Tool Storage Room


Tool Room Saw

This past week, a lot was accomplished in the new tool storage room. This has been quite exciting for Tony as the tool room has been in nine different temporary locations over the years! Though all those moves have been time consuming and burdensome, they have given Tony great ideas for the final tool room. Nearing the end of finishing the tool storage room has been exciting for Nick Stonelake as well, since he really likes working with tools and plans on using this this room a lot.

Tony setting up tools

Tony and Nick organized tools with wall mounts.

Tool Room Built shelves

Custom shelving was built for the tool storage room.

Tool Room Shelving

Amanda, Chalsee and the Guys moved shelving and tools from the old tool room to the new one.

AndreiCardo & Andrei

Jen’s cousin’s husband, Andrei (who is an electrician), came to do electrical work. He worked on installing outlets, light fixtures, and smoke alarms. He even showed Cardo some electrical basics. Thanks Andrei for all your help!! If you have electrical experience, we have a lot more to do! Let us know!

Amanda Painting

Amanda painted doors and trim in the Tool Storage Room.

Marc seams

Marceaux finished plastering all corners, seams, and nail holes of the Garage. It is ready to be fully plastered! If you have experience doing plaster jobs, we need your help! We have 20ft high ceiling and a lot of wall to cover! Please let us know if you can help!

Karol has continues to work on this year’s application for campers and counselors. Jen continues to work on the Salesforce data base. Trish has been busy with sanding the ice that is everywhere.

Come volunteer or just visit anytime! Just let us know!

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