What’s Going On At Camp Daniel?


Septic System Garage

Wednesday, the septic system went in for the new garage and The Barn!

popcorn 2015 2

Once again, Trish helped make and package popcorn for the company Heart@Work. This has been a great partnership for us since once our kitchen is up and running, we’d like make popcorn here at camp! Here, Intern Amanda, is helping for the first time. For more info about Heart@Work go to http://heartatworkunlimited.com

Game Room Floor

Karol & Amanda stained the floor of The Game Room. This room is located next to the entry way meeting room off of The Barn. The Game Room will house games such as ping-pong, pool, and board games. It will be a place to gather to have fun, hang out, and build relationships.

Mj Concert 2

MJ (in red & white) had his first Christmas concert with his preschool classmates at Crivitz Youth, Inc. MJ attends two days a week, learning many valuable skills. His favorite classroom job is to be The Weather Watcher, giving a report on the weather.

Chalsee BDay

Thursday, Trish threw a birthday party for Chalsee at The Brunot House. Happy Birthday, Chalsee!

Tony Woodshop

There has been lots of work in Tool Storage Room this past week! Here, Tony is putting up corrugated, metal paneling.

Woodshop Woodshop 2

Tony and the guys designed and started building work stations. It has been very exciting to finally have a permanent tool storage room, especially considering it has had to move locations around camp many times. Nick Stonelake is very excited to see this come together as it has been his dream to oversee the tool storage room as his main role here at camp.

Sand Pew

Chalsee and the guys have been busy sanding two church pews. When Trinity Assembly (where Pastor John & Tony pastored at year ago) removed their pews, a few remained and Tony was able to obtain them. One is now located in the entryway of the Brunot House and these two will be placed in The Barn.

Jake & CC drawers

Here, Jake and Chalsee are sanding drawers from an old filing cabinet that will be used for storing parts.

Seams Garage

Marceaux and Richard have been spending many hours taping and plastering seems in The Garage. There is a lot more to be done, a lot of high ceiling walls that need to be plastered. If you have experience plastering, come help!

amanda moving Moving

Friday, 10 men and girls and 2 Trucks (Camp Daniel Missionaries), helped our Intern, Amanda’s, parents move from Plymouth to Sheboygan Falls. With all our experience moving summer camp to Lake Helen every summer, we made a great moving crew!

Able Skits

Pastor Tim has been putting together skits for The Able Church about the Christmas season. This skit here was used to explain that Christmas is not all about the lights, but about the birth of Jesus. Pastor Tim continues to find creative ways to communicate and teach lessons from the Bible in a way people with intellectual disabilities can understand and relate to.


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