What’s Been Going On This Spring?


This spring has been filled with a variety of different activities and tasks including preparing and hosting workdays, retreats, construction, and preparing for our summer season.

Nick has been leading his team in putting up drywall to complete the rooms in the lower level of The Barn. Such rooms include The Sign Shop, in which signs and T-shirts will be made, and The Server Room, which will house all the networking equipment providing the campus with internet, audio/visual, and phones. 

The Able Church had their annual retreat. Stevo was the speaker for the weekend. He integrated last year’s camp theme “B U” with this year’s them “No Limits”, encouraging us all to be ourselves, how God created us to be, and going beyond our limits.

The Bible Class for adults with disabilities from Marinette and Menominee held their annual day retreat here at Camp Daniel. For many, it was their first time seeing Camp Daniel. It was a nice introduction to learn about camp and get a taste of what summer camp is like.

Several weekends have been filled by different work groups giving their time to volunteer. Tasks included prepping the grounds for summer, continuing construction and doing spring cleaning. Groups included Calvary Memorial Church from Racine, Nicollet Bible Institute, New Life Church from Crivitz and World Impact Ministries. Thank you for your service!

If your church or organization would like to help serve our needs through a work day, contact us at info@campdaniel.org

NWTC (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College) of Green Bay, over the last two years, has taken on building small cabins for a practical experience to teach construction trades. Six cabins were delivered last year and six more cabins just recently were delivered. These cabins will be used for interns and kitchen volunteers who will stay for throughout our summer season.

Tony and Karol have been busy meeting with architects and reworking the plans for the dinning hall in the process to get the plans approved. They have also  been busy designing and making plans for repurposing the old garage into The Theater. It will be made to look like a real movie theater and be used to show movies, as well as, to have a stage to perform skits and other talent. It will also be used for rainy day activities. A snack stand will be attached to it, built in the style of a 1950s diner, called Al’s Diner.

Karol, Jen, Anthony and Papa Tony have been putting countless hours into creating the online summer camp application, processing applications, and corresponding with applicants. Though converting the application process to be online has been difficult and time consuming, it will be quite beneficial in the future. It will help us keep better track of information, keep in better contact with camper and volunteers, and have less room for error in the whole application process.

Marceaux has been busy fixing golf-carts, lawnmowers, and vehicles. He has also been doing maintenance tasks on the grounds including checking smoke alarms, changing light bulbs, and regular cleaning of all our buildings.

Pastor Tim and Janice continue to lead The Able Church in Green Bay with weekly Friday Night services and Family Nights on Tuesdays. Pastor Tim has also been busy preparing for chapel times held during summer camp.

Annissa, Evan, and Ruth have been busy preparing for our summer internship program, which included training interns for two weeks prior to camp, supervising them during camp, and helping them all to grow as leaders.

Please pray for us as we enter our summer season!


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