Youth Mission Trip Opportunity

Summer 2019 Mission Trip Made Simple and Easy

This is not your typical mission trip! Stay stateside and join us for an affordable, week long experience where your team can grow closer to each other, and learn dependence upon God while experiencing the culture of disability in America. On this trip, you will be sharing the love of Jesus to the most unreached people in America, the disabled community. This is a trip that is made easy with online applications, marketing resources, low cost, and an established program that will make your trip a success!

Below is more information on why we serve the disability community, what a day of camp looks like, step by step instructions on how to sign up your team and downloadable and online marketing resources.

The Culture of Disability

A mission trip to Camp Daniel is an immersive experience into the culture of disability. 1 in 5 Americans have a disability, yet people with disabilities are the most unreached people group in the US. Historically, this group has been excluded based on what they can’t do, rather than included based on what they can do. This exclusion has formed a sub-culture with its own social norms. At Camp Daniel, worlds collide as people with and without disabilities get to experience life together while learning about being in relationship with God and participating in adapted, competitive recreation activities.

As youth group leaders our greatest passion and ultimate joy is when we see a student commit their life to Christ. Camp Daniel has a unique way of providing an environment that allows God to work through our weakness to bring out His beauty. Over the past 10 years I have walked side by side with students as their live are transformed and their hearts are renewed in a way that only God can do. The environment at Camp Daniel demonstrates and mirrors what we as Christians should strive to be, accepting, forgiving and encouraging. Our ministry is strengthened when we struggle, work and serve Him together.

-PatrickYouth Pastor

What is Camp like?

Theme Meals

We take pride in offering fun activities that everyone can participate in.  This includes themed meals at every lunch and dinner, and 2 breakfasts!  Each unique theme is celebrated with music, costumes, contests, sing alongs, and characters. Possible themes:  Lumberjack, British, Hunting Camp, Hawaiian, Christmas, 50’s, Pirate, French (formal), Italian & Western.

Talent Shows & Evening Events

During the evenings, we gather outside around a campfire and participate in different events like; Drive-In Movie, Red/Blue Pep Rally, 80s Dance Party, award show and talent shows.

Competitive Recreation

Every person at camp is put on the red or blue team. Your team spends the week competing in group rec and free time activities (kickball, bowling, fishing, basketball, relay races, carpet ball, water wars etc.) and winning points for their team. At the end of the week, the winning team takes home a medal. For many campers, the competition is their favorite aspect of camp.

Chapel & Small Groups

Twice daily everyone meets as a group to learn about God. Chapel service; where we participate in worship and a listen to a message. Small group; where we meet with our cabin and discuss what we have been learning and how to apply it to our lives. 

Other Activities

Crafts, swimming, bingo, carnival, etc. Most evenings volunteers have a group meeting to discuss their experiences, eat snacks and build community.

Get Started - Your Experience in 4 Simple Steps !

There are two service opportunities available to your students depending on age and desire. You are not limited to selecting one option for all of your students. Being a Camp counselor (CIT) is the most impacting experience for students and campers. We are in need of counselors as each year we turn away campers because we do not have enough volunteer counselors. Below compares the two service opportunities.

Counselor- in- training (CIT)

Role: Counselors-in-Training (CIT) are paired with a camper with a disability to be their friend. Throughout the week, CITs will participate with their camper in typical summer camp activities like; fishing, swimming, bowling, competitive recreation, archery, boating, talent shows, chapel, dancing and more! Camp staff work with CITs on communication and any physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Training: There is no experience needed.  The first day of camp is a scheduled training day to properly prepare everyone for the week ahead

Ages: 14-17 

Leaders: Minimum of one leader (18+) is required for a group. As a leader, you will be a Counselor serving alongside your students. 

Pit crew- in- training (PCIT)

Role: Pit Crew-in-Training (PCIT) members work with the Camp Daniel Crew Leader on all the things that happen in the background at Camp, such as; cleaning up after meals, cleaning bathrooms, setting up and running activities like bowling, fishing, kickball, relay races, etc. PCIT members also have time to build relationships with campers and other volunteers as well as participate in large group recreation events.

Training: There is no experience needed.  The first day of camp is a scheduled training day to properly prepare everyone for the week ahead. 

Ages: 12+

Leaders: A 1:4 (leader (18+): student) ratio is required. As a leader, you will be on the Pit Crew working alongside your students. 

Contact our Program Director to confirm availability and claim your week as a group.

Karol Piantine, Program Director

715-757-9222 or

2019 Dates:

Week 1: July 7 - July 13

Week 2: July 14 - July 20

Week 3: July 21 - July 27

Week 4: July 28 - Aug 3

Week 5: Aug 4 - Aug 10

Apply online by May 25.

Each student and leader must fill out a volunteer application online. A Social Security number is required of each individual and each must pass a background check. Out-of-state volunteers must provide their own background checks. Call our office at 715-757-3880 for questions regarding background checks.

Links to the online application can be found on our Home and Volunteer pages.

Direct Link to volunteer applications:

Apply Now!

Figure costs and start fundraising with your students.

Cost of Trip:

Students (17 and under) – $180 Fee

This covers food and lodging for the week. The camp theme shirt is an additional $10. We suggest adding this into the fee you advertise to your students. 

Discount : $20 discount IF paid by May 25.

Leaders (18+) – FREE

This covers food and lodging for the week. The Camp theme shirt is an additional $10. We suggest adding this into the fee you advertise to your leaders. Donations are accepted to cover $180 in expenses per person per week.

All the staff members at Camp Daniel are missionaries to people with disabilities and raise their own financial support. This is based on the belief that we are ministering to the disability culture. This belief extends to all positions at camp; thus, attending a week of camp as a leader, counselor, CIT or PCIT is a short-term mission trip. The process of fundraising is a fundamental part of being a missionary and your experience as a volunteer. With that said, we encourage you to embrace the fundraising process. 

Because most groups have been successful fundraising by sending out support letters, we strongly suggest this approach. A Camp Daniel staff member can help with the fundraising process, and work with individual students to write and edit their letters. We also offer an online platform to help students raise money, similar to GoFundMe, but on our very own Camp Daniel website. 

We want to make this process as simple and easy as possible for you. For more info on how to start fundraising, visit or contact our staff member, Evan Hartwig, at 715-891-0528 or He would love to help! 

Example Fundraising Page


Here you can find different media tools to help market your trip to your students, board and church. We can help custom design posters, brochures, graphics, etc for your group. Contact Annissa Hartwig at

This downloadable resource kit provides you with the following:

Printable Poster – We designed a poster that you can print out to help promote your trip.

Social Media/Screen Graphics – We created youth geared graphics with images and text to inspire and motivate youth to attend the trip.

Parent Letter – We’ve created a letter template that you can send home with students for their parents to read. It includes details about the trip and it is a Word document so you may add or remove content as you see fit.

Testimonials – We’ve included a list of testimonials from CITs, counselors, youth pastors, staff etc. You can use testimonials in sermons, paper materials, social media etc.

Packing List – We’ve provided a packing list you will need for a successful week of camp.

Summer Camp Photos – Click the button below to access our Flickr account with photos. Each photo is available for download. These photos are from our 2018 summer camp sessions. These can be used for slideshows, social media, paper materials etc. All volunteers and campers have signed off on a photo release so do not hesitate to use.

YouTube Promo Videos – Head over to our YouTube channel to watch our two promo videos.