or large financial help they receive, that it would come with constant prayer and excitement for their decision to spend their summer serving others at camp. Nick and Maddie want to keep their supporters in the loop by having them follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.